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Beating News

Video of CA cops beating homeless man to death shown in court

Almost a year ago, 2 California police officers beat a 37-year-old homeless man, Kelly Thomas to death. Now video footage of the brutal attack has been revealed in court.

Video: Chicago gang shouting racial slurs attacks Asian teen

Chicago - Police have made arrests in the case of a 17-year-old Asian boy beaten by a gang of six attackers while another filmed the attack. The footage of the attack posted on YouTube helped the police in their investigation.

7 teens charged with beating girl on school bus

Ocala - A group of central Florida teenagers were arrested after authorities say they beat a 13-year-old girl so bad that she became unconscious.

Op-Ed: Yonge Street video attack - teens charged

Toronto - A savage beating on the downtown streets of Toronto seems to have been a premeditated attack, as the victim was beaten as those behind the camera called some of the shots. If this is real, this is bad.

Video of vicious beating in McDonald's goes viral

Greenwich - A YouTube video showing a McDonald's cashier beating two female customers with a rod has gone viral and made headlines around the world.

Father admits he beat, burned son before pushing him into an oven

New York - The Staten Island District Attorney calls the acts of brutality that 53-year old James Moss is accused of committing against his son one of the most shocking and sadistic cases of child abuse he has ever prosecuted.

Cadet sues Patti LaBelle, bodyguards for alleged beating

An athlete from Houston, Texas, says that he was attacked by guards for Patti LaBelle, and now is suing the singer over the incident.

Man preying on mental health patients in Toronto community Special

Toronto - Is one man responsible for beatings in one Toronto community? Since January 4 six people, some with mental health issues, have been beaten by a suspect that has covered his face. The latest attack took place yesterday.

Mother sentenced for starving and beating children

Adelaide - An Australian woman was sentenced to spend at least three years and three months in jail after being found guilty of beating and starving five of her eight children.

Pakistani lynch mob killing boys in public sparks outrage (video)

A video of two young brothers being beaten by a lynch mob in Pakistan has outraged the country and provoked police to arrest several suspects. The boys were beaten to death for apparently taking part in an armed robbery.

Serb's trial for alleged brutal beating of Brooklyn man begins

Binghamton - A trial starts Monday in Serbia against a hulking former Binghamton University basketball player accused of beating a Brooklyn student into a coma.

Cops Used Taser on Man's Genitals, Buttocks

Boise - This was not just a case of an Officer using “rough” language to get the Complainant’s attention. He punctuated his offensive speech language by pushing the Taser between the Complainant’s buttocks, anal and genital areas.

Op-Ed: Police brutality at its finest

Baltimore - Three police officers brutally attacked an unarmed, defenseless college student after a college basketball game. One officer has been suspended, and as soon as the other two officers are identified, they too will follow their comrade in disgrace.

Brutal beating on school bus caught on surveillance tape

Police indicate that the beating of student while on a school bus in Belleview, Il. could be "racially motivated." The surveillance footage of the incident is being reviewed and the police are continuing their investigation.

Teens who beat young girl unconscious see their day in court

After posting the horrific beating of a young cheerleader on YouTube last spring, those charged in the case are finally getting their day in court. Two were sentenced this week, while the remaining three will be sentenced later this month.

Neighbourhood Vigilantes Gloat Online

Alleged vigilantes gloated on line about the 'lynch-mob' style beating given to a suspected car thief. The incident was posted online with some of the people involved boldly and proudly discussing what happened at a New Year's house party.

1001 Uses For That Giant Candy Cane: Man Fends Off Knife Attacker

Its the holidays and people tend to indulge in a bit more egg nog than they should. In California, one man used the lawn decoration version of a holiday confection to defend himself and others against a neighbour who was attacking guests with a knife.

Anchorwoman Anne Pressly Died Saturday

Arkansas television anchorwoman Anne Pressly has died from injuries after being beaten in her home. The 26-year-old was found Monday morning by her mother when she didn't answer a wake-up call.

Four Officers In Philadelphia Beating Will Be Fired, According To Mayor

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has weighed in on the situation of the beating of three African-Americans at the hands of over a dozen police officers.

Philadelphia Police Brutality Not Race-Based, Officials Insist

"We certainly are concerned about what we saw on the tape. The matter is being taken very seriously, even though emotions run very high in our department right now, because we just had our third officer killed in the last two years."

Ringleader In Racially Charged Baltimore Bus Beating Jailed

"She could have led other students to stay on the bus. She was vice president of the student government," Circuit Judge David Young said. "In my heart, based on my belief and my experience, the next person who argues with her may be a homicide victim."

Doctor Faces Suspension After Beating A Paramedic Into A Coma

It is one of the most shocking crimes to hit the medical world in recent years. A doctor has found himself this week suspended from practise for only 12 months after he mindlessly beat a paramedic into a coma

Hispanic Princeton Student Beaten Unconscious Because of His Conservative Views

Francisco Nava, a junior politics major from Texas, reported that he was beaten up and left unconscious a couple of miles from campus, by two men dressed in black. This attack, reported in the university newspaper, has riled fellow conservative students.

Saudi Marriage Expert Advises Men in 'Right Way' to Beat Their Wives

A Saudi marriage expert gives advices to young Muslim men on how to treat their wives. He said beat them if necessary, beat them light with a tooth pick and don't beat them hard and damage their faces.

Boy Beaten With a 2 x 4 for Slow Homework Completion

A Fairfield, CT man is being held on $750,000 bond after he bound and beat his 13 year old son with a 2 x 4. His torture-type punishment was the result of his slow completion of his homework assignments.

5 Women Accused Of Beating Victim, Bragging On Facebook

Police said five women, four of them Ball State University students, brutally attacked and Ivy Tech student and then bragged about it in Facebook. Their comments in Facebook helped the victim to identity them.

Former Inmate Granted $500,000 in Beating Settlement

A Connecticut state inmate who filed a lawsuit alleging that he was severely beaten by prison guards for waging a complaint on the guards' excessive force toward other prisoners has been settled.

High School Security Guard Beat Girl Over Dropped Cake

A birthday celebration in the lunchroom of an East Palmdale high school turned into mayhem when one of the celebrants accidentally dropped a piece of birthday cake. The slipup earned the girl a broken wrist.

Two different crime scenes + one family = one big mystery

Monday Leela Dhanak was found badly beaten, laying unconscious in a yard when authorities responded to a fire at her home. Tuesday her daughter was found 20 miles away, burned along with another victim that has not been identified yet.

UPDATE: Boy, 10, guilty in beating of homeless Army vet

A 10 year old boy along with his friends beat up a homeless Army vet who had to undergo numerous operations and reconstructive surgery.
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A still from a YouTube video reportedly showing Syrian forces beating a rebel soldier
A still from a YouTube video reportedly showing Syrian forces beating a rebel soldier
YouTube screenshot
YouTube Screenshot
A doctor in Russia brutally attacked a heart surgery patient  causing him to die.
A doctor in Russia brutally attacked a heart surgery patient, causing him to die.
Screenshot from video
toronto beatinig
toronto beatinig
screen grab
A man  alleged to be Shane Myburgh  pretends to be a bouncer and beats up patrons in a bar.  The CCT...
A man, alleged to be Shane Myburgh, pretends to be a bouncer and beats up patrons in a bar. The CCTV video went viral.
Aerial view of Binghamton University in the summer.
Aerial view of Binghamton University in the summer.

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