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Beatles News

Colts owner Irsay buys Beatle Ringo Starr's drum kit for $1.75M

Indianapolis - He may not be able to buy love, but Indianapolis Colt's owner Jim Irsay did buy former Beatle Ringo Starr's drum kit. Now, John, Paul, George, and Ringo are reunited — or at least their instruments are, anyway.

Man sings Beatles' Yesterday, plays guitar during brain operation

An amazing video has surfaced on the web of a Brazilian man playing guitar and singing the Beatles' song "Yesterday," while undergoing brain surgery.

Op-Ed: Russian literature won’t save Putin

A narrative gaining wide currency is that Vladimir Putin will survive because he is a symbol of the nation’s beloved literature. At first glance this view shorts Russian music, ballet, et al.

Video of father singing 'Blackbird' to dying newborn goes viral

Loma Linda - A deeply touching video shows a father singing Paul McCartney's song "Blackbird" to his dying newborn son a few days after his wife and mother of the baby died in childbirth.

Paul McCartney to fully recover from virus

Sir Paul McCartney, singer for The Beatles, Wings and a solo artist, is expected to fully recover from a virus that caused him to cancel some tour dates.

Dentist hopes to create John Lennon clone from his tooth

Talk about generating instant karma by making a mockup starting with a musician's molar. That's the objective of a Canadian dentist who wants to clone John Lennon from a tooth he purchased at an auction.

Early George Harrison guitar leads Beatles memorabilia auction

An electric guitar played by George Harrison on British television prior to the Beatles' "invasion" of the United States will go on the auction block along with a rare album cover signed by the Fab Four, Julien's Auctions said on Monday.

After 50 years, Beatlemania rocks Washington anew

Washington - Beatlemania returned to Washington on Tuesday when the Fab Four's earliest hits once again echoed through the venue where they played their first concert on US soil 50 years earlier.Instead of screaming teenagers, the rather more adult sell-out crowd o...

Marshall Tucker Band's logo praised as iconic artist brand

The legendary southern rock group Marshall Tucker Band's logo has been praised as an iconic artist brand, according to a recent edition of Grammy Magazine.

Review: It was 50 years ago today — The Beatles U.S. reissues on CD Special

Fifty years have passed since The Beatles invaded U.S. shores and changed the world. To celebrate, Capitol Records has released versions of the Fab Four's albums which were never before issued on CD.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to perform at the Grammys

Los Angeles - The Recording Academy has announced that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will each perform at the Grammy Awards January 26 in Los Angeles.

Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr slated for Grammy performance

The Grammys have announced that two Beatles will be on hand at the upcoming award show on Jan. 26. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are in.

George Harrison's sister lives broke and alone despite his wealth

Branson - The 82-year-old sister of George Harrison lives by herself in a prefabricated home, managing a Beatles tribute band, barely making ends meet.

Sweden to celebrate 50th anniversary of Beatles' visit (video)

Karlstad - 50 years ago, the Beatles hit Sweden for their first-ever gig outside the UK. At the time, it was dubbed an "amateur jig". 50 years later, the town will celebrate the anniversary in full Beatlemania form.

Spanish film on Beatlemania in Franco era wows film festival

San Sebastian - Based on a true story and set in the Franco dictatorship era, a Spanish "Beatlemania" film stunned critics at the San Sebastián film festival in Spain. It tells the tale of how the British band's songs inspired one ordinary Spaniard during hard times.

Emmys to link Beatles and JFK assassination coverage

Los Angeles - As the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy nears, there will be a plethora of events, including TV specials.

Review: The Beatles 'Help!' is now available on Blu-ray Special

Fans have waited a long time for the Beatles much-heralded sophomore film outing to get the Blu-ray treatment. The exceptional quality of the print is proof that this was something worth waiting for.

Watch toddler play Beatles' classic 'Don't Let Me Down' with dad

Watch this father and son do a cover of the classic 1969 Beatles love song "Don't Let Me down" by John Lennon, recorded on 28 January and released on the B-side of the single "Get Back" on 11 April, 1969.

Op-Ed: McCartney mistaken for a busker

New Orleans - How could anyone possibly mistake former Beatles frontman Paul McCartney for a busker? Unless, he's an unsuspecting passenger on a New Orleans streetcar, sits down, opens his guitar case and belts out a few Beatles tunes, one would never guess.

The Beatles and Elvis, the top forged autographs in 2012

According to research by memorabilia authenticators PSA/DNA, the most popular forged autographs, sold by scammers in 2012, were of the Fab Four and Elvis Presley.

Remembering George Harrison

George Harrison died eleven years ago today at the relatively young age of 58. His legacy, which extends far beyond music, is stronger than ever.

Magic and mystery, as Fab Four documentary hits UK TV screens

Previously unseen film of the Beatles eating Britain’s favourite takeout – fish and chips – is to feature in a new documentary on the Fab Four to be shown on the BBC.

The other Diamond Jubilee — The UK Singles Chart

The Queen may be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee today, but there is another later this year, when the official UK Singles Chart reaches its glorious sixtieth.

Ringo Starr and Dave Stewart working on film musical

Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart are currently working on a musical film called Hole in the Fence, which is based on an original concept by the two musicians.

The Beatles 2 — Will they all 'come together' and 'let it be'?

Liverpool - The Beatle babies are planning to out-do their legendary fathers as 'The Beatles 2'. McCartney, Lennon and Harrison are in. They just need to persuade Starr.

Barack Obama ‘singing’ LMFAO’s ‘Sexy And I Know It’ goes viral

A YouTube video that shows the US President Barack Obama “singing” one of LMFAO’s hit songs, “Sexy And I Know It”, has gone viral in just a few days.

Lennon and McCartney's childhood homes given protected status

Liverpool - The childhood homes of the former Beatles John Lennon and Paul McCartney have been given “listed” status in the UK. This status protects them from demolition and ensures that their original character will be preserved.

The Martin Scorsese documentary about George Harrison

The Martin Scorsese documentary about the life of George Harrison is currently available on BBC iplayer; although thoroughly comprehensive, it has a couple of interesting desiderata.

Op-Ed: The quiet Beatle — New documentary about George Harrison

London - George Harrison died ten years ago this month; a new documentary which includes much unseen archive material has been produced with the help of his second wife and widow, Olivia.

Canadian dentist buys John Lennon's tooth for $31,000

Stockport - A tooth belonging to former Beatle John Lennon, described as 'gruesome, yellowy-brown, with a cavity,' was purchased by a Canadian dentist for a record £19,500 (US $31,000) at an auction Saturday in the U.K.
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Beatles Image

The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9  1964.
The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964.
Capitol Photo Archives
Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney
20 Forthlin Road  the childhood home of Paul McCartney.
20 Forthlin Road, the childhood home of Paul McCartney.
Jack / Wikipedia
Film publicity image
Beatlemania: The Fab Four received a tumultuous welcome when they arrived at John F. Kennedy Interna...
Beatlemania: The Fab Four received a tumultuous welcome when they arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport in 1964 (left to right: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr)
Creative Commons
A music store waiting for customers to buy CD s.
A music store waiting for customers to buy CD's.
Digital Journal
The Beatles: Music and film is widely available at bookstores throughout North America.
The Beatles: Music and film is widely available at bookstores throughout North America.
The Beatles wave to fans after arriving at Kennedy Airport on February 07  1964.
The Beatles wave to fans after arriving at Kennedy Airport on February 07, 1964.
The Beatles (clockwise from top left: John Lennon  Paul McCartney  Ringo Starr and George Harrison)
The Beatles (clockwise from top left: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison)
Creative Commons
Mr Dias playing guitar and singing during his brain surgery
Mr Dias playing guitar and singing during his brain surgery
The Guardian Youtube screengrap