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Breast milk News

11-day-old girl died from meth overdose, mom charged with murder

Edmonton - In what Edmonton police spokesman Scott Pattison called “horrific”, an Edmonton, Alberta woman is in custody after it was alleged her 11-day-old daughter died of a methamphetamine overdose.

Should babies be given cow's milk to boost mother's milk?

When it comes to feeding babies, breast milk wins every time over formula milk in terms of overall health future development. To add to this, a new study has found that a baby's diet could be enriched with cow's milk.

Large national variations in breastfeeding rates

London - New figures, published by the medical journal The Lancet, show considerable variation between countries in terms of breastfeeding. The U.K. comes out very low.

Breast milk protein may be able to destroy superbugs

Scientists in the UK have said there is a part of a protein in breast milk that may be able to destroy certain types of bacteria that are resistant to drugs.

At least 10% of breast milk sold online is adulterated

Breast milk sold online had gained in popularity in recent years, and is also highly profitable. But studies have found that one in 10 bottles of breast milk are adulterated with cow's milk or infant formula.

Latest trend in weightlifting? Drinking breast milk

The latest in trend in weightlifting is breast milk. Some bodybuilders believe that breast milk can benefit adults who are trying to bulk up.

Staff gets distracted by thief after she squirts her breast milk

Darmstadt - On Monday a mother in central Germany decided to come up with a different kind of method to allegedly steal from a pharmacy.

Breast or bottle, which is best for babies?

Is breast milk or bottle milk best for babies? Or is there no difference? This is a reoccurring debate. A new study, using infant rhesus monkeys, argues that breast milk is best for a child’s developing immune system.

Why do babies cry at night?

The obvious answers are because the baby is hungry, wet, cold or lonely. Wrong, according to new research: babies cry because they don't want any siblings.

More breast milk produced for daughters than for sons

Heifers produce more milk for daughters than sons. Interesting fact, but what about humans? Something similar might be going on.

Breast milk sugar helps good bacteria survive

A range of potent disease-fighting compounds has been discovered in breast milk. These compounds help beneficial bacteria to thrive in the guts of new born babies.

Contaminated breast milk sold online

Columbus - Human breast milk is sold for babies on several online sites for a few dollars an ounce. Tests have revealed that several items are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria.

Beneficial bacteria ‘arrive’ from breast milk

Researchers have discovered that important, beneficial bacteria arrive in babies' digestive systems from their mother's gut via breast milk. This has implications for health and immunity.

Understanding why some women don't produce enough breast milk

A new study into why some women do not produce enough quantities of breast milk has indicated that the cause is the hormone insulin, which affects the amount of milk.

Breast milk-flavored lollipops now available

Austin - Lollyphile is a candy company that sells exotic and bizarre candies. One of its new products claims to be able to cure our curiosity of how breast milk tastes like.

Does breast milk hold the clue for fighting superbugs?

Some scientists have argued that a protein complex found in human breast milk can help challenge the antibiotic resistance of several bacterial species, including those known to cause hospital related infections.

Breast milk contains over 700 different bacteria

New research from Spain has examined the range of different bacteria found in breast milk. The study has revealed a larger microbial diversity than originally thought: more than 700 species. This make-up has implications for the developing child.

Man says erectile dysfunction cured after drinking breast milk

A man claims that his erectile dysfunction problem was cured after consuming his wife's breast milk for over a year and a half.

Antibodies in breast milk could help to combat HIV

Durham - Scientists have found important antibodies in the breast milk of an HIV infected mother which can protect the mother’s baby from HIV. This could lead to the development of a new vaccine.

The New Zealand controversy over fathers and breast milk

The controlling actions of breastfeeding militants in New Zealand have many wondering if women activists have completely stepped over the line in mind and rights of female equality.

Lady Gaga takes legal action against breast milk ice cream eatery

Lady Gaga has instructed her legal team to begin legal proceedings against the small Covent Garden restaurant, Icecreamists, after they sold a product of breast milk ice cream launched as Baby Gaga.

UK confiscates 'Baby Gaga' breast milk ice cream, health concerns

Covent Garden - The Icecreamists' popular new frozen treat made from a woman's breast milk has created a flurry of attention around the world, so much in fact that Bristish officials were forced to seize what remained of the concoction over public health concerns.

Breast milk ice cream goes on sale in London restaurant

Covent Garden - A restaurant in central London's Covent Garden district is selling ice cream on its menu made from human breast milk. The milk, donated by 35-year-old Victoria Hiley, is churned and served as ice cream with a wafer.

Mom selling excess breast milk, but only customers are men

After giving birth earlier this year, a young single UK mother had so much breast milk that she decided to see if she could sell it online.

In Kentucky, breast milk seems to be a bio-hazard

In what must be one of the weirdest third degree assault charges on an officer in history, a press release by a Kentucky jail calls breast milk a bio-hazard.

Breast milk project donates to Haiti's orphaned and sick infants

On Thursdays International Breast Milk Project and Quick International Courier delivers almost 500 ounces of donor breast milk to the USNS Comfort's Medical Treatment Center stationed outside Haiti.

Chinese mom bathes her baby in breast milk

A mother who recently gave birth to a child decided to give a bath to her baby in breast milk. The reason? She produced too much breast milk and did’t want to waste it.

Breast Milk In Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream?

PETA activists have approached the makers of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, asking them to begin using breast milk instead of cow's milk. Ben and Jerry's finds the idea absurd, saying a mother's milk is best used for her own baby.

Take My Breast Milk, Please

Martha Heller, a 22 year old mother in Tiffin Iowa took out an ad in the local paper offering 100 ounces of breast milk for $200 or the best offer. This is milk that she's been pumping since August.

Baby Dies From Toxic Breast Milk

A Toronto woman who had had an episiotomy and was suffering a lot of discomfort, was prescribed Tylenol 3 to help relieve her pain. Eleven days later she took her newborn to his pediatrician and two days later, the baby died.

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