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Boulder News

Hawaii: Hundreds of protesters block controversial telescope

Honolulu - On Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano, construction on what would be one of the world's largest telescopes was blocked once again by protesters who say that the $1.4 billion dollar project would desecrate sacred land.

Op-Ed: Supreme Court twiddles thumbs on gay marriage as Obama plays pool

Denver - Sometimes it seems that if Colorado isn’t the center of the universe, at least it is the center of the United States. Take same-sex marriage or marijuana.

Op-Ed: Same-sex marriage spreading like wildfire

Boulder - A leftist Colorado county this week began issuing same-sex marriage licenses. They don’t call it the People’s Republic of Boulder for nothing.

Op-Ed: Grand jury wanted Ramsey parents indicted in murder of JonBenet

Boulder - A grand jury in Boulder, Colo., was asked to indict the parents of murdered JonBenet Ramsey. The jurors complied but the district attorney rejected it.

Video: Driver narrowly escapes being crushed by giant boulder

A Taiwanese driver is lucky to be alive, as a huge boulder crashes down a mountainside, only narrowly missing his car. The action was caught on the dashboard camera of a vehicle following behind.

Indian Head Rock back in Kentucky after 3-year fight with Ohio

Frankfort - Indian Head Rock used to be situated in the middle of the Ohio River, although on the Kentucky side. That is, until the eight-ton behemoth was removed by an intrepid upholsterer and whisked off to Ohio.

Boulder, Colorado wildfires destroy dozens of homes

Boulder - Dozens of homes have burnt to the ground in Boulder, Colorado from a wildfire that has covered 3,500 acres and is still spreading.

Marijuana enthusiasts celebrate '4/20' today Special

Boulder - Stoners, slackers, recreational and medical marijuana users are posed and ready to fire up those bongs, pipes and joints for the annual 420 Celebration held April 20 each year in cities, basements and garages across America.

Catholic school in Denver bars children of lesbian couple

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School in Boulder, CO has placed restrictions on the re-enrollment of two children of a lesbian couple.

Derik Bonestroo Asked Victim If He Was A Christian

Derik Bonestroo walked into a building at his work in Boulder, Colorado firing a gun into the ceiling. He told those in the building if they weren't a Christian they were about to die.

The Running Of The Pumpkins In Boulder, Colorado

About a dozen people ran down a Boulder, colorado street donning only a pumpkin on their head Friday night. The annual Naked Pumpkin Run drew the tickets from the police for a dozen unlucky streakers.

Boulder SWAT Member Shoots Man Threatening to Detonate Bomb in Hospital

A 32 year old man named Terrence Baughman was shot by a member of the Boulder SWAT team after a five hour standoff where he threatened to detonate a device connected to his oxygen tank, claiming it was a bomb.

RateMyCop, Shut Down By GoDaddy, Is Online Again At Another Host

GoDaddy, the popular U.S. web hosting service, last Monday unceremoniously shut down RateMyCop, a controversial site that became an overnight success. The reason? Police didn't like being criticized by the public.

Forbes: Boulder Tops List of America's Smartest Cities

The smartest city in the U.S. is Boulder, Colorado. The college town of 280,000 is full of brainiacs, according to Forbes’ recently released ranking of the smartest cities in the country. What makes Boulder such a studious leader?

Op-Ed: A Former Mayor Takes What's Not His in Court

Don and Susie Kirlin of Boulder, Colorado have been railroaded by an obscure doctrine that gave a former judge part of their land. In 1984 the couple purchased a 55 foot by 80 foot lot. It was to be their future dream house.

First Ever Carbon Tax in Boulder Colorado

To help reduce gas emissions, Boulder Colorado is believed to be the first city to vote for a carbon tax. The taxes will start in 2007.

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Mountain side view of Downtown Boulder   Colorado
Mountain side view of Downtown Boulder, Colorado
teofilo via Wikipedia (Attribution 2.0 Generic)
Journalist and author  Matt Richtel  has written another book. His current novel  Dead on Arrival  w...
Journalist and author, Matt Richtel, has written another book. His current novel "Dead on Arrival" which will be featured at Bookshop West Portal this month on Aug. 22. It is already being heralded by critics, comparing it to a Michael Crichton thriller. Yes, it is set in San Francisco with a connection to Colorado, among other things.
Courtesy of Matt Richtel
University of Colorado 2009 - 420 Celebration- Clouds of Pot Smoke rising above the crowd of almost ...
University of Colorado 2009 - 420 Celebration- Clouds of Pot Smoke rising above the crowd of almost 15,000 well-behaved, stoned and smiling partiers.
flickr stonerboy420
Office of the Onion in Boulder  Colorado.
Office of the Onion in Boulder, Colorado.
David Shankbone

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