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How can Gen Z and Millennials jump start careers amid COVID-19?

For many younger people their dreams of climbing the career ladder have been frustrated under the current circumstances. While changing jobs may not be the top concern, at some point the economy will recover.

Q&A: Insight into the future direction of IT careers Special

Jobs in Information Technology continue to evolve, not least due to digital transformation and with the advent of IoT devices and artificial intelligence. a leading expert assesses the typical IT career is heading.

Technological training solution for small businesses: Interview Special

85 million workers in the U.S. are employed by small-to-medium sized businesses. In the event of a workforce restructuring, employees are rarely offered outplacement services because packages are too expensive. A new solution is RiseSmart Express.

Millennials’ future impact on the economy

Individuals from ages 18 to 33 are considered to be millennials. Raised in the tech world, these individuals hold a deeper understanding of technology and its capabilities, and that’s something the current workforce can, and should, embrace.

Op-Ed: How to be a full-time poet

After 21 years, I still find it entertaining, watching the looks on people’s faces, when they hear that poetry has sustained me for two decades. I have sat on panels, and had countless discussions with poets who’ve wanted my secret, so here it is!!

Life coaching becoming one of fastest growing industries

After the 2007 economic crash, many individuals were faced with unemployment and the challenge of finding a new career, leading some to venture into what has become one of the fastest growing industries over the last decade.

Op-Ed: Working after retirement may be the best thing for you

Retirement isn’t just about kicking back and relaxing in your sunset years anymore. Americans are living longer, and many are finding that retirement is really more about finding a second career rather than hanging up their time cards altogether.

Dads, domestic chores and ambitious daughters

Dads who do their share of household chores are more likely to have ambitious daughters, according to a new study. This, in turn, influences the career choice that the daughter takes.

Peter Deeb, Hampton Securities Special

Toronto - Hampton Securities is one of Canada’s leading independent investment dealers specializing in private client wealth management and investment banking.

Op-Ed: From Madoff to Murdoch to Greece: Whatever Happened to Ethics?

People from all walks of life and at all levels of the corporate ladder skirt their responsibilities and neglect their duties.

Op-Ed: Boomers want to keep going in their careers, employers don’t notice

Baby boomers are not only not retiring, they’re leaving jobs “because of the lack of opportunity for career advancement”. That may sound weird, but the alternative is death by lack of choices. Employers either don’t know, or don’t care.

Op-Ed: Celebrities Turned Politicians

Last week John McCain launched his campaign ad portraying Barack Obama as having little difference to Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton. The McCain campaign says the ads intention was to show that Obama is the world’s biggest celebrity and little else.

Study Shows Cost to Parents For Kids' Dream Jobs

So you want Junior to be a star. Better take out your wallet and leave it open, your kid's star quest is going to cost you a bundle. Researchers have calculated that getting your child a step up in show biz can cost about 70,000 pounds.

Brain Drain in the UK Causes Biggest Exodus for Almost 50 Years

Britain is experiencing what is being called a "brain drain," the worst seen in any country, as professionals such as doctors, teachers and engineers leave in the "biggest exodus for almost 50 years."

Helping Widows Have Careers In Afghanistan

When their husbands are killed by Taliban soldiers many Afghan women have few options on how to support their families. A program sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency is hoping to bring light for these women.

Things We learned this Week

Here are somethings we learned from the past week.

Google Maps Mash-Ups Enter Era of Job Hunting

Digital Journal — The Google Maps mash-up craze is now providing job-hunters in Canada and the U.S. with several sites that map posted carer opportunities in a given area. Handing out resumes in-person will soon become so 2005.

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A foreign language can give graduates an edge in the competitive jobs market.
A foreign language can give graduates an edge in the competitive jobs market.
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