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Q&A: Why the 'cashierless' trend is here to stay Special

Computer vision is a form of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world. Such technology is being used to run cashierless stores and it is set to shape a number of other industries in the near future.

In high-tech Japan, cash is still king

Apo - Once a pioneer in cashless transactions, Japan is now lagging behind as the world's biggest economies increasingly embrace electronic payments -- because its ageing population still prefers physical money.

Young Koreans to be given $833 in basic income trial

A new universal basic income scheme is to be piloted in South Korea, where 170,000 young people (aged twenty-four) will be given the equivalent of $833 with very few conditions attached. The scheme also aims to boost local businesses.

China aims for rural areas to go cashless by 2020

The decline of cash has been predicted by many economists. The question is certainly 'when' rather than 'if'. China is perhaps making the greatest progress. A new initiative aims for rural communities to go cashless by 2020.

Q&A: Why cash still matters in the digital age Special

Despite technological advances on mobile devices and mobile applications, there are still a wide variety of consumers who want to avoid the bank or credit card interaction and use electronic cash. Danny Shader, PayNearMe, explains why.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin not much used as a payment alternative to cash

When it was created bitcoin was expected to be used as a medium of exchange just like fiat money. The first purchase was of two Papa John's pizzas in Florida for 10,000 bitcoins a rather high price given that one bitcoin is now worth over $10,000.

A year after cash ban, India's black money market is thriving

New Delhi - When India declared most bank notes unuseable a year ago in an effort to flush out tax cheats, one steel manufacturer was so spooked he resolved to do business by the book in future.

Digital payments now more popular than cash

Digital payments are now popular than cash as app-based methods become more widely supported. Every major mobile operating system now comes with a built-in payment provider. Adoption amongst banks and retailers is also on the rise.

Sweden transitioning to being a cashless society

Stockholm - Sweden is on course to become the first cashless country. New figures about ATM machines reveals the country has the lowest proportion of cash dispensers in the developed world.

Contactless payments to be accepted in 'every' EU store by 2020

Mastercard's head of emerging payment products has said that contactless payments with cards and phones will be accepted at every store in the UK and Europe before 2020, sparking a debate on whether this will actually be possible.

Problem solved -- Starbucks stores reopen in U.S. and Canada

Seattle - More than 8,000 Starbucks cafes in the U.S. and Canada reopened Saturday after being shut down the day before because of a computer failure.

All four major browsers fail Pwn2Own exploit competition

All four major web browsers have failed to survive exploits at the Pwn2Own hacking contest running alongside the CanSecWest 2015 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Security researchers were testing them in exchange for cash.

Schizophrenia research receives large cash donation

The philanthropist Ted Stanley has announced he will donate $650 million to psychiatric research. The donation will be used to conduct studies aimed at findings the genetic causes of the mental health disorder.

Sugarland's Kristian Bush is 'Giving It Away' in new lyric video

Platinum-selling country star Kristian Bush (best known for his work in the country duo Sugarland) is giving cash away in the lyric video for his new single "Trailer Hitch."

Cash-rich global firms face calls to crack open war chests

Tokyo - Impatient shareholders are calling on the world's top firms to start spending some of the eye-popping $2.8 trillion in cash built up since the financial crisis, as analysts warn that their thriftiness could be holding back global growth.

Man who found $100,000 in disabled toilet allowed to keep $80,000

Cleaner Chamindu Amarsinghe found over $100,000 in cash in a disabled toilet he was cleaning and has been granted permission by a judge to keep $80,000 of his find.

Cash-rich global firms face calls to crack open war chests

Tokyo - Impatient shareholders are calling on the world's top firms to start spending some of the eye-popping $2.8 trillion in cash built up since the financial crisis, as analysts warn that their thriftiness could be holding back global growth.

Op-Ed: Why we will always need cash

It has long been said we are moving towards a cashless society. There are very sound reasons we should never allow this to come about.

Cab driver finds $300,000 cash in back seat and returns it

Las Vegas - Proving that honesty is not dead, a Las Vegas cab driver found a brown bag full of cash that a passenger left behind on Monday. Rather than keep the money for himself, he promptly called his dispatcher and turned it in to the main office.

Honesty drive: Taxi driver returns elderly couple's €250,000

A Bavarian taxi driver found €250,000 on the back seat of his taxi on Monday. He then tracked down the elderly couple who had left it behind and would not accept a finder's reward from them.

Rumors of hidden cash in building rubble get people digging

Lleida - A building began collapsing in the city center of Lleida, Spain on June 17. Two weeks ago, it finally completely gave way. This week rumors started that there was a pile of cash hidden in the pile of rubble and that's when people started digging.

Why cash is making a comeback

London - It has long been accepted that cashless payments are the future. Before long, currency will be superfluous, an archaic notion rendered obsolete by ways of paying viewed as safer and more convenient.

Dad flashes cash on Facebook, then gets hit for child support

Christopher Robinson, of Milwaukee, is facing felony charges after he allegedly failed to pay his child support and flashing his money on Facebook.

Lost wallet with $800 cash returned to man three years later

Milford - A Delaware man lost his wallet about three years ago and had long given up hope up on finding the wallet. Recently, the wallet was returned to him, fully intact with the $800 cash that had been in it at the time it went missing.

Poll finds most Canadians confess to cheating the CRA taxman

Calgary - With excessive taxation inflicting much of Canada, citizens want to keep as much money of theirs as possible. A new study suggests that they are doing exactly that by paying cash in order to avoid the taxman.

Air France passengers asked to chip in for fuel in Damascus

When an Air France flight was diverted to Damascus on Wednesday, the crew asked passengers if they could lend them some cash for fuel after Syrian authorities refused their credit card.

British kids as young as 8 lend money to cash strapped parents

A British survey says children as young as 8-years old are lending money to their parents and are worried about the family finances.

Op-Ed: Minister — 'Don't pay your plumber cash but keep paying my bills'

The Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke, told The Daily Telegraph he totally disapproved of the practice of paying tradesmen cash in hand.

Thieves 'like' Facebook photo of grandma's cash stash

Bundanoon - Police say that hours after a 17-year-old posted photo of a large sum of cash on Facebook, a gang of masked men, armed with knives and clubs, broke into the home of the girl's mother in the country town of Bundanoon, south-eastern Australia.

Thief tried to flush stolen cash down toilet at KFC, police say

Des Moines - Police say that a Des Moines man was arrested Friday after he allegedly robbed a store and tried to destroy evidence by flushing stolen money down the toilet at a fast-food restaurant.
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Cash Image

A view of Canadian money
A view of Canadian money
Around 100 000 euros recovered from an armed robbery in Vienna  Austria
Around 100,000 euros recovered from an armed robbery in Vienna, Austria
Vienna Police (LPD)
Novelties at the UN: cash only  please!
Novelties at the UN: cash only, please!
Dollar banknotes
Dollar banknotes
Jericho (CC BY 3.0)
CRISIS: Message posted on ATMs in Greece last month at height of country s dispute with European Uni...
CRISIS: Message posted on ATMs in Greece last month at height of country's dispute with European Union lenders. Banks were closed for more than three weeks but reopened Monday with limits on withdrawals.
SucreRouge/Wikimedia Commons
Cash  the former police pooch.
Cash, the former police pooch.
Cannon Beach Police Department
A wallet full of money
A wallet full of money
Wikimedia Commons
Cash in $100 bills.
Cash in $100 bills.
Photo by Philip Taylor (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Photography by (c) latestleaf.

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