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Report: Co-pilot was flying AirAsia plane when crisis began

Jakarta - The co-pilot was at the controls when an AirAsia jetliner went out of control over southeast Asia in December, crashing into the Java Sea and killing all 162 people aboard, unnamed flight officials said.

Searchers stymied by weather in effort to recover AirAsia jet

Jakarta - Indonesia has temporarily suspended efforts to raise the main fuselage of AirAsia Flight 8501 from the floor of the Java Sea because of bad weather, but the difficult and emotionally draining work is expected to resume today.

At least 21 bodies pulled from Mexico mass grave

Chilpancingo - At least 21 bodies have been pulled from a mass grave in southern Mexico but authorities have yet to confirm whether they were among 43 missing students, an official said Sunday.

Bodies removed from MH17 crash site in Ukraine

Torez - Scores of bodies recovered at the crash site of Malaysian plane MH17 in Ukraine have been removed, an AFP reporter on the scene said on Sunday.

Pro-Russian rebels forcibly take MH17 bodies to unknown location

Ukrainian officials are reporting that armed pro-Russian rebels have forcibly removed bodies from the MH17 crash site and taken them to an undisclosed location.

12 bodies found in Massachusetts storage facility

Weymouth - Investigators discovered 12 bodies inside a Weymouth, MA storage facility. The search came as authorities continue their investigation into Joseph V. O'Donnell, a former funeral director who is charged with stealing thousands from an elderly couple.

Back-door cash for corpses at Madrid University

Madrid - In May, a scandal was uncovered involving hundreds of cadavers, piled up in a basement at the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain. The scene, resembling a "chamber of horrors" or an episode of "The Walking Dead," is an ongoing scandal it seems.

Death toll rises to 61 as searchers enter capsized ferry

Ansan - Divers recovered more than a dozen bodies Sunday from a sunken ferry believed to still contain more than 250 passengers, mostly South Korean high school students on vacation who died Wednesday when the boat they were riding in capsized in the Yellow Sea.

Restaurant lets you dine with dead bodies around you

Ahmedabad - There is a place in India that allows you to enjoy a meal among the deceased. The restaurant is located in Ahmedabad, and is called New Lucky Restaurant.

23 bodies found in search for missing agents in Jalisco, Mexico

In the continued search for two missing federal agents, Mexican officials have discovered 15 clandestine graves of which they have found 23 bodies and counting in Jalisco's La Barca municipality.

Three bodies found on Kansas farm, police searching for suspect

Ottawa - Police are investigating a farm 60 miles southwest of Kansas City after the bodies of a woman and two men were found on its premises.

Gruesome discovery made aboard grounded Korean boat

Nigata - Fishermen along the coast of Japan's Sado Island made a gruesome discovery on Wednesday, finding a wooden boat containing the decomposing bodies of at least five men washed ashore.

German mother accused of killing her five newborn babies

Flensburg - A 28-year old woman has been charged in Germany, with killing her five newborn babies after an infant's body was first discovered in 2006.

Bodies of 17 men found on Mexican farm

The identities of the naked and mutilated bodies of 17 slain men, have not been released. However, this is just a small fraction of other similar crimes Mexico is currently trying to get under control.

Four-year- old girl found hiding under bodies in France

Chevaline - A 4-year-old British girl was found huddled in the back of a car with the dead bodies of her family, immobilized with fear, for eight hours, as French police guarded the vehicle, unaware she was still alive.

49 bodies found on Mexican highway

On Sunday morning more than forty dead bodies were found along a highway in Mexico. The bodies were mutilated and decapitated.

11 found slain in Mexico

More than ten dead bodies were discovered in Western Mexico. The bodies were found mutilated and they were discovered on Wednesday.

23 bodies discovered in Mexico

More than 20 bodies were discovered in Nuevo Laredo. The dead bodies were found on Friday, and some of the bodies were decapitated.

Photos released of US soldiers posing with Afghan body parts

A U.S. soldier has released photos of soldiers posing with Afghan body parts. He released them to the Los Angeles Times to draw attention to the breakdown in leadership and discipline in the U.S. Army.

Remains of 167 people discovered in cave in Mexico

On Saturday, Mexican authorities released a statement saying that they have found the remains of 167 people in a cave in the state of Chiapas, southern Mexico.

Tip from psychic of mass grave likely false

Liberty - A tipster alerted local authorities in Liberty County, Texas today to a home they say housed dozens of dead bodies. The tip apparently came from a psychic. Officials are now saying that no bodies were found at the residence.

German police training vultures to help find dead bodies

German police are hoping that vultures will be able to help them fight crime - by locating corpses that humans and dogs are unable to find.

18 bodies found in Mexican mass grave after YouTube tip off

Acapulco - Police in Mexico have recovered 18 bodies from a mass grave amid an escalation in the bloody, drug related violence raging across the central American country.

Spanish police find bodies of two Britons at Tenerife complex

Los Cristianos - The badly decomposed bodies of two Britons have been found at an address in Tenerife. The bodies were found this morning after Spanish authorities were alerted of a smell by neighbours at the complex at Playa de Las Americas.

UK Police release images in effort to identify unclaimed bodies

Police hope artist’s drawings of people found dead on or near rail and Tube networks across the UK will help identify some of these people.

Bodies of former Romanian dictator Ceausescu and wife exhumed Special

Shot by a firing squad for "crimes against the state," Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu and wife Elena were later buried in a military cemetery in Bucharest, but the bodies have been exhumed for verification.

Ohio coroner's office cremates wrong toddler

Columbus - An Ohio Coroner's Office once again mixed up two bodies. Grieving parents, who had picked out a white tuxedo to bury their son were visited by the Coroner Sunday and given the devastating news "their baby boy had mistakenly been cremated."

Bizarre ways to dispose of a dead body Special

The economy is taking a toll on the dead as bodies stack up in morgues across the country. Many are going unclaimed by families who can't afford to bury or cremate their loved ones. One way we look back at a culture is how they dispose of their dead.

Bodies of AF447 pilot and steward identified

The bodies of the plane's pilot and a steward have been identified by investigation sources in Brazil. The BEA, the French authority in charge of the French end of the investigation, has yet to comment on this information.

Illegal Mining Update: 15 More Bodies Found in South Africa

The bodies of 15 more illegal miners have been brought to the surface at the unused Eland gold mine in Welkom, South Africa, bringing the death toll to 76. The bodies, found by legal miners, were brought to the surface.
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Entrance to the Body Farm- Security is a high priority at the Body Farm. Fences  padlocks  video sur...
Entrance to the Body Farm- Security is a high priority at the Body Farm. Fences, padlocks, video surveillance cameras, and police patrols safeguard the world’s only human-decomposition research facility.
University of Tennessee
Farm in Ottawa  KS.
Farm in Ottawa, KS.
A rescue worker uses sticks to mark the location where bodies have been found at the crash site of t...
A rescue worker uses sticks to mark the location where bodies have been found at the crash site of the Malaysian airliner, in Grabove, east Ukraine, on July 18, 2014
Dominique Faget, AFP
WRECKAGE: A salvage ship in the Java Sea carries the tail section of AirAsia Flight 8501 that crashe...
WRECKAGE: A salvage ship in the Java Sea carries the tail section of AirAsia Flight 8501 that crashed Dec. 28 on a flight from Indonesia to Singapore.
U.S. Navy/Wikimedia Commons
Exhumed bodies of some of the 21 000 victims of the Katyn Forest massacre.
Exhumed bodies of some of the 21,000 victims of the Katyn Forest massacre.
ALL APOLOGIES: AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes speaks at an airline fair in Singapore in 2008.
ALL APOLOGIES: AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes speaks at an airline fair in Singapore in 2008.
lastsham/Wikimedia Commons