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Walmart warns Trump's trade war will hit regular Americans hard

About two weeks ago, Walmart Inc sent a letter to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. The company warned that American consumers will end up being the ones hurt by the $200 billion in new tariffs on Chinese goods.

Labor should defend carbon pricing in opposition: ex-PM Gillard Special

Australia's first female prime minister touts her tenure, reveals her personal grief over losing power in a leadership coup and shares her hope for the Australian Labor Party's future since Kevin Rudd lost the election and stepped down eight days ago.

Op-Ed: ‘Suppository of wisdom’ hits Australian politics

Sydney - The Opposition Tony Abbott hit one of the all-time outtakes with a media statement: “Nobody is the suppository of all wisdom.” Reassuring as that is, and democratic, too, Mr. Abbott is now the butt of a lot of jokes.

Is Stephanie Banister 'Australia's Sarah Palin?'

Brisbane - After calling Islam a "country" and asserting that Jews worship Jesus Christ, a far-right Australian politician running for a parliamentary seat is being compared to Sarah Palin.

Australia: Rudd backs same-sex marriage as public opinion shifts

Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd announced he's reversed his hardline opposition to same-sex marriage and will now support it.

Op-Ed: Labor misses the point as Gillard re-elected unopposed

Sydney - In what Labor is calling a conclusive victory, Julia Gillard is still Australia’s Prime Minister. Expected opponent Kevin Rudd said previously he wouldn’t run, and didn’t. Gillard supporters have been “scathing” but missing the storyline.

Op-Ed: Queensland same-sex couples dealt an horrendous insult

Brisbane - "With the rollback of Queensland civil unions, surrogacy laws and the withdrawal of funding to gay health groups, a look into the future of Australian politics and same-sex rights," according to media reports.

Australian Premier predicts landslide election victory

Brisbane - Queensland Premier Anna Bligh completed her five-day, 50-electorate campaign blitz today at her electorate of South Brisbane, and spoke of the LNP's predicted landslide victory tomorrow at the polls.

The future isn't bright for Australia's Bob Katter

Canberra - Bob Katter made his preparations last night in his final pitch to voters in Kingaroy, despite rather ominous opinion polls regarding his Katter's Australia Party.

Op-Ed: Premier not attacked by Pterodactyl

Sydney - Kristina Keneally is the person holding the dead baby as the greatest, most one-sided stampede in Australian political history heads for election on March 26. It's a study in failure, and a study in the truth of state politics in Australia.

Afghan War debated in Australian Parliament – to an empty house

Canberra - An Australian Independent MP spoke out against Australia’s continued involvement in Afghan War in Parliament this week, but most of his colleagues weren't listening.

Australians remain uncertain with new government

Canberra - As Australians begin life under their first minority government since WWII, recent polling suggests a majority of voters don't believe the current administration will last six months.

Op-Ed: Australia gets a hung Parliament

Canberra - To nobody’s surprise but the politicians, the 2010 election has delivered a hung Parliament in all but name. Neither party is able to get the required majority in the lower House.

Julia Gillard becomes Australia's first female Prime Minister

Canberra - Australia has its first female PM. In an unusually realistic display of political pragmatism, the woman who “didn’t have the numbers” according to pundits on the weekend has sailed through the leadership vote.

Australia: Rudd leadership challenge at 9AM

Canberra - In less than one hour, Australia will know if it has a new Prime Minister. The Labor Party has done its numbers, and the papers all say it’s all over bar the post mortems. If they’re right, Julia Gillard will become Australia’s first female PM.

Op-Ed: Australia: Revolt against Rudd will be ugly

Canberra - The image of Australia as a nice place for relaxed politicians is going to be on hold for a while. PM Rudd is in big trouble, and the sound of knives is being heard throughout the land.

Op-Ed: Australia - Turnbull and the Liberal Party death wish revisited

It happened to John Howard, Andrew Peacock, and many other Liberal leaders: The Brat Factor. Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s Parliamentary Liberal Party leader, is facing a self destructive obsession which seems to afflict parties in opposition.

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Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at Sydney University for a picnic and afternoon tea
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at Sydney University for a picnic and afternoon tea
Eva Rinaldi
Women Say Something congratulates PM Julia Gillard for standing up to sexism and misogyny in Austral...
Women Say Something congratulates PM Julia Gillard for standing up to sexism and misogyny in Australian politics.
Women Say Something
Australian Parliament House in Canberra  ACT
Australian Parliament House in Canberra, ACT
Timeline: ALP Leadership
Timeline: ALP Leadership
Australian Labor Party

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