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Blue light News

Blue light may have some benefits at night-time

Contrary to many other health studies, blue light may not be as disruptive to people's sleep patterns as previously thought. The researchers state that blue light should continue to be the light generated from devices as it is better than other colors.

Essential Science: Linking screen time and obesity together

New research suggests that too much screen time, for young people, is correlated with an increased consumption of sugary-foods and caffeine. This draws a connection between the use of devices and obesity.

Application of blue light to eliminate bacterial biofilms

An emerging, novel approach to control antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections is based on the use of light, in particular of blue wavelengths (400–470 nm). A new research paper of interest, concerning biofilm elimination by inducing oxidative stres

Blue light bathing could prevent organ damage

A new study has found exposing rodents to blue light for 24 hours prior to surgery helps to minimize the risk of the type of organ damage that can occur after an operation.

Developers of 'original night mode' app f.lux respond to iOS 9.3

A new feature in Apple's latest iOS update, iOS 9.3,made headlines this week. Night Mode automatically shifts the brightness and temperature of the display to reduce blue light at night. It is similar to established app f.lux, recently blocked on iOS.

Lack of morning light plays havoc with teens' sleeping habits

Teens may have a reason to complain about school starting too early: Lack of morning light exposure could be making teens exhausted.

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A toilet for supermarket customers uses very dim  blue lighting to deter heroin users from injecting...
A toilet for supermarket customers uses very dim, blue lighting to deter heroin users from injecting. The blue gloom makes veins hard to see.

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