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Toyota's move to TX to boost local economy by more than $7.2B

Plano - When Toyota, the world's largest car maker, decided to find a new home to consolidate its US operations it promised to be a boon for whatever lucky city landed the deal.

Auto parts maker Nemak adding jobs, increasing production

Windsor - Auto parts maker Nemak, with the assistance of an Ontario government grant, committed this week to investing $15 million into its Windsor plant.

September sees U.S. automotive sales up: SUVs are gaining speed

Possibly the falling gas prices played a role, or last year's harsh winter, but once again the data is proving Americans love affair for trucks has not ended. People in the U.S., again are deciding to purchase popular light trucks over sedans.

Sears could sell some or all of its stores in Canada

Hoffman Estates - Sears Holdings Corp is considering selling its controlling stake in Sears Canada, which could mean all of the department store operator's 400 Canadian locations are for sale.

Ontario provincial governments look to liquidate GM holdings

When General Motors emerged from bankruptcy in 2010, the Canadian federal and Ontario provincial governments found themselves among the largest shareholders in one of the biggest automakers in the world and, currently, the governments want to liquidate.

Surging market for electric vehicles in 2014 and beyond

Manufacturers are offering more electric vehicles than ever. With market prices falling, consumers are welcoming this rapidly growing technology. From the environment to the macro-economy, humanity has much to gain from this emerging industry.

Op-Ed: New car technology buffs up protection, inside and out

Technological improvements in the automobile industry are both obvious and sublime. New innovations protect the car and improve performance.

Tire giant Bridgestone fined $425 mn for price fixing

Washington - The US Justice Department hit Japanese tire and rubber parts giant Bridgestone with a $425 million fine Thursday for conspiring to fix the prices of rubber parts used in US-made automobiles.

Sporty Stingray and Jaguars spotted in Jacksonville Special

Jacksonville - A chic outdoor mall south of downtown Jacksonville, Fla. appears to be one place where the sleek, speedy animals of the car world roam. A local importer showcases feline machines around a high-end watering hole, which seems to draw other fast creatures.

Op-Ed: Safety measures lower auto insurance rates

In addition to safety measures, efficient administration can also lower a consumer’s car insurance. Eight of the 10 insurance carriers chosen for the study charge less for paperless billing.

7 things to avoid if you faint when you see your car insurance bill Commissioned

Saving on car insurance should be something on the mind of every driver. Everybody knows that accidents and traffic violations can increase premiums, but even if you're the safest, most law-abiding driver you could be facing high costs.

5 secrets to lowering your car insurance Commissioned

All motorists in Canada are required to carry auto insurance but a savvy driver can find many ways to save money when shopping for car insurance and knowing what to look for can help.

Recovery in swing: US auto sales driven by pickup trucks in May

Impressive May sales gains seen from all three US automakers were driven in large part by demand in pickup trucks, indicating a greater economic recovery - particularly in construction.

Green light given to 'glow in the dark' road concept

By mid-2013, driving on the highways at night time in the Netherlands will get a bit brighter, with new, fluorescent lane markers that will remove the need for overhead lighting.

Report: Mercedes-Benz developing self-tinting windows

Self tinting windows? May not be too far off in the future. Recent reports reveal that luxury auto maker Mercedes Benz is developing technologies for windows to tint themselves.

Op-Ed: GE charging stations, does your town have one? Special

Fairfield - The future of cars is here. A General Electric (GE) Charging Station has been added to a parking lot in Downtown Fairfield.

U.S. government issues 'notice of intent' on higher mpg standards

Led by President Obama's push for more fuel efficient vehicles, the US Transportation Department and the Environmental Protection Agency have issued a 'notice of intent' to automobile manufacturers for 2025 models.

Ford records $2.7 billion annual profit

Ford accumulated annual profit for the first time since 2005. Ford Chief Executive Alan Mulally expects the company will be profitable again this year.

With Automotive Sector Down, Designs in Works for Flying Cars

As the global automotive industry faces stark declines across all vehicle classes, futurist designers are demonstrating what can be done with flying cars. Is this the future of private transportation?

881 US. Car Dealerships Close in 2008

A record number of automotive dealerships closed in the United States during 2008 -- the nationwide dealership count for the year fell by 881, or 4.2 percent, to 20,084. The decline was the largest since 1991

Toyota Motors of Japan to Suspend Production for Two Weeks

Toyota Motors of Japan has announced the suspension of operations of 12 car assembly plants in Japan due to depressed demand for cars in the domestic as well as export markets. Suspension of production will happen in February and March this year.

Toyota Braces For First Loss in 71 Years

Plummeting sales globally and a surge in the value of the Yen staggers auto giant as it prepares to post a $150 billion (US$1.6Billion) loss for this year.

Op-Ed: Auto Bailout Was A CYA Move

The bailout of Chrysler and General Motors was a simple case of CYA for the Bush Administration. Bush did not want to go out with the collapse of the auto industry happening on his watch.

VW steers towards record earnings despite surging oil prices

Europe's biggest carmaker Volkswagen AG reaffirmed its profit target after the German-based group reported operating profits for the first nine months of the year surging to 4.3 billion euros (6.2 billion dollars). VW expects to reach its 5.

Porsche wins court victory over VW union officials

Germany luxury sports carmaker Porsche AG secured a court victory over Volkswagen AG union officials Wednesday following a battle concerning labour representation on a new corporation to run the two companies.

BMW commences legal action against Chinese "clone"

BMW said Friday it was suing to block the sale of a Chinese "clone" of its X5 off-roader. A spokesman in Munich confirmed to Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa the gist of a report the same day in the automobile industry weekly Automobilwoche.

X PRIZE Contest to Award $10 Million for 100 MPG Car

First space travel, now cars. The X PRIZE Foundation issues a second $10 million challenge to find answers to critical problems.

Alsa Eclipse: Color Changing Paint

The coolest automotive color changing paint ever!

Chrysler to cut 13,000 jobs

Troubled unit of DaimlerChrysler expects to cut 11,000 factory workers, 2,000 salaried jobs, close one assembly line after losses soar. GM and Ford having troubles too?

Toyota Develops Insanely Cheap Car

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to build a low-cost car undercutting Renault's emerging-market Logan through a "radical" rethink in design and production, the president of the fast-growing Japanese automaker said.

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