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Carbon monoxide News

Ford Explorer owners complain their SUVs are poisoning them

The Ford Explorer is one of the world's most popular midsize SUV's, but a Bloomberg report published on Wednesday alleges that it may be making its owners sick.

Yes, your furry friend could help save your life

A study conducted by npower, in order to raise awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning, has revealed how our relationships with our pets has a huge part to play in discovering a leak and how our lack of understanding might be threatening our health.

Keyless ignitions prove to be a deadly convenience

A report from the New York Times found that dozens of people have been poisoned by carbon monoxide after failing to shut off the keyless ignition on their vehicles.

New carbon dioxide recycling method aids biofuels

A new method for converting carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide has been developed. This process step could be used to drive efficiencies in biofuel production, as well as aiding with the manufacture of some chemical products.

Next-gen carbon monoxide sensors based on nanotech

The monitoring of air, especially in homes and workplaces, for carbon monoxide is a critical part of health and safety. Early detection is key to lowering risks of poisoning. To improve current technology, Japanese researchers are looking to nanotech.

Op-Ed: NASA releases video of global CO2, and it’s an ugly sight

Sydney - Forget the hype, check out the fact. The patterns of CO2 circulation in the atmosphere, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, are pretty repulsive looking things. China’s notorious smog is clearly visible, and the United States isn’t much better.

Carbon monoxide could help battle pathogens

Biologists have found that naturally occurring carbon monoxide (CO) is essential for immune system cells in the human body to be able to combat invasive bacterial pathogens.

Mass. boy, 11, dies of carbon monoxide poisoning during blizzard

Boston - An 11-year-old Massachusetts boy died of carbon monoxide poisoning on Saturday after he sat in a running car for warmth while his father was shoveling snow to get the car out of a snow bank.

Op-Ed: Defending your home against a ‘silent killer’

Each year hundreds of people in the U.S. and Canada are killed in their homes by a particularly insidious killer. Learn what can be done to protect yourself and your loved ones from carbon monoxide.

Family suffer carbon monoxide poisoning from an indoor barbeque

A woman in east London used a barbecue indoors to dry clothes. The incident led to six people, including four children, being taken to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Drug for angina can treat carbon monoxide poisoning

New research suggests that a commonly-used angina treatment drug called Ranexa (ranolazine) might be able to shield the heart from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide poisoning kills two campers

Clements - Carbon monoxide appears to have been the only culprit for the loss of two campers over the weekend in Clements, California.

Five Florida teens die from carbon monoxide poisoning

A red KIA Optima emitted deadly carbon monoxide, killing five teenage boys the day after Christmas. Juchen Martial had borrowed the car to celebrate his birthday with his four friends at a rented motel in Florida.

CPSC issues 'Daylight Savings Time' reminder for smoke detectors

Washington - When you change your clocks this weekend, remember to change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms too. The CPSC urges consumers to make a habit of replacing smoke and CO alarm batteries when the time changes

Fire Prevention Week officials offer advice on smoke alarms

Halifax - This week is Fire Prevention Week in Canada which runs until Sunday October 10. This year's theme is Smoke Alarms: A Sound You Can Live With.

Op-Ed: Why You Should Have and Maintain a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, toxic gas that is produced when fossil fuels (gas, oil, coal, wood used in boilers, engines, oil burners, gas fires, water heaters, solid fuel appliances & open fires) do not burn properly. It kills.

Colton Dale Saunders Will Be Buried In His Halloween Costume

Colton Dale will be buried in his favorite Halloween whale costume. His mother will bury her three-year-old son who was killed by his father. She had fought the courts trying to keep her son safe, the courts ordered her to let him visit his father.

Smokers Can Get Nabbed By Simple Test

The pulse cooximeter is a device that has been used in the past to detect carbon monoxide in the blood. Now the device can give doctors a better view of how much a smoker actually smokes.

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