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Baldness News

$12 billion startup wants to cure baldness, smooth out wrinkles

The San Diego-based company has attracted $300 million in funding and a heady valuation thanks to a pipeline of what could be revolutionary treatments to regenerate hair, skin, bones, and joints.

More Taxotere lawsuits filed by women whose hair never grew back

Over 200 women filed a Taxotere lawsuit against Sanofi-Aventis alleging the pharmaceutical company never warned that the chemotherapy drug could cause permanent hair loss.

Yale scientists may have accidentally cured baldness

Scientists were looking for a cure for arthritis. They may have found a cure for baldness due to massive hair growth caused by one drug they tested.

Baldness gene discovered

A new research report explains why people with a rare balding condition called 'atrichia with papular lesions' lose their hair: it comes down to a specific gene.

Drug for baldness curbs men's interest in alchol

Some men who are taking Finasteride (Propecia) for male pattern hair loss say that they also lost their taste for alcohol, according to a preliminary research.

Baldness medication turns one man into a woman

Propecia used for treating male baldness, turns one man into a woman. William McKee was a very successful entrepreneur, but now he lives life as Mandi McKee.

Claim: Anti-baldness drug affecting men’s sexual health

Some doctors are claiming that a proprietary drug used to combat baldness in men is interfering with their sexual health.

Study: Smoking Causes Male Baldness

As if smoking wasn’t bad enough for heart and lung health, a new study suggest puffing on cigarettes can cause male pattern baldness. Researchers say smoking may damage the blood supplied to hair follicles.

Giraffe Poop to Stop Baldness and Increase Hair Growth

Some scientists from the University of sydney are saying that Giraffe poop will decrease hair loss and increase the hair you have. The study took 2 years with 50 men. So, go smear poo on your head baldy.

A promising cure for baldness might be on the horizon

Men who are hair challenged may have reason to celebrate soon. Researchers have identified a mechanism that makes dormant genes re-awaken. They have successfully now created new hair cells on bald spots in mice.

Solutions For Baldness Are Still Thin On Top

MADRID (dpa) - Very few men talk about it openly, but hair loss and baldness continue to present a big problem for countless men.In Spain, where many men feel compelled to live up to the image of a hairy and macho "Latin lover", around half of males ar...

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A man suffering from hair loss.
A man suffering from hair loss.
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A photo of a bald man
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