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Aurora News

Solar event gives prospect of spectacular auroras this weekend

Early yesterday morning NASA released details of an observed solar phenomenon, an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection with the potential to disrupt satellites and communications over the next one to three days.

Accused Aurora theater shooter entered plea of not guilty

Aurora - UPDATE The arraignment of James Holmes took place today. He is on trial for the Aurora theater massacre where gun fire killed and injured dozens of people. A plea of not guilty was entered by the Judge on Holmes' behalf.

Tucson shooting survivors clash on gun control

Tucson - Three survivors of the 2011 shooting in Tucson, A.Z. released a video Sunday in support of gun control, clashing with the father of a 9-year old girl who died in the incident.

Fire in Aurora apartment building kills 2, injures 15

Aurora - A fire broke out in an apartment building, just one block from the apartment of James Holmes, accused in the shooting massacre at the Aurora movie theater.

Facebook fan page for accused Colorado killer Holmes

An anonymous author has created a Facebook fan page for accused Colorado theater killer, James Holmes, in spite of public objections.

Colorado shooter: Holmes charged with more than 140 offenses

Denver - James Holmes appeared in court again today and was charged with 12 counts of first-degree murder and 12 counts of murder with extreme indifference - 2 counts for each victim in the Aurora shooting - along with other charges.

Op-Ed: Unbearable cost of the dark night rises

Their faces still haunt us from our paper and cyber pages, even as the days turn into weeks since that awful night at the movies. Most of us probably do not know their names; we probably could not pick them out of a list.

Op-Ed: James Holmes — Conspiracy theorists note variation between photos

Aurora - An image has been posted on Facebook, which highlights differences between the first image of the alleged Colorado shooter, posted in the media, and that of Holmes in court.

Ryan Gosling's 'Gangster Squad' bumped due to Colorado shootings

Ryan Gosling's much anticipated mobster film, 'Gangster Squad,' which was set to open September 7, is being revised substantially and has been delayed to early 2013 as a result of James Holmes' shootings in Colorado.

Spike in gun sales in Colorado since Aurora shooting

Background checks for people wanting to buy a gun in Colorado have shot up 41% in the past week since a shooting at an Aurora movie theatre left 12 people dead.

Photo: 'Angel' hovers over Aurora Century 16 theater complex

Aurora - A cloud resembling an angel was captured hovering over the Century 16 theater in which 12 people were killed and 58 injured when James Eagan Holmes allegedly opened fire on theatergoers during the premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises."

Torrence Brown, Jr. files first Aurora shooting-related lawsuit

Torrence Brown, Jr., one of the victims in the Aurora massacre, plans to file a lawsuit. Brown was not hurt in the shooting but he says he is suffering "extreme trauma" after witnessing one of his best friends, A.J. Boik, shot dead in the chest.

Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander on banning assault-style weapons

The actor best known as George Costanza on Seinfeld took to Twitter to voice his opinion on banning assault-style guns in light of the horrific shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Colorado shooter: Police find 30 explosive devices in apartment

Aurora - Officials said today that the booby-trapped apartment of mass shooting suspect, James Eagan Holmes, was "designed to kill." (Update: video showing disposal of explosives).

Op-Ed: Gun control versus gun rights

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” -- Second Amendment to U.S. Constitution

'The Dark Knight Rises' to break records despite Aurora shootings

Burbank - Following the tragedy of what is now dubbed the “Dark Knight Massacre”, executives at Warner Brothers are rethinking their marketing strategy.

Aurora theater shooter did not act alone, survivor says

Aurora - An eyewitness to the mass shooting that occurred during a Colorado theater screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" last night has told reporters that there were multiple people involved in the massacre.

Photo of Dark Knight Rises shooting suspect James Holmes released

A photo of the suspect named in the deadly Colorado shooting has been released by Colorado University, where he studied neuroscience until he withdrew last month.

Bizarre twist of fate for victim of Colorado shooting

Aurora - An aspiring sportscaster from Texas, one of the victims of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, had just written a blog about her close call in a shooting in Toronto's Eaton Centre last month.

12 people killed in shooting spree at Batman movie premiere

Aurora - A dozen people were killed and around 59 were injured in Aurora, near Denver, Colorado when attending a midnight showing of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. One of the suspects, a 25-year-old man, has been taken into custody.

Scientists say they solved the mystery of northern lights

Scientists say they have solved the mystery of the origin of the energetic particles that cause Earth's northern and southern lights, also known as aurora. The problem has puzzled scientists for decades.

Op-Ed: Debate over single-gender education continues

Toronto - Chris Spence, director of education for the Toronto District School Board, believes single-gender education might improve the academic performance of Ontario's boys. This article takes a look at a prestigious Toronto all-boys school and its history.

Vancouver aquarium holding naming contest for baby Beluga

Naming a baby is always a momentous occasion. The name must be suitable, reflecting the parents' beliefs and cherished family members as well as hopefully providing the baby with a name that serves the child well all its life.

Maybe very small UFO's are heating the planet?

The greatest heating on the planet is taking place, at least for the southern hemisphere, right where the Earth's magnetic field has weakened most. And where the satellite image alongside, from NASA, shows the southern aurora is hugely enhanced.

Aurora on Saturn unlike anything seen before

Cassini has discovered that Saturn has a giant aurora at its pole, based on different physics to others on Jupiter and Earth. Speculation is doing more than science at this point, but once again the universe has come up with a puzzle.

Police Department Begin Summer Crosswalk Stings in Aurora, OR

It’s summer time again in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. As the amount of sun increases in town, so do the amount of people. And in the city of Aurora, OR so do the stings.

New Field in Planetology Opened by Aurora Lights Finding

The discovery of weakly polarized red light resulting from collisions with oxygen atoms at approximately 140 miles above the Earth's surface "opens a new field in planetology."

Aurora: Earth puts on a show

This, you haven’t seen before. Lady Earth can look pretty glamorous, but every so often she really dresses up. Those nice people at the International Space Station caught her in action. No doubt what her favorite color is, either.

Best Kept Military Secrets - The Aurora

One of the military's best kept secrets was revealed on an early Thursday morning in June 1991 in the city of Los Angeles. Earth rattling shockwave rock the city. It's not an earthquake. It comes from somewhere up above.

Program to Gain Better Understanding of Aurora Borealis

NASA and the Canadian Space Agency will work together to learn more about the substorms that cause the aurora borealis.

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Aurora Image

Image posted by the Colorado Dept of Transportation
Image posted by the Colorado Dept of Transportation
Aurora Police
Crime of the week in Aurora  Colorado  USA
Crime of the week in Aurora, Colorado, USA
Lifted from the internet
A fire broke out in an Aurora apartment building just one block from the apartment of James Holmes  ...
A fire broke out in an Aurora apartment building just one block from the apartment of James Holmes, accused in the movie theater shooting massacre.
Video screen capture
Fire in an apartment building in Aurora  Colorado killed 2.
Fire in an apartment building in Aurora, Colorado killed 2.
Video screen capture
York Regional Police officer shoot at 1 Commerce in Aurora  Ontario
York Regional Police officer shoot at 1 Commerce in Aurora, Ontario
goggle map image
James Holmes in his initial court hearing.
James Holmes in his initial court hearing.
Video screen capture
Red and green Auroras  Norway.
Red and green Auroras, Norway.
Frank Olsen
A sunspot viewed in close-up in ultra-violet light  taken by NASA s TRACE spacecraft.
A sunspot viewed in close-up in ultra-violet light, taken by NASA's TRACE spacecraft.
NASA TRACE via Wikimedia Commons
The author in front of the famous Russian Aurora warship.
The author in front of the famous Russian Aurora warship.
aurora australis
aurora australis
Photo of Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes
Photo of Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes
Released by Colorado University
Crime of the week in Aurora  Colorado  USA
Crime of the week in Aurora, Colorado, USA
Lifted from the internet
Aurora australis
Aurora australis