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Birth certificate News

Major birth certificate application data exposure Special

Some 750,000 birth certificates in the U.S. have been exposed due to a data breach. In response to the extensive birth certificate application exposure, security expert Robert Prigge, CEO of Jumio looks at the root cause and implications.

Irish law allows transgenders to get updated birth certificate

Ireland has passed a new law and it allows transgender people to obtain a birth certificate that reflects their preferred gender. It will also be legally recognized.

Germany set to allow 'third gender' option on birth certificates

German parents will no longer be required to identify their newborn's gender as male or female on their birth certificate.

Woman required to prove gender due to a birth certificate error

Atlanta - A woman in Georgia was recently required to undergo a gender examination in order to prove that she was female so that she could get her driver's license. Her birth certificate erroneously stated that she was born a male.

Op-Ed: The Obama 'birther' nonsense explained

Recently there has been another outburst of silliness from the 'birther' crowd, some of whom suspect, others of whom insist, that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii and is not eligible to be President of the United States. What is behind this?

Op-Ed: Was Barack Obama born in Mombasa, Kenya?

Mombasa - There has been much controversy about Obama's birth certificate ever since he was first elected. People have said that the birth certificate he held was counterfeit.

Joe Arpaio: 'Obama's birth certificate is computer forgery'

Phoenix - Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, has said that evidence from investigations suggests that Obama's birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery. Arpaio also said that Obama's Selective Service registration card was also likely forged.

Op-Ed: The final word on Obama's birth certificate

An article about the manufactured controversy over the Obama birth certificate which explains how it is now being perpetuated by people who have a poor grasp of photography and computer graphics as much as by conspiracy theorists.

Donald Trump will not pursue the Presidency

After several months of "testing the waters" Donald Trump has decided not to run for the Presidency in 2012, ending speculation the controversial businessman's participation in next year's election.

Web extremism fuels debate on bin Laden photos

Along a highway in Arizona in 2010, a caravan of cars parked along an encampment marked with signs calling for separatism from the government, as US agencies and watch groups worry about the growing extremism in America, fueled by the Internet.

The politics of Donald Trump featured in Slate breakfast event Special

Washington - At a breakfast event kicking off the White House Correspondents Dinner and hosted by Slate, John Dickerson and Jacob Weisberg explored the reason behind the politics of Donald Trump.

TopFinds: Royal Wedding fever, Obama's birth certificate drama

The Royal Wedding of Kate and William capture the world's attention. President Obama releases his long-form birth certificate to quell "birther" controversies. Flooding strikes northwest Arkansas. These are the top stories from across the world.

Op-Ed: Obama and Trumping the race card

Is the birther issue over? Not hardly. People will still question him. And that will play into the hands of Barack Obama's reelection campaign.

White House releases Obama's long form birth certificate

It would seem that the White House releasing President Barack Obama's long form birth certificate would be enough to end the controversy but that is not the case.

Hawaiian senator: Obama's true birth father may be 'real issue'

With the talk around President Obama's birth certificate elevated most recently by potential Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, Hawaiian Republican Sam Slom says 'the real issue' may be Obama's true birth father.

Op-Ed: Media aids Trump potential 'American Idol' win of Presidency

Donald Trump, who created the Apprentice where verbal abuse is part of audience satisfaction, is considering running for President, aided and abetted by the media, in a fashion that could create a potential "American Idol" win.

Donald Trump tied for GOP lead, birth certificate issue explored

A new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll reflects a tie among potential Republican presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump, with Trump's popularity riding on President Obama's birth certificate issue.

Obama's birth certificate questions center on Hawaiian forms

With Donald Trump making renewed noise on President Obama's birth certificate and the legitimacy of the Obama presidency, questions have arisen on the birth documents commonly issued by Hawaii.

Trump sees Obama's birth certificate question resonate

Real estate baron Donald Trump, who has yet to officially announce his candidacy for US president, has become tethered to President Obama's birth certificate question and has found success with the topic.

Trump: Obama should show America his birth certificate

Speaking on ABC's popular daytime talk show, 'The View,' Donald Trump, likely vying for a Republican presidential nomination, said Obama should show America his birth certificate.

New revelation rekindles Obama birth certificate controversy Special

The issue of "is he or is he not" a natural born citizen, is coming up again for President Barack Obama. In a conversation with author and investigative reporter Dr. Jerome Corsi the signed affidavit from Tim Adams was among the issues discussed.

Hawaii cites privacy laws in not releasing Obama birth records

After a public inquiry by Hawaii's Democratic Governor Neil Abercrombie to release President Obama's birth certificate, Hawaii's attorney general says the records are protected under state privacy laws.

Arizona House requires Barack Obama birth certificate for 2012

Phoenix - The House in the state of Arizona approved a provision that would require President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate if he wants to be on the state's Presidential ballot for 2012.

Defiance at Congressman Castle's town hall on Obama birth records

At Congressman Castle's town hall meeting, the audience becomes defiant over the question of President Obama's birth certificate and his validity as a U.S. president.

Elsie Aslett Is Four Days Younger Than She Thought

For 99 years Elsie Aslett has been celebrating her birthday on the wrong day. She discovered the error when her family asked her to receive a telegram from Queen Elizabeth.

What About Obama’s Grandmothers?

Barack Obama will visit Hawaii in December to honor his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who died on Nov 2 in Honolulu at 86 after a long illness. No plans for Dunham's funeral or memorial service have been announced.

When Daddy Is Mommy What Goes On The Birth Certificate?

In a few weeks transgender Thomas Beatie is due to deliver his and his wife's child. While Beatie is legally listed as a man he will be on the birth certificate as the mother of the little tyke that pops out. Talk about a kid with built in issues.

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This document looked at by did not have the certificate number redacted; It is clearly...
This document looked at by did not have the certificate number redacted; It is clearly 151 1961 - 010641.
President Obama s Long Form Birth Certificate.
President Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate.
White House
Donald and Don Trump in  The Celebrity Apprentice:  Season 3.
Donald and Don Trump in 'The Celebrity Apprentice:' Season 3.
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