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Google announces new privacy functions with new browser update

Google has announced new privacy improvements and data retention practices across their core products. The intention is to keep all user information safe and to put the user back in control.

Google's Chrome 76 browser has several new features

Google has now released Chrome 76 browser in stable form with several new features that users should know about. The last big feature was dark mode introduced in Chrome 73 and carried over into Chrome 74 and 75.

Now you can browse like it's 1990 all over again

Want to experience the World Wide Web in its formative years? Or, if you were way too young or didn't have access back them, CERN researchers have recreated the original 1990 browser.

Firefox takes a Quantum leap with all-new version

Mozilla has announced general availability of Firefox 57, the long-awaited overhaul of the popular browser. The new version is claimed to be twice as fast as Google Chrome while using 30% less memory. There's also a brand-new interface design.

New Internet browser security warning

A new study has found so-termed 'boated browser functionality' (rarely used functionality) presents unnecessary security and privacy risks to users.

Vivaldi gets a new logo and improved reader mode in latest update

Vivaldi has been updated with a new-look icon and improved accessibility options. The team behind the young browser has expanded its built-in reading mode and added new settings that make Vivaldi more comfortable for everyone to use.

Bonkers browser bug: Microsoft Edge prints '123456' as '114447'

Microsoft Edge has a strange bug that appears when trying to print a document containing lots of numbers. The digits have a tendency to get mixed up and switch places, leading to major inaccuracies in documents. Microsoft is working on a fix.

Noiszy interview: How a browser plugin masks your digital tracks Special

Noiszy is a new browser plugin that masks your tracks with digital noise. It's one of a new breed of tools that let you resist online tracking and break the filter bubble. In this interview, its creator speaks to Digital Journal about the need for Noiszy.

Digital noise: How a new web plugin hides your footsteps online

A recently-launched browser plugin has introduced a new way to resist online tracking by creating "digital noise." Noiszy decreases the value of data collected by ISPs and advertisers by masking your activities with a "flood" of auto-generated web visits.

Vivaldi's new History feature reveals your browsing patterns

Vivaldi has announced a new interpretation of the History feature that's been a staple of web browser for decades. The latest Vivaldi update includes a dramatically enhanced History view that provides "comprehensive" insights into your browsing trends.

Opera unveils its new 'reborn' browser design

Opera is redesigning its browser with a new interface that's meant to be modern and fresh. Under construction as "Project Reborn," the company recently shipped the first version of the experimental design to testers, introducing a new browsing experience.

Microsoft Edge tries to be the cutting edge with new features

Microsoft Edge is getting several new features with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update designed to enhance productivity and entertainment. Microsoft is aiming to attract new users to the browser in a bid to reverse its falling market share.

Microsoft Edge prepares to block Flash content by default

Microsoft Edge's next public release will disable all Flash media on webpages by default. You'll need to explicitly allow Flash content to play by clicking on a prompt before it starts running. Microsoft said it'll improve security and performance.

Fake news detector helps solve Facebook's problem, gets blocked

A new browser extension that flags up fake news on Facebook can offer "helpful reminders" that not everything on the social network is genuine. After enjoying a short success, Facebook has blocked the tool, seemingly embarrassed by its results.

Windows 10 to keep you safe online with new browser sandbox

Microsoft has announced a significant security enhancement coming to Windows 10 as part of the Redstone 2 software update next year. The company has further expanded Windows Defender to help you stay safe online, isolating the browser from your PC.

AdBlock Plus to start selling 'acceptable' ads

AdBlock Plus, the popular browser extension that allows users to block intrusive or distracting adverts, has announced its own ad marketplace. It will allow publishers to buy "acceptable" ads that will be displayed to users with the extension installed.

Opera resets passwords of 1.7m users after 'server breach'

Opera has informed users of its Opera Sync browser synchronisation service that they need to reset their passwords. The company said it has detected an attack on its systems which may have allowed hackers to steal user passwords and account information.

Software security alerts are ignored 90 percent of the time

A study has found security warnings displayed by software programs are routinely ignored by users. The alerts can help you to keep your computer clean and safe but are usually dismissed immediately. Most people have insufficient time to pay attention.

Browser battery wars: Opera hits back at Microsoft Edge

A few days ago, Microsoft posted a video and a detailed blog post in which it claimed Edge is by far the most power-efficient web browser around. Not everyone is satisfied with the results though. Opera has hit back at Microsoft, saying it can do better.

Microsoft: Edge gives you 50% more battery than Chrome, Firefox

Microsoft has slammed the battery life of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, claiming its own Edge browser allows laptops and tablets to last for up to 50 percent longer on a charge. It is also updating Edge with even more power saving features.

Anti-Semitic Chrome extension highlights Jewish names on the web

Google has blacklisted a rogue Chrome extension that aimed to identify Jewish people on the Internet by highlighting their names on webpages. The free plugin had over 2500 users before Google pulled it and its far-right developer from the store last week.

Google to end support for Internet Explorer 8 in November

Google has announced its intention to discontinue supporting Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). The latest version of Microsoft's browser is Explorer 9.

Google's Chrome surpasses Firefox share in Philippine market

In just three years since it was launched in the Philippines, Google's Chrome browser has surpassed Firefox's share in the local market.

Safari, so far: One million downloads of new browser in 48 hours

Apple’s move into realism in the browser market hasn’t hurt much. The former Mac-only Internet browser has now hit where it matters, with users grabbing the thing fast. The decades of proprietary insularity seem to have finally begun to melt away.

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A look at three Web browsers.
A look at three Web browsers.
Vivaldi reader mode changes
Vivaldi reader mode changes
An icon for Internet Explorer
An icon for Internet Explorer
Noiszy for Chrome
Noiszy for Chrome
360Vulcan team exploited Internet Explorer at Pwn2Own 2015
360Vulcan team exploited Internet Explorer at Pwn2Own 2015
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Vivaldi v1.11
Vivaldi v1.11
Vivaldi s new icon
Vivaldi's new icon
Vivaldi disable image animations option
Vivaldi disable image animations option
B.S. Detector fake news warning [Via TechCrunch]
B.S. Detector fake news warning [Via TechCrunch]

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