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Atherosclerosis News

Artery problems are the cause of most stokes: Study

“Don’t blame the brain” is the message from the U.S. based Society for Vascular Surgery. To mark May 2017 being Stroke Awareness Month, the research group is discussing the causes of ischemic strokes.

New detector leads to early atherosclerosis detection

A new, non-invasive method to assess inflammation has been developed. The aim is to use the device for the early identification of atherosclerotic plaques before they rupture. Early detection helps to treat heart disease.

Nanotechnology used to combat heart disease

Nanomedicine represents one of the most promising areas of medical technology. In a new application, researchers have used nanoparticles to address the effects of atherosclerosis.

Can statins lower risk of artery atherosclerosis strokes?

Hiroshima - The results of a new Japanese study suggest statins could reduce the occurrence of strokes that occur due to larger artery atherosclerosis.

New attempt to slow down heart disease

Researchers have developed a potential treatment for atherosclerosis that targets a master controller protein, which appears to trigger the process.

Ancient mummy scans reveal atherosclerotic hardening of arteries

New evidence suggests that atherosclerotic hardening of arteries, a condition long thought to be a problem arising from modern lifestyles, has been around since ancient times.

Study: Ancient mummies had heart disease

San Francisco - A new study published in the Lancet shows that atherosclerosis is not simply a modern scourge but was present in ancient mummies.

Houston died from drowning, heart disease exacerbated by cocaine

Los Angeles - The autopsy results of singer Whitney Houston released on Thursday said she accidentally drowned in a bathtub but the "effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use" contributed to her death.

Blueberries can help reduce atherosclerosis, insulin resistance

A preliminary study which has been carried out by the U.S Department of Agriculture(USDA) shows that blueberries can help reduce atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

Fluorescence helps scientists see HIV, cancer attack live cells

A fluorescent protein discovered in jellyfish helps scientists and surgeons visualize molecular and cellular events in real time, a leading U.S. biochemical researcher said yesterday. Prof Roger Tsien describes it as a glowing molecular nametag. (radio)

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