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Automotive News

New deal seeks to reduce plastics used in car manufacturing

A new deal has been struck to reduce the use of plastics in car manufacturing. Royal DSM and Neste are collaborating on using recycled waste or bio-based hydrocarbons. This is aimed at the car sector, and industrial use of plastics in general.

CES 2020 Preview: What technology innovations can we expect?

Artificial intelligence, 5G, foldables, smart homes, surveillance tech, ambient computing, 8K and robotics are among the types of technology getting commentators most excited about CES 2020.

Push for electrification results in auto layoffs

With the recent news that Audi is cutting 9,500 jobs and investing the savings in electric vehicle pursuits, Lux Resarch analyst Christopher Robinson sees these activities as an inevitable part of the coming of the electric car.

Review: Choetech Wireless Car Charger enhances the driving experience Special

As the market for wireless chargers increases in pace, drivers are starting to see the benefits of this technology. A new device from Chotech offers fast charging and connectivity.

AV software leader teams up with weather company to beat Tesla

AV innovator Renovo has partnered with Vaisala , a leading weather tech company. This partnership will help to integrate weather and road surface condition data into autonomous vehicles.

Ford partners Geotab for integrated vehicle telematics

Ford and Geotab have announced their partnership to integrate Ford vehicle data into the MyGeotab platform. This is for vehicles manufactured in 2020 and beyond.

Samsung unveils 'the car of the future' Special

London - Samsung and HARMAN have revealed the next iteration of their innovative Digital Cockpit platform, and a model is on display at Samsung's new London showroom. Digital Journal paid a visit.

Toyota testing out self-powering solar cars

Tokyo - Imagine driving an electric car that charges as you drive? Toyota are experimenting with fitting solar cells into the roofs of cars to see if cars can self-charge as they drive along.

Ghosn family seeks UN help against 'judicial persercution' in Japan

Paris - The family of former Renault and Nissan head Carlos Ghosn has submitted another request for UN intervention against what it says is his "judicial persecution" in Japan, one of their lawyers said Sunday.

Maserati: Drivers want fossil fuel powered cars

While most car manufacturers are creating lines of electric, or at least hybrid, vehicles, Maserati is remaining firm and will continue to develop cars powered by the combustion engine, the company has confirmed in a forthright statement.

Ability to assess tire tread-wear in real-time is coming

Durham - An important safety feature for vehicles, especially fleet vehicles, is tire tread. Currently technology cannot accurately measure tire-tread reduction in real-time. This could be about to change according to startup Tyrata.

Q&A: How blockchain can reduce automotive industry fraud Special

Fusion (developer of the first open source cryptofinance operating system) has been selected by the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) to drive down fraud and accelerate innovative financing options in the auto industry.

Audi displays EV innovation, serious horsepower at CIAS 2019 Commissioned

The 2019 Canadian International Auto Show hosted cars and technology from the cutting edge of the automotive world. Crowds got a chance to see the next wave of exciting developments from Audi, as well as some of the automaker’s hottest cars.

Ford invests $1 bn, hiring 500 employees at two Chicago factories

Ford will invest $1 billion and hire 500 new employees at its stamping and assembly plants in Chicago, the automaker said on Thursday in a press release.

Report: Building of future roads should not prioritize motorists

London - The building of new roads should be designed for cyclists and pedestrians first and not to prioritize motorists, at least in the U.K., according to a new report from the U.K.’s health watchdog.

Ford's car seat tester adds 'seat-butt sweat test'

Some cars are more comfortable than others and there is one comfort factor that people often shy away from asking about - 'will I sweat a lot when sitting on this car seat?' Now Ford have a technology solution for this.

Q&A: Using AI to detect vehicle threats and wear Special

The automotive industry is undergoing major growth and transformation. Among the innovations is the use of AI to assess vehicles for both threats and performance. Amir Hever of UVeye explains how.

Nissan employees reportedly burst into applause at Ghosn arrest

Nissan employees burst into applause after learning that chairman and former CEO Carlos Ghosn had been arrested, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Key drivers for electric vehicles in 2019

Electric vehicles are set to grow considerably in 2019. Casting an eye into the new future, design company ByteSnap have put forward a set of reasons why electric vehicles and associated technologies are set to grow.

New blockchain platform for autonomous vehicles

Blockchain can assess with the operation of automated vehicles, helping to assess vehicle diagnostics and to gather environmental information, aimed at improving reliability and safety. A new blockchain solution has been announced.

Audi Midtown showcases 2019 line of vehicles to packed house

Audi fans rejoice: The 2019 lineup is here. To celebrate the launch of the Audi A6, A7, A8 and the new Q8, Audi Midtown hosted a gala event.

LiDAR start up receives $45 million in funding

The Shenzhen-based LiDAR technology firm RoboSense has completion an investment round to the tune of $45 million. This makes this China’s biggest single round of financing ever for this type of automotive technology.

Q&A: New technology to assess traffic accidents Special

New technology and social networking are being introduced to help assess the impact of road traffic accidents. This approach has been devised by Israeli company Comroads. The company’s CEO explains how the technology works.

Tesla just turned in an epic quarter for deliveries

Analysts aren't yet overly concerned about Tesla overproducing for the US market, an inversion of the worry they usually have for established automakers.

Q&A: GasMob, new app for refueling corporate fleets Special

GasMob is an innovative new mobile app that connects consumers and businesses directly to on-site refueling experts. There are no monthly membership or delivery fees. Co-founder Adam Cooper explains how the technology works.

Digital transformation strategy for the automotive sector

Automotive companies are rethinking their business strategies, in terms of how production processes can be improved and how they gain greater insights into customer preferences through digital technology. These factors are the subject of a new IBM report.

Hyundai to develop deep learning cameras for autonomous cars

Car parts maker Hyundai Mobis has announced it will develop deep learning cameras with the artificial intelligence startup company StradVision.

What automotive sector firms need for digital transformation

According to business analysts McKinsey, the automotive sector needs a joined-up approach to digital transformation. The consultancy firm has put together a set of recommendations for a successful digital transformation for tier one automotive suppliers.

Uber tells Congress of flying car plans

During a July 24th hearing in front of the House Committee on Science, Space & Technology, Eric Allison, the head of aviation programs at Uber, gave a testimony about Uber's plans for flying cars.

Startups leading the way with autonomous car developments

Autonomous vehicles are the future for cars, or so we are told. Yet the vision, backed by major technology and car firms, is running behind. To re-energize the concept, many major players are turning to startups.
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Automotive Image

The 2019 Audi Q3.
The 2019 Audi Q3.
Audi Midtown
BMW s car of the future.
BMW's car of the future.
BMW Group
Tesla Motors Assembly Line
Tesla Motors Assembly Line
Steve Jurvetson
The 2019 full-size launch at Audi Midtown drew a packed house.
The 2019 full-size launch at Audi Midtown drew a packed house.
Audi Midtown
A car shown room in Slovenia.
A car shown room in Slovenia.
A Google self-driving car manoeuvred around some sandbags and was hit at low speed by a bus in Mount...
A Google self-driving car manoeuvred around some sandbags and was hit at low speed by a bus in Mountain View, California
Noah Berger, AFP/File
Advance Auto Parts: Outboard engine maintenance demo
Advance Auto Parts: Outboard engine maintenance demo
Advance Auto Parts

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