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Luxury items up for grabs at ousted Ben Ali's auction

Gammarth - Some of the worldly goods of ousted Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali are on auction to raise money for the state coffers. Super-cars, solid gold statues and extravagant jewelry owned by Leila Trabelsi are under the hammer.

Op-Ed: Tunisia, radical Islam, the curse and the blessing

The Tunisian revolution represents both a curse and a blessing to radical Islamic groups and leaders, and although the prospect of more democratic Arab countries is anathema to them, they also know that the current chaos may offer them an opportunity.

Tunisian army storms presidential palace

Tunisian army units have launched an assault on the Presidential Palace of Carthage near Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi has said that there will be "no tolerance" towards those who "sow chaos" in the country.

Video: Killings and chaos continue as Tunisia settles scores

Speculation along the lines of "which Arab country will be next" is rife following the events which led to the fall of Tunisian president Ben Ali, but the ongoing violence and confusion in Tunisia means that it is too early to know what will happen.

Op-Ed: The lessons from Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution

Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution is the first of its kind: the toppling of an autocrat in the Arab world who was till the end backed by Western powers. What now remains to be seen is if unrest in this Maghreb country will spread across the Middle East.

Reports - Tunisian President Ben Ali is in Saudi Arabia

Tunisian President Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali, who was forced to flee his country under pressure from riots today, is now reported to be in Saudia Arabia. His future intentions are as yet unclear.

Reports: Tunisian President Ben Ali has fled the country

Tunisian President Ben Ali has fled the country amid chaotic scenes of rioting in the capital Tunis. Other reports say that the international airport at Tunis and Tunisian airspace have been closed. An interim government has been formed.

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