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Broken News

Juan Pablo Di Pace talks new single 'Broken' and 'Fuller House' Special

Actor and musician Juan Pablo Di Pace chatted with Digital Journal about his latest single "Broken," and the digital transformation of the music business.

Review: 'Fuller House' actor Juan Pablo Di Pace releases 'Broken' single Special

Actor and singer-songwriter Juan Pablo Di Pace delivers on his single "Broken," and its music video. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Boy band The Fourth Kingdom discusses new single 'Broken' Special

Belgian boy band The Fourth Kingdom chatted with Digital Journal about their new single "Broken." They also opened up about the digital transformation of the music business, with the help of technology and social media.

Unused mobile phones are wasting £100 million of gold says report

A study has found that over £100 million worth of gold is being wasted inside unused or broken mobile phones in the UK alone. It suggests that mobile operators should be doing much more to encourage the recycling of old devices.

Op-Ed: ObamaCare website apologists beware; your data is not safe

ObamaCare implementation continues to flounder and its flagship website is fraught with problems. What is not generally reported is that data for this personal data website is not secure.

NYC man falls on broken glass, then bleeds to death

Brooklyn - A New York City man died a few days ago after he fell and cut his arm on a broken bottle during an altercation, according to police sources.

Op-Ed: Bag thief knocks himself out while trying to escape

A thief attempts to run out of a mall with a woman's purse. He knocks himself out by running through a glass door, but still manages to escape the scene.

Dog injured by tornado crawls home with two broken legs

Birmingham - A dog who was lifted from his Alabama home during a tornado returned home about three weeks later, with two broken legs.

Break in Lake Huron pipeline leaves 350,000 short of water

London - The Lake Huron water pipeline has ruptured and more than 350,000 residents living in Southwestern Ontario are being asked to conserve water.

Op-Ed: Why Do You Need Immunity, If You Haven't Broken the Law?

The Bush administration is desperately trying to get immunity for the telecom companies inserted into the next wiretapping bill. But let me ask a simple question - why would the telecom companies need immunity if they didn't break the law?

Have An Old, Broken iPod? Get Cash For It Fast with BuyMyBrokenIpod

You want to get rid of your old or broken iPods and want cash in exchange fast, then try It will buy iPod with any condition and will pay for it, no questions asked.

'We Have Broken the Speed of Light'

Two German Physicists have claimed to have broken the speed of light -- a feat that pokes a hole in Einstein's theory of relativity which states that it would take an infinite amount of energy to propel an object at more than 186,000 miles per second.

Shaun Livingston Pops His Knee Out Going for a Layup

Shaun Livingston busts and pops his knee out while going for a layup.

Call of Duty 3: Broken!

The biggest battles in Call of Duty 3 online right now are not between happy gamers, but between users and an apparently bug ridden service.

Broken home linked to psychosis

People from broken homes may be more prone to psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia, research suggests.


BC Lions players break the Cup as they celebrate their win.

Giving life to your dead hard drive

We have all had a hard drive die on us, now you might be able to fix it!

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Juan Pablo Di Pace
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