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Russian sailor's message in bottle found 50 years later in Alaska

Washington - A man gathering firewood in Alaska discovered a bottle with a handwritten message inside wishing the finder "happy sailing" more than 50 years after it was dropped into the sea by a Russian sailor."Sincere greetings!

108 years on, message in a bottle found

Plymouth - It is still a popular pastime to write a message, pop it in a bottle and cast it into the sea. Many such bottles are lost, destroyed or found quickly. In one case, a bottle has survived for decades, leading to the oldest message in a bottle being found.

Crab steals a bottle of beer (Video)

For your Sunday edification, here is a video showing a crab, stealing a bottle of beer and dragging it away through the house.

Ancient seltzer bottle recovered from shipwreck

A bottle of naturally carbonated water, that is more than 100 years old, has been recovered from a Polish shipwreck near the Polish coast.

Can't find a corkscrew? How to open a bottle of wine with a shoe

So you can't find a corkscrew and you are stuck with an unopened bottle of wine in your hand? Impress your guests and open a bottle of wine with your shoe; a Mirabeau Wine's expert shows you how to manage without your bartender's friend.

Woman receives bottle of moisturizer full of sperm

A woman in China realized that a bottle of moisturizer that was sent to her by a secret admirer was actually full of sperm.

Beetle inspires 'self-filling' water bottle

A U.S. company has created a means to bring water to arid areas by drawing moisture from the air. The device was inspired by desert beetles.

Man finds 97-year-old message in a bottle, sets world record

A Scottish skipper made a remarkable find during a recent fishing trip. When he pulled up his net, he found a bottle, and upon opening, discovered a 97-year-old message inside.

Bieber's sweet smell of success, new perfume breaks sales records

Justin Bieber's new perfume for women is setting records by selling one bottle every minute in its first week at The Perfume shop, that has exclusive UK rights to the scent.

Baby formula linked to obesity later in life

London - Researchers have found that feeding babies formula can result in significant increases in body fat by the time a child is between five and eight years of age, which results in a higher risk for obesity in adulthood.

Federer becomes YouTube hit for slamming bottle from guy's head

Professional tennis champion Roger Federer has been the talk of YouTube and media this week after a video was released showing a trick shot that has people wondering if it was 'doctored' and fake.

Boat made from 12,500 plastic bottles arrives in Sydney

A 60-foot catamaran made out of 12,500 recycled plastic bottles sailed 8,000 nautical miles from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia in four months.

Company openly bottling and selling NY tap water

A New York company is bottling city tap water and selling it openly. They claim bottling local water is healthier than drinking soda and it reduces environmental costs.

London Hotel Selling Water at $42 Per Bottle

Believe it or not, people are willing to spend $30 to $42 per bottle of water. A luxury hotel in London claims customers are demanding it, so the hotel now offers a selection of more than 30 luxury waters from around the world.

Condom-in-a-bottle man sues Russian beer-makers for millions

A Russian who said that he discovered a condom wrapper and a suspicious rubber fragment in his bottle of beer is seeking nearly two million dollars in compensation, according to his lawyer.

Super Mario Theme played on Bottles

A group of college students from the University of Rochester play the Super Mario theme on bottles.

Polycarbonate Water Bottles Harmful to Health

Contrary to popular belief, studies are claiming that polycarbonate water bottles could be more harmful to your health due to chemical Bisphenol A.

Baby Bottle Health Alarm

It has been discovered that a chemical commonly found in plastic baby bottles may be harmful to the child's development....

Man forced to urinate in bottle in Germany

They say "Don't get caught with your pants down." This man had to in front of 120 other students during a test.

Don't Know What To Give That Special Someone?

Send them a message in a bottle.

Intelligent Water Bottle knows when you should be Thirsty

HydraCoach makes an Intelligent water bottle that estimates the amount of water intake necessary per day.

Eric Clapton almost cancels a concert because of a wine bottle

the company that made up the concert, a well known wine brand, printed eric Clapton´s name on the label of several bottles.

45,000 Bottle Rockets

45,000 bottle rockets

Bottle returns to start at Ontario liquor stores February 5

Could the first days of the new deposit policy become a bottleneck for the Beer Store?

Michael Vick Caught with Suspicious Bottle at Airport

What's so suspicious about the bottle, well besides being a 20oz water bottle when the limit is 3oz, it had a secret compartment..and it held a substance that smelled strongly of marijuana.

Guy Drinks Bottle of Vodka in 20 Seconds...

...and then goes to his school class and vomits and falls on the floor.

Perfume Bottle Makes Lots of Cents

It was a bottle of Tresor de la Mer purchased for her by her husband in 1939.

Magazine on a Bottle wins international awards

Not this is a bit strange. Myself I have problems reading stuff that small and don't wanna buy reading glasses.

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