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Texas lawyer files 'birther' case against Ted Cruz

Is Senator Ted Cruz eligible to be president? That is the question a Texas lawyer wants the courts to answer. Following Donald Trump's attacks on Cruz's Canadian birth, there is now a legal challenge underway.

'Birthers' want Roberts impeached if he swears in Obama

Members of the "birther movement" at the conservative website World Net Daily (, are suggesting that Chief Justice John Roberts should be impeached if he swears in President Barack Obama for a second term.

Op-Ed: The Obama 'birther' nonsense explained

Recently there has been another outburst of silliness from the 'birther' crowd, some of whom suspect, others of whom insist, that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii and is not eligible to be President of the United States. What is behind this?

State of Hawaii verifies Obama birth records

In response to a request by Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, the state of Hawaii has provided information pertaining to the birth of Barack Obama, “satisfying Arizona's requirements” for appearing on the November general election ballot.

U.S. 'birthers' suing Esquire

Two men have decided that the Hearst Corp. and a writer who writes for the company's Esquire Magazine should pay them millions of dollars. Why? The claim a satirical article made fun of their call to see President Obama's birth certificate.

Op-Ed: Donald Trump, The Great Fraud?

Donald Trump's "Birther" investigation seems to consist of invisible investigators and even more invisible evidence that Obama was not born in the U.S.

Trump sees Obama's birth certificate question resonate

Real estate baron Donald Trump, who has yet to officially announce his candidacy for US president, has become tethered to President Obama's birth certificate question and has found success with the topic.

Trump: Obama should show America his birth certificate

Speaking on ABC's popular daytime talk show, 'The View,' Donald Trump, likely vying for a Republican presidential nomination, said Obama should show America his birth certificate.

GOP candidate backed by Tea Party movement calls some “dumbasses”

The "birther" wing of the Tea Party were called "dumbasses" by Ken Buck, a Colorado GOP Senate candidate, who says they are "distracting" from his campaign.

New poll illustrates Republicans' deep disdain for Obama

A new poll by Daily Kos/Research 2000 shows that more than just disagreeing with the President's policies, actually seems to have issues with his personal beliefs.

Lou Dobbs: Questioning Obama’s birth certificate ‘common sense’

Former CNN host Lou Dobbs told Esquire magazine in an interview published Monday, that his attempts to question the validity of President Barack Obama's birth certificate were valid

Limbaugh 'Resting' at Hawaii Hospital of 'Birther' Controversy

After complaining of chest pains, Rush Limbaugh was taken to Queen's Hospital, a major health facility on the island of Oahu. The media waits for news about the health status of the famous talk show host.

Op-Ed: Let's All Get A Kenyan Birth Certificate

Do you have a Kenyan birth certificate? It's not hard to get one with the Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator. All it takes is a few minutes to fill out the details and you can be Kenyan or make a Birther's version of President Obama's birth document.

Op-Ed: Conspiracy Madness, Birthers Have Hit New Low

Barack Obama decisively won the 2008 presidential election last November, but that has not stopped a large contingent of Americans from continually insisting that the Hawaiian born President is not an American citizen.

Op-Ed: Happy Birthday, President and Citizen Obama

Today is President Barack Obama's 48th birthday. For some Americans, however, it is not Barack Obama's birthday that is somehow still relevant but whether or not Obama's birth certificate is authentic.

The leaders behind the 'birther' movement

The Internet has been the site of a group that would like to throw the current president of the United States out of office for not being born in the USA. The group has been dubbed the 'birthers.' But who are they and why are they spreading lies?

Op-Ed: Is the Republican Party a Troubled Asset?

It was the 1960’s. John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon debated on television. These were two gentlemen statesmen, each with a point of view, Democrat and Republican. Neither thought the other doomed to hell. How has one become a troubled asset?

Op-Ed: The Bigotry of the Birthers

There is one absolute reason why the "birthers" should be considered bigots and not inquisitive Americans seeking to answer unanswered questions about President Obama's birth certificate.

Op-Ed: Message To Medved: Birthers Are Not Pathetic Losers

The other day I was listening to Michael Medved ranting against "birthers" , those individuals who question Barack Obama's eligibility to serve as president of the United States because of the lack of evidence that he is a natural born American citizen.

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