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Botnet News

Fake ad blockers in Google Chrome store fooled 20 million users

Google has killed five top-ranking ad blockers in its Chrome store after it was revealed they were fake extensions that harvested personal information. About 20 million users had installed the fake ad blockers.

Crypto-mining botnet spreads to thousands of Android phones

An extensive botnet of Android devices has rapidly grown since coming to life this week. The ADB.Miner attack is infecting phones and using them to mine cryptocurrency coins. It's the latest example of a new class of crypto-mining cyberattack.

'Vigilante' worm fights Mirai botnet for control of your devices

A new worm is rapidly spreading across the Internet in search of vulnerable smart home appliances. Curiously, it's believed its author is a vigilante white-hat hacker, aiming to fend off the dangerous Mirai botnet that's coordinating IoT attacks.

America's 911 system could be crippled by 400,000 infected phones

Researchers have outlined how attackers could disable America's nationwide 911 emergency line using a botnet of 400,000 infected smartphones. The number would be sufficient to cripple the network and leave it overloaded, preventing people from dialling.

Google offering 2GB free storage as reward for updating security

Google is giving users 2GB of free Google Drive cloud storage in return for spending two minutes of their time to complete a Security Checkup. The offer is part of Safer Internet Day, designed to raise awareness of security issues online.

Law enforcement closes down massive botnet of 770,000 computers

A worldwide botnet operating in 190 countries and on 770,000 computers has been forced offline by law enforcement groups and private security companies. It stole banking credentials and installed more malware on users' computers.

Microsoft halts dangerous computer virus

ZeroAccess, one of the world's largest botnets - a network of computers infected with malware to trigger online fraud - has been disrupted by Microsoft.

Massive DOS attack hits China, official silence reigns

Sydney - Up to 8 million Chinese websites may have been affected by the “largest ever” denial of service attack on .cn domains. Rumors abound, including one that it was staged to block information about disgraced Party member Bo Xilai’s court case.

Massive spam botnet Grum destroyed by security researchers

Computer experts and security researchers took down one of the biggest spam hubs in the world. The botnet, known as Grum, was reportedly responsible for 18 percent of the world's junk email.

Op-Ed: Anonymous vs Symantec – Letting a beast loose on the world

Sydney - Well, things just got a lot dirtier. Security firm Symantec claims an Anonymous Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack was hijacked by a Trojan which stole banking and other personal details from Anonymous supporters. Anonymous denies the claim.

Fake Microsoft update is malware in disguise

Have you recently received an email from Microsoft claiming that you need a security update? Beware, this is not from Microsoft but rather it is a spam attempt at getting you to download malware.

Spam and junk email levels decreasing globally

The amount of junk emails and spam being sent around the world has fallen dramatically over the past month. Spam volumes have been in decline since August last year but December saw a huge drop.

Information Warfare Monitor finds spy-network based in China

Canadian researchers say that computers of several embassies worldwide as well as at the United Nations and the office of the Dalai Lama have been infiltrated by a cyber-space spy network originating in Chengdu, China. Beijing denies any knowledge.

Botnet of 13 million PC's worldwide busted by Spanish police

The economic and technological crimes unit of the Spanish police arrested three ringleaders of the huge Mariposa botnet. The creator, seemingly of Venezuelan origin, is still being sought.

'Image Spam' Could Bring the Internet to a Standstill

In order to slip by anti-spam protection, hackers are creating spam using images in place of text.

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Apparently  being in the top is enough to gain trust of casual users. For instance  take a look at t...
Apparently, being in the top is enough to gain trust of casual users. For instance, take a look at the stats of one of them:
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