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Cardiac arrest News

New tissue weaving approach helps cardiac recovery

From linking higher cases of heart disease to PSTD cases to a new medical procedure that involves weaving blood vessels as a method for heart attack recovery, we look at some of the latest research in relation to heart disease.

Smartphone app for diagnosing cardiac disease

A new medical smartphone app has performed better than a traditional medical exam for cardiac assessment, based on the findings of a randomized clinical trial and reported to the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

AI that detects cardiac arrests in real-time

Corti is an artificial intelligence platform that uses machine learning to provide emergency medical personnel with life-saving diagnostic assistance. A new pilot study has been launched in Europe to assess cardiac arrests.

Coroner: Teen died from drinking too much caffeine too quickly

Columbia - A coroner in Richland County, South Carolina determined a healthy 16-year-old who collapsed and died in class last month, died from consuming too much caffeine too quickly.

Some common pain relievers increase the risk of cardiac arrest

Copenhagen - A new study published this month by cardiologists in Denmark has found that some pain relief medications are linked to an increase in episodes of cardiac arrest.

Shift work sleep deprivation affects the function of the heart

A new study, looking at the effects of insufficient sleep (as might occur with jet lag or shift work), indicates that the heart can be adversely affected.

Grandma died after snake bit boy at Disney park, family alleges

Orlando - An Alabama family alleges that an escaped snake at Disney's Animal Kingdom plopped out of a tree and bit a boy, leading to the death of the boy's grandmother. Matt Morgan, the family's attorney, said Thursday that the family plans to sue Disney World.

People who live in penthouses at heart attack risk

Toronto - It may be a symbol of aspiration, but there is a downside. People living in penthouses are more likely to die of a heart attack, at least according to new research.

New skin patch monitors heart health

A new medical device has been developed. This “skin patch” is able to alert the wearer if they are having heart trouble.

New cardiac drug shows real, life-saving promise

Basel - A new drug developed by Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis could turn the world of cardiovascular medicine on its head in less than 12 months.

Lack of national guidelines on AEDs puts Canadians at risk

Having a heart attack or going into cardiac arrest is something we all fear, but technology has given us the Automated External Defibrillator, or AED. A life saving device such as the AED should be readily available in most public places, but it's not.

Mediterranean diet can reduce heart attacks

Spanish scientists have shown that the Mediterranean diet may counteract the increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke in people with type 2 diabetes.

New heart repair methods with catheters present opportunities

New heart repair usages with cardiac catheterization are being deployed - threading tubes into the heart from a variety of entry points - with new opportunities, although some concerns remain on the risks associated with the procedure.

Energy drinks 'could trigger cardiac arrest'

Researchers from the University of the Pacific are claiming that energy drinks, which often contain large amounts of caffeine and other stimulants such as taurine can raise blood pressure, leading a person to face cardiac arrest.

L.A. honours student dies after 'huffing' cleaning solvent

Los Angeles - Aria Doherty, a 14-year-old Grade 8 honours student, died from apparent cardiac arrest after she inhaled a solvent to get high.

Video: Fabrice Muamba's emotional return

Just six weeks after Fabrice Muamba, Bolton Wanderers midfielder, collapsed in the middle of a game with a heart problem, he was able to attend a match played by his team on May 2.

Malawi's president reported dead

Confusion over exactly what has happened to the President of Malawi continues as media outlets such as Reuters and AFP are now quoting sources as saying that he is dead following the cardiac arrest he suffered yesterday April 5.

President of Malawi suffers cardiac arrest

The President of the small African country of Malawi has been rushed to hospital following a cardiac arrest on the morning of Thursday April 5. President Bingu wa Mutharika is said to be in intensive care.

Man suffering cardiac arrest on plane offered sandwich

Stockholm - A 63-year old man who suffered cardiac arrest on a Ryanair flight from London to Stockholm was offered a sandwich and soda by the plane's crew. The crew also insisted that the man pay for it.

NYC finds success in treating cardiac arrest with cooling therapy

New York - Paramedics in New York City are no longer using just CPR. They are being trained to cool the body down by about 6 degrees, so no cells will be damaged by the lack of oxygen. It seems to work and city officials are patting themselves on the back.

Michael Jackson cause of death was cardiac arrest

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson is dead. Jackson was pronounced dead 3:15. According to TMZ, Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest at his home.

King of Pop Michael Jackson dead at 50

The "King of Pop" music has died at the age of 50 in a Los Angeles hospital. This is a breaking news story. Details will be added as they come in.

Brain Injuries And Cooling The Body After A Heart Attack

Cooling saves lifes after a heart attack. Taking the body down to a hypothermic state within hours can save not only heart muscle but improve the severity of a brain injury. Within four minutes of a heart attack brain cells begin to die off.

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Wyatt Barber was a nine-year-old third-grader.
Wyatt Barber was a nine-year-old third-grader.
Jeff Fudge
At the bottom of rollerblade-suicide hill in Weaselhead  paramedics arrived on foot
At the bottom of rollerblade-suicide hill in Weaselhead, paramedics arrived on foot
CPR training with Welch Allyn AED 20
CPR training with Welch Allyn AED 20
Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Automated External Defibrillator (AED)  open  charged and ready for us...
Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Automated External Defibrillator (AED), open, charged and ready for use
Owain Davies

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