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UK civil servants steel for 'humongous' Brexit

London - Toiling away in the background on a shoestring budget, some 300 civil servants in a hastily assembled new department are scrambling to deal with Brexit, the biggest administrative challenge in Britain's post-war history.

Governmental incompetence in Sierra Leone delays Ebola shipments

Freetown - A shipping container full of over $140,000 worth of supplies to aid in the Ebola fight has been sitting on a dock in Freetown, Sierra Leone for two months. Yet, for want of needed supplies, 120 people died of Ebola on Saturday in this country.

Brazil bureaucrats play it by the (heavy) book

Bras - Brazil tax rules are more difficult to hack through than the Amazon jungle, so what better way to highlight the mess than to put them in print?

Review: Exposing the Jobsworths

London - If you are unfamiliar with the word "jobsworth", this short video will tell you more than you need to know about the type of person who warrants the title.

Op-Ed: The Lagarde controversy — austerity should begin at home

Washington - The recent remarks by International Monetary Fund head honcho Christine Lagarde has caused a storm of controversy in Greece. Maybe she and her organisation should practice the austerity she preaches?

Review: Dominic Littlewood exposes the postcode lottery

Everyone in Britain has heard of the postcode lottery, but what does it mean to those at the business end? In this short series, you can find out.

Review: Red tape madness in America

Check out this video about stupid laws in America, and if it makes you laugh, remember that it has made many other people cry.

Op-Ed: The truth about Data Protection — Jobs for the boys? Special

One of the things David Cameron promised the people of Britain was a bonfire of the quangos. He hasn't made much progress, but one office he might consider shutting down or at least scaling down is that of Information Commissioner.

Op-Ed: Why we need more not less ‘unemployment’

The trade unions, the Opposition, and even the Coalition Government make a lot of noise about job protection and job creation, the reality is that Britain and all advanced nations need fewer jobs, not more.

Florida bureaucracy punishing man over child support for a kid who's not his

Francesco Rodriguez was jailed for a day for not paying over $10,000 in child support for a kid whom DNA proves he did not father. Further bolstering Rodriguez's cause is an affidavit from the mother stating his non-paternity.

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