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Bear News

Italians cheer on wild bear's 'Great Escape'

Rome - Italian animal lovers cheered on a wild bear Tuesday after a daring escape from an electrified holding pen sparked a bear-hunt and a furore over its fate.

Polar bear shot dead after wounding cruise ship worker

Oslo - A polar bear was shot dead after attacking a German cruise ship worker on Norway's Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, the authorities said Sunday.The unnamed man in his 40's suffered head injuries shortly after landing on Spitzbergen island.

Rumble in the jungle: mother bear fights off Indian tiger

New Delhi - Tourists on a wildlife safari in central India were treated to a rare and vicious fight for survival between a sloth bear defending its young and a huge Bengal tiger.

After Knut, meet Fritz, the polar bear melting German hearts

Berlin - Move over Knut, there's a new uber-cute polar bear in town. Meet Fritz, the three-month-old ball of fluff that a Berlin zoo is hoping will capture hearts around the world.

Albania seeks to liberate chained bears

Tirana - The two five-year-old Albanian bears carry physical and mental scars from their days of mistreatment and captivity -- Pashuk has marks from the tight chain on his neck, while Tomi is an alcoholic.

Bear kills cyclist near Glacier National Park

Police have reported that a grizzly bear attacked and killed a cyclist close to the Glacier National Park, located in Montana.

Japanese man loses finger in latest bear attack

Toukyo - A Japanese man lost his little finger after being attacked by a bear in western Japan on Wednesday, police and reports said, the latest attack by the animals on humans.

Japan bamboo-pickers defy bear attack warning despite deaths

Toukyo - Residents seeking seasonal bamboo shoots in northern Japan are ignoring warnings to avoid a mountain despite four deaths from apparent bear attacks, officials said.

Japan police find fourth victim of suspected bear attacks

Toukyo - The body of a fourth victim suspected of being killed by a bear in the past three weeks was found in a forest in northern Japan on Friday, reports said.

Realistic undercover robot animals help officials snare poachers

Wildlife officials have a new breed of undercover agents: Robotic animals that are more than just taxidermy specimens. These animals are actually so realistic they are used to snare poachers all across the U.S.

Bear strolls through Montana high school, becomes media sensation

Bozeman - It sounds like the beginning of a joke: "A black bear strolled into a high school..." but it's no joke. It actually happened — at a high school in Montana. The bruin ambled around Bozeman High School around 7:30 a.m. before leaving on its own.

Black bear with blue head spotted in Canada

Mission City - Recently, a black bear was spotted in Mission, B.C., but it didn't look like your average bear. This is because it was sporting a blue head.

Moon bears rescued from bile farms in Vietnam

Hoan Kiem - Freed from captivity in tiny metal cages, seven long-suffering Asiatic moon bears have been rescued on bile farms in northern Vietnam, as efforts to end the illegal trade are boosted.

This is Google's patent for a creepy, watching smart teddy bear

It has emerged that Google has filed a patent for a "smart teddy bear" that could listen to your conversations, watch your movements and control media devices. It would have built-in speakers, cameras and microphones but Google's intentions are not clear.

Swedish man's roar scares off charging bear

What should you do when faced with a charging bear? Most of us would either freeze or run, but one hunter from Sweden had another idea in mind.

People warned to not take 'bear selfies'

South Lake Tahoe - Officials that are in charge of maintaining the Taylor Creek Visitor Center in South Lake Tahoe has warned people to stop taking selfies with bears.

VIDEO: Bear seeks refuge from heat in California swimming pool

Sierra Madre - As thousands of residents in southern California attempt to escape the stifling heat plaguing the area, wildlife are also seeking refuge from the triple digit temperatures, prompting a bear to take a dip in one neighborhood pool.

VIDEO: Bear turns lifeguard, saves drowning crow

Budapest - Its not often you see a grizzly bear appear to act out a scene from the popular television show Baywatch, but that is exactly what visitors at the Budapest Zoo witnessed recently.

Logger saves real life Winnie the Pooh trapped in milk can

Rice Lake - In what looks like a real life version of the classic arcade game, Crane Game, a lumberjack in Wisconsin rescues a real life Winnie the Pooh who manages to get his head stuck in the proverbial honey jar.

Alberta bears hit the big time, globally, after video goes viral

Edmonton - Videos go viral for many reasons but footage of grizzly bears in Alberta became an unlikely global sensation, after Glenn Naylor, 58, an Alberta Parks officer, uploaded 'What goes on when you are not around'.

Bear gallbladder prevents diabetes

A chemical extracted from the gallbladder of a bear stops a cellular stress response and stalls the progression of type-1 diabetes in mice.

80-year-old man fights bear, falls off cliff and survives

An 80-year-old shepherd headbutted and kicked a bear, which ended up tossing him off of a cliff, and survived the ordeal.

Siberian bear breaks into Russian dacha to feast on borsch

Irkutsk - A Russian couple hid in an outside bath house for several hours on Friday, Oct. 4 after a bear broke into their home and ate the borsch - beetroot soup - they had just made. The bear was attracted to the home by the delicious aromas from the cooling soup.

Video: Bear calmly pushes trash can of food away from restaurant

Colorado Springs - An enterprising black bear has been caught on CCTV video, calmly helping himself to a trash bin full of food behind a restaurant in Colorado Springs.

Bear gets its head stuck in a jar for 11 days

Jamison - Four Pennsylvania residents teamed up and attempted to free a bear that has its head stuck in a plastic jar of cooking oil for at least 11 days.

'Bearjacked': Watch a bear break into a pickup truck (Video)

People usually have to worry about other humans breaking into vehicles, but one neighborhood is on the watch for a bear hitting up cars and trucks.

Man fights off bear, walks away with only minor injuries

An Alaskan man, who was with his family, ended up walking away with only minor injuries after he got into a hands-on scuffle with the animal.

DNA tests show Russian 'yeti' to be American bear

A "yeti" that was reportedly sighted on several occasions in the Mount Shoria region of southern Russia has been determined through DNA tests to be an American bear that probably escaped from a circus.

Lions, tigers and bears — Oh my, they're 'brothers'

Locust Grove - A new email about an old story is making its rounds through cyberspace, chronicling the story of Leo the lion, Shere Khan the tiger and Baloo the bear.

Video: Watch 'The Bear Meets Nishanto'

This video shows a home-owner, a lady, fearlessly shooing a large black bear she encounters climbing onto her porch. This is not the first time the bear has visited the house but it is the first time home-owner and bear meet.
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Bear Image

Schnute and Maxi  the official Berliner bears.
Schnute and Maxi, the official Berliner bears.
Pic taken by me  a Bear on a tree at Guwahati Zoo  Assam  India.
Pic taken by me, a Bear on a tree at Guwahati Zoo, Assam, India.
Polar bear in Svalbard area.
Polar bear in Svalbard area.
Northern Bird 8
Knut being attacked by one of the older females
Knut being attacked by one of the older females
CBS video screengrab
Anna Faris on the set with Boo Boo
Anna Faris on the set with Boo Boo
Warner Bros
Schnute and Maxi  the official Berliner bears.
Schnute and Maxi, the official Berliner bears.
Black bear
Black bear
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
John Chelminiak is recovering from a  horrendous fight  with black bear
John Chelminiak is recovering from a "horrendous fight" with black bear
Seattle Times screengrab
Schmute and Maxi  the official Berliner bears.
Schmute and Maxi, the official Berliner bears.
Yogi Bear shows off his many skills in  Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear shows off his many skills in 'Yogi Bear'
Warner Bros
Drew Avery
A black bear takes a swim in a Granada Hills pool
A black bear takes a swim in a Granada Hills pool
Screen Capture
Google s patent filing for a  smart  internet-connected teddy bear
Google's patent filing for a "smart" internet-connected teddy bear
Google patent via BBC
 Willempie   who has more jumps than most paratroops under his belt  is now in 1 Parachute Battalion...
"Willempie", who has more jumps than most paratroops under his belt, is now in 1 Parachute Battalion's museum.
Schnute and Maxi  the official Berliner bears.
Schnute and Maxi, the official Berliner bears.
Circus from Moncton  NB comes to Lower Sackville  NS
Circus from Moncton, NB comes to Lower Sackville, NS
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Defenders of Wildlife

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