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Bank of England News

U.K. vegans and vegetarians outraged over animal fat banknotes

Vegans and vegetarians in the U.K. are outraged after learning this week that the new five pound banknotes that have been in circulation for the past two months contain animal fat.

Op-Ed: Bank of England says assets at risk from global warming

London - When environmentalists or oil lobbies say something about global warming, you know what to expect. When a bank says “disaster,” however, people listen. The Bank of England says the financial and insurance risks are extreme.

Op-Ed: What would happen if the UK National Debt were cancelled?

London - What would happen if the United Kingdom were to default on its National Debt? Some people would like us to believe the sky would fall.

Op-Ed: Claims UK jobless total is falling sparks interest rate rise fear

London - News that unemployment in the UK is apparently falling is a mixed blessing. The Office of National Statistics, ONS, reports the jobless rate is down for the third quarter in a row to 7.6 percent, the lowest since 2009.

UK: House prices rise again fuelling fears of a 'bubble'

London - When the economic crisis hit in 2008 it had direct links to the housing market. The UK has experienced inflated house prices in the past and the "bubble" subsequently bursting. Could the introduction of a Government scheme to help buy homes be bad news?

Mark Carney steps down as head of Bank of Canada for England job

Ottawa - Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney announced that he is stepping down as of July 1 after serving nearly five years. The central bank head, who has received accolades across the globe, will take the top job at the Bank of England.

Op-Ed: Mervyn King hasn't got a clue

London - Mervyn King has been Governor of the Bank of England since July 2003. His latest pronouncements reveal he couldn't organise a booze up in a brewery, much less run the economy.

Op-Ed: Voodoo Economics at the Bank of England

London - The Governor of the Bank of England is paid a salary of over £300,000. For that sort of money, it might be expected he gets things right occasionally. Alas...

Bank of England exec: 'Occupy' right about cause of '08 crash

London - A top official at the Bank of England has praised the Occupy Wall Street movement for its role in inciting a "reformation" in the financial services industry and for correctly attributing the 2008 global financial collapse to economic inequality.

Germany to check its gold reserves stored in United States

German government auditors have requested the Bundesbank, Germany’s equivalent of the Federal Reserve, to check up on Germany’s gold reserves much of which are in secure storage at banks abroad.

British PM considering Mark Carney as Bank of England governor

London - Bank of Canada head Mark Carney is being considered by British Prime Minister David Cameron as the new Bank of England governor. Most individuals tied to the British central bank have been tainted by the Libor scandal.

Op-Ed: More free money for Britain's banks

Who says money is tight? The Bank of England has just announced plans to give away billons of pounds in cheap credit. The bad news is that this money is all going to the banks.

Op-Ed: More quantitative easing sleight of hand

London - The Bank of England has created another £50 billion of electronic money, or so we are led to believe, but where has the previous £275 billion gone?

Op-Ed: The Great Quantitative Easing Myth

Quantitative Easing is routinely described by the mass media as printing money electronically; in reality, it isn’t quite that simple.

Bank voted 7-2 to freeze UK rates

The Bank of England's rate-setting body voted 7-2 to keep UK interest rates on hold at 5.25% in February, minutes from its meeting have shown.

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Bank of England
Bank of England
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The Bank of England and London Stock Exchange
Bank of England and London Stock Exchange
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The Bank of England  on Threadneedle Street  is the central bank of the United Kingdom.
The Bank of England, on Threadneedle Street, is the central bank of the United Kingdom.
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