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Review: They have their own way of doing things in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a new take on the courtroom drama; the second film in sci-fi trilogy; a special anniversary release; a gripping mystery thriller; the second season of a manly competition; and some variations on young adult drama.

One bull gave rise to two million great-grandaughters

One bull, called Pawnee Farm Arlinda Chief, had more than two million great-granddaughters, making him the most successful bovine in history. However, it also appears he had a genetic defect and this has spread through Holstein populations.

Simpsons co-creator saves 'gay' Irish bull from being slaughtered

A bull in Ireland who was going to be slaughtered because he might have been gay has been saved by Sam Simon, the co-creator of the 'Simpsons.'

2 bottles of vodka capture runaway bull in Germany

A bull in Kallmünz, Germany was causing a little havoc. It escaped from its enclosure during summer 2013 and has been running around in the Bavarian forests ever since, causing a little concern among nearby residents.

Daily calls are latest action to prevent 'Toro de la Vega 2014'

Tordesillas - A new action against the brutal "Toro de la Vega" festival in Spain has begun, with a boycott of the municipality of Tordesillas in the Castile & León region and daily calls to the Councillors and Tourism Office. (Updated).

AFP press photographer gored covering 'Toro de la Vega' event

Tordesillas - An AFP press photographer, covering the "Toro de la Vega" festival in Tordesillas, Spain was gored by a huge bull and has been taken to hospital for surgery. Eleven other people were lightly injured in the event.

UK tourist gored by bull in Calpe, Spain festival (video)

Calpe - Pamplona is not the only city in Spain to let the bulls run wild in the streets. A British tourist got on the wrong side of a bull in the streets of Calpe near Benidorm recently, in the "Bous al Carrer" (bulls in the street) festival.

Young bull escapes in Málaga, Spain, caught by pedestrian (video)

Captured on video by a passerby, the young bull had escaped from a livestock area in an industrial estate in Málaga, and caused a little chaos along the way before being wrestled to the ground by a passing pedestrian. Olé!

Bull and cow 'having relations' cause highway traffic jam

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, a cow and bull pair that stopped to "have relations" at the intersection of Routes 28/66 and Route 85 in Rayburn, near Kittanning, in Western Pennsylvania, caused a traffic jam on Friday morning.

Farmer compensated after bull killed by balloon

A British farmer was compensated after a young bull was killed by a balloon released at a school, as part of a Comic Relief event, but he said the animal may have suffered a painful death - and many groups are calling for a ban on mass balloon releases.

Woman injured when rodeo bull jumps into crowd

Edmonton - A woman was injured at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton when a bull jumped over the railing and into the crowd Friday night.

Aggressive bull leaps into crowd in Spain, injures 40 (video)

Navarro - A vicious bull jumped into the packed crowd at a bullring in the northern region of Navarro, Spain. The animal stampeded through the stands, injuring 40 and sending nine people to hospital with serious injuries.

Al Gore to Launch The Climate Project in China

Washington - The Climate Project supports more than 3,000 diverse and dedicated volunteers worldwide who have been personally trained by former U.S. Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore to educate the public and to raise awareness about climate change.

S. African Judge Compares Zulu Bull-Killing to Holy Communion

To tell the Zulu people not to slaughter a bull at the weekend’s first fruits festival would be tantamount to telling Catholics not to take communion, a South African judge has told animal rights activists.

Bull kills Tennessee man

A West Tennessee farmer Larry Isbell was killed after being charged by a bull while rounding up calves for sale earlier this week.

A Bull Is Behind Bars Tonight For Destruction Of Property

In Canalumtic, Mexico, a bull has been jailed for destruction of property to a couple of shops and a corn field. The owner must pay for the damages done by the bull before it can be released.

Giant rodent was as big as a bull

Researchers say that ancient rodent was as big as a bull and weighed between 1,500 to 3,000 pounds. Researchers say that the now extinct beast use to roam around South America.

Shambo The Sacred Bull Is Headed For The Slaughterhouse

Shambo the beloved bull that lives in a temple in Wales will soon be slaughtered despite a worldwide campaign on his behalf by the Hindu monks trying to save his life. His "murder" will be against their religious beliefs and will desecrate their temple.

Teen Bullfighter Badly Gored in Mexico

Teen Matador Who Fled Spain's Ban on Young Bullfighters Nearly Gored to Death in Mexico.

Another Zoophiles Exclusive! "How Am I Going To Explain This To The Boss?"

OK - It's just another quiet afternoon at the office supply store. The young sales clerk is leisurely arranging the shelves, lining up the erasers, restocking the paperclips. Suddenly, out of no where, in bursts a cow, yes I said a cow, & it's not alone!

Thieves 'targeting bull terriers'

Thieves may be specifically targeting Staffordshire Bull Terriers, a report obtained by the BBC says.

Police: Dog Waste Trickled Down Stairs

A man has been arrested over animal cruelty after 21 dogs (Pit Bulls) were siezed at his home, the officers who went to arrest him brought the pit bulls out one at a time but the state of the dogs and the house were disgraceful, there was feaces and ur...

Economy Hits, Yet Another, Record High

U.S. stocks climbed on Thursday, boosted by surprisingly high earnings from investment bank Bear Stearns Co. Inc. and economists' bullish estimates for stock indexes performance next year---Looks like the Bull has got it's horns and it isn't slowing down.

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Bull Image

The bull is back
The bull is back
Photo by
A young bull escaped in Málaga  Spain and was caught by pedestrians.
A young bull escaped in Málaga, Spain and was caught by pedestrians.
Bull on sunset
Bull on sunset
A Zambezi Shark  also known as a Bull Shark.
A Zambezi Shark, also known as a Bull Shark.
A bull in Spain leaps into the crowd at a bullring  injuring 40 people
A bull in Spain leaps into the crowd at a bullring, injuring 40 people
BBC video screenshot
Sculpture by John Piccoli.
Sculpture by John Piccoli.
Photo by bushie
Pedestrians pass the bronze Charging Bull sculpture next to Wall Street  in the Financial District i...
Pedestrians pass the bronze Charging Bull sculpture next to Wall Street, in the Financial District in New York
Spencer Platt, Getty/AFP
A bull in a field
A bull in a field