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Breast feeding News

Should babies be given cow's milk to boost mother's milk?

When it comes to feeding babies, breast milk wins every time over formula milk in terms of overall health future development. To add to this, a new study has found that a baby's diet could be enriched with cow's milk.

China considering harsh regulations for infant formulas

China's State Council is considering an amendment to the current advertising law that would prohibit advertising of infant milk formulas. The ban on ads for infant formula is an attempt to tackle the low levels of breast-feeding across the country.

Breastfeeding prepares a baby for solid food

New research has discovered that a baby’s diet during the first few months of life influences the microbes in the baby’s gut. In turn, this influences baby’s ability to move from milk to solid foods and it could also affect health in later life.

Watch beheadings on Facebook but not breast-feeding mothers

Earlier this year Facebook banned beheadings on its social networking site. Now it seems graphic violence has the thumbs up but, interestingly, breastfeeding mothers are yet to receive likes.

Do supplements in baby formula prevent allergies?

A research review suggests that prebiotic supplements in infant formula may help to prevent eczema and avoid other types of allergies.

U.S. breast feeding rates show an increase

Newly reviewed data shows that breast feeding rates for U.S. mothers has increased over a ten year period. Based on the most recent figures, 75% of mothers choose to breast feed their babies.

Study: Breastfed babies tend to cry more

Breastfeeding babies could be crankier than bottle-fed babies, and new mothers should be informed this heightened irritability is natural, a new study by the Medical Research Council (MRC) in Cambridge, England suggested.

Traditional Parents Tend To Have Well-adjusted Tykes

Do you tell your kids no from time to time? Did you breastfeed? Do you want your kids to achieve greatness? Chances are your children are doing well then. A British study is showing that being a traditional parent is a good way to have well adjusted kids.

Breast-feeding Driver was Belligerent, Says Fellow Motorist

Quick. What is a woman called when she breast-feeds her child AND talks on the phone AND chews out a fellow motorist--while driving a car? Well, in Kettering, Ohio she is called “charged with child endangerment.”

Drug Cuts Risk Of Mother To Infant HIV Transmission

Taking the drug nevirapine may help prevent HIV in babies with HIV-positive mothers who breast feed but if they do come down with the virus there is a greater chance that the infant will have drug-resistant HIV.

Facebook makes a boob: breast feeding mothers don’t like being called 'obscene'

A group of irritated women calling themselves “lactivists” are after some justice after images of breastfeeding women were removed and some members banned for posting “obscene” content. If that sounds archaic, wait till you read the article.

Breastfeeding alone cuts HIV risk

An Africian study says breastfeeding until a baby is six-months old can significantly reduce the risk of mother-to-child HIV transmission

Are powdered baby formulas safe?

Sakazakii is a bacteria found in some powdered baby formulas.

Parents protest airline treatment of breast-feeding passenger

About 30 parents and their children sat in front of an airline counter Wednesday to protest the treatment of a passenger who said she was kicked off a plane for breast-feeding her child.

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