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Bomb threat News

Bomb threat via Twitter-NORAD escorts 2 Atlanta bound jets

Atlanta - Delta Flight 1156 from Portland OR to Atlanta GA and Southwest Airlines Flight 2492 from Milwaukee WI to Atlanta were escorted by NORAD jets to Atlanta after a user named Zortic sent bomb threats to these airlines via Twitter.

Neurosurgeon finds out the hard way — No bomb jokes when flying

A Venezuelan neurosurgeon has learned the hard way that it's not nice to joke about bombs in an airport, ever. Dr. Manuel Alvarado has agreed to pay more than $89,000 for joking about a bomb in his luggage in October.

Bomb threat at SANRAL rounds off 2 anthrax scares this week

Johannesburg - A bomb threat was reported at the SA National Roads Agency Limited's (Sanral) operations centre in Samrand, near Midrand on Sunday.

Harvard evacuated over hoax 'explosives' on campus email threat

Cambridge - As students at Harvard, an Ivy League University, sat Examinations Monday morning police received an email warning of explosives on site. The bomb threat was taken seriously and an evacuation quickly took place.

Forced landing for plane suspected to have a bomb

Philadelphia - The FBI is investigating a phoned-in tip after a flight heading from Ireland was forced to land because of a hoax bomb threat.

Cairo — New York City flight diverted after bomb threat

A Cairo to New York flight was diverted by jet fighters and landed in the UK after a threatening note was found by a passenger aboard.

Princeton campus evacuated after bomb threat

Princeton University has been evacuated due to a bomb threat on "unspecified buildings" on the campus, according to News at Princeton.

Oregon man threatens bombing due to missing letter 'd' on signage

A man in Salem, Ore. appears upset about a sign outside the Teacher Standards and Practices Comm. office. He walked into the office today with a pressure cooker bomb, wires sticking out, and said he tried to blow the sign up because it was misspelled.

O'fallon, IL highschool put on lockdown due to threat of bomb Special

The Smiley Campus of the O'Fallon Township high school in O'fallon, IL was put on lockdown after police locate large quantities of bomb making materials in the home of a student.

Washington State student makes bomb threat to avoid assignment

It appears that a 15-year-old student in Spokane, Washington, planted a fake bomb threat in her high-school to avoid handing in a school assignment she hadn't completed. The girl was arrested Tuesday.

Church used for Newtown Shooting vigils receives a bomb threat

Newtown - A church in Newtown, which has been used for vigils in honor and memory of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary, had to be evacuated due to a bomb threat.

Seven killed in Nairobi explosion several wounded Special

Nairobi - An improvised explosive device (IED) that went off on board a minibus in Kenya’s capital Nairobi killed seven people injuring more than 30 others yesterday, the Kenya Red Cross said.

Boeing evacuates 500 over bomb threat on 9/11 anniversary

Ridley Park - Boeing has evacuated around 500 employees from its Pennsylvania plant after a bomb threat on Tuesday morning. The warning note was left in a bathroom.

Bomb threat diverts New York to Moscow Aeroflot flight

Reykjav - A Russian Aeroflot flight bound to Moscow from New York was diverted to Iceland following an anonymous call warning of a bomb.

Woman makes false bomb threat to get a break at work

A Florida woman is in trouble with authorities after making a fake bomb threat at her company which prompted the evacuation of 300 employees. She admits to making the threat in order to get a break at work.

Korean Airlines plane forced to land following bomb threat

A Korean airlines Boeing 777 was forced to make an emergency landing at a Canadian air force base following a bomb threat, the second in two days.

Eiffel Tower evacuated after bomb threat

Paris - The Eiffel Tower was evacuated today after a bomb threat was received from an anonymous caller and a suspicious package was found by police officers who were searching the iconic French landmark.

Greyhound bus gets hijacked along I-85

Raleigh - A Greyhound bus heading to Raleigh, NC from Richmond, VA along I-85 was hijacked by an armed passenger on Thursday evening.

Bomb threats on a number of UPS cargo jets (updated w/ video)

A bomb was reportedly suspected aboard a UPS cargo in the United Kingdom hidden inside an ink toner cartridge Thursday night which triggered other searches in the U.S. Friday.

Singapore Airlines forced to land in India due to bomb scare

A Singapore Airlines plane coming from Moscow on its way to Singapore has been forced to land in Kolkata City in eastern India due to bomb scare.

Updated: Eiffel tower bomb threat was a false alarm

Paris - A bomb alert in Paris has resulted in the Eiffel Tower and surrounding park areas being evacuated tonight by police local TV says.

Air France lands due to bomb threat

A flight from Rio to Paris made an unexpected landing in northeastern Brazil Saturday night after a bomb threat was received.

NORAD fighters escort jetliner into Vancouver airport

It is being reported that Canadian fighters were scrambled to escort a Cathay Pacific jetliner to a safe landing after there was a reported bomb scare on board.

Times Square evacuated

New York - Times Square in New York City has been evacuated after police what they believed to be a bomb in a sports utility vehicle. No explosion occurred.

U.K. man arrested for bomb hoax on Dubai flight at Heathrow

A United Kingdom passenger on an Emirates Airlines from Manchester to Dubai was arrested on Saturday for making a bomb threat to the stewardess.

Huge evacuation in Toronto over bomb threat

Police are evacuating thousands of people out of an area of northeast Scarborough, part of the Greater Toronto Area, over suspicion that a van parked next to a propane tank contains a bomb.

Grandmother Calls In Bomb Threat In San Antonio

A Texas grandmother has been accused of calling a bomb threat to a school that refused to let her visit her grandkids. The woman's daughter had not given the school permission for visits with her.

Bomb Threat Made At Los Angeles International Airport

The FBI has detained a man who allegedly made a bomb threat at Los Angeles International Airport Wednesday morning. It appears that it was a hoax at this time.

Bomb Threat At Barack Obama Campaign Offices

While the people of Indiana are voting in the Democratic primaries, authorities evacuated and searched three of Barack Obama's campaign offices today, after receiving bomb threats.

Woman Robs Peoria AZ. Bank With Bag of Potatoes

A woman walks into a Wells Fargo bank in Peoria Arizona, places two bags on the counter, told the bank teller she had a bomb and demanded money then took the money and left the bag behind. The bomb squad responded and found just a bag of potatoes.
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File photo: Delta jet taking off.
File photo: Delta jet taking off.
Adrian Pingstone
Police and bomb squad officers are searching the area
Police and bomb squad officers are searching the area
Screen grab Sky
Hundreds of visitors were evacuated off Liberty Island today.
Hundreds of visitors were evacuated off Liberty Island today.
Sky News
Liberty Island in New York Harbor was evacuated on Friday  April 24  2015  after officials received ...
Liberty Island in New York Harbor was evacuated on Friday, April 24, 2015, after officials received a bomb threat.
Breaking News 2015
King Zortic Twitter Bomb Threat to SW Airlines Screen Shot
King Zortic Twitter Bomb Threat to SW Airlines Screen Shot
Zortic screen shot
Zortic screen shot
Bomb threat is investigated at the Boeing plant in Ridley Park
Bomb threat is investigated at the Boeing plant in Ridley Park
Video screen capture

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