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Beetles News

How female burying beetles stop males wanting sex

Bonn - The female burying beetle ensures, that once she has given birth, the attention of the male beetle is not on sex but on looking after the young and the next. This is through spraying a chemical.

Gut bacteria provide coffee berry borers with super-resistance

New York - Scientists have worked out why coffee berry borers manage to cause so much damage to coffee plants around the world, despite being exposed to high levels of caffeine that would ordinarily be toxic. The answer is bacteria.

Southern pines in U.S. doing better than expected

Atlanta - In the U.S., Southern tree farmers have been worried about a spate of unexpected pine tree deaths. University researchers have concluded that the rate of decline will slowdown and that farmers have little to worry about.

Germany turns military bases into 77,000 acre wildlife sanctuary

Where once there was war, there shall now be nature. The German government has announced plans to turn 62 defunct military bases west of the Iron Curtain into nature reserves for wildlife, including eagles, bats, woodpeckers, and beetles.

New insight into how bombardier beetles attack

By deploying advanced super-speed X-ray videos, scientists have revealed how bombardier beetles use and fire their toxic sprays.

Benefits of birds at coffee plantations revealed

Pest control rainforest birds provide a considerable benefit to agriculture, according to a new study. The study has looked at coffee plantations.

Asian Lady Beetles running riot in Europe and the U.S.

Asian Lady Beetle populations are increasing uncontrollably in many parts of the world. The irony is that this 'pest' was artificially introduced as a 'pest control' measure.

Size Does Matter in Sexual Selection

It is an age old debate: does size matter in sexual selection? There is no new light shed in relation to the human male. However, there has been some interesting new research been published about beetles.

Invasive Beetle Threatens Florida's Avocados

If the Redbay Ambrosia beetle spreads to southeast Florida the insects may severely affect the production of avocados -- a $15 million to $30 million industry in the state.

Herbal Tea is Good For You and Pine Trees, Too

A cup of herbal tea a day will keep lodgepole pine tree-eating beetles away. Not exactly, but almost. Instead of pouring brewed tea around the bases of pines, scientists are giving the trees liberal doses of ground tea leaves.

Beetles Make Up One Quarter of All Species, Their Origins Reveals Biodiversity Clues

Pit a beetle against an elephant and the outcome is a foregone conclusion. But pit a beetle against a dinosaur and you're in for a story about what happened. But it's kind of lengthy.

Dutch customs find beetles stuffed with cocaine

Dutch customs officers found 100 dead beetles stuffed with cocaine whilst examining a parcel from Peru, Dutch authorities said on Thursday. Proof that they will hide drugs in anything.

Boxing beetles face off in Tokyo tournament

Beetle boxing is apparently a favorite pasttime in Tokyo. many young men are trying to groom the next Rocky Balbeetle. They catch Rhino beetles, with big horns, and put them in the ring.

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Asian Lady Beetle Harmonia axyridis
Asian Lady Beetle Harmonia axyridis
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