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US hits out at China over sea reclamation, vows more patrols

Singapore - The United States on Saturday called for an immediate end to China's intensifying reclamation works in the South China Sea and vowed to continue sending military aircraft and ships to the tense region.

U.S. threatening 'chaos' in Asia-Pacific: China

Bejing - China accused the United States on Thursday of threatening to sow "chaos" in the Asia-Pacific region by inciting countries whose territorial claims in the South China Sea clash with those of Beijing.

Meth seizures quadruple across much of Asia-Pacific: UN

Bangkok - Methamphetamine seizures across much of the Asia-Pacific region have quadrupled over five years, the UN said Tuesday, citing rising wealth as one reason for a boom in production and consumption.

May Day rallies in Asia as South Koreans clash with police

Seoul - South Korean workers clashed with riot police at a May Day rally in Seoul on Friday, vowing to wage an "all-out general strike" if the government pushes through with planned labour reforms.

Decision to execute foreigners sets Indonesia apart

Jakarta - While there are foreigners languishing on death row across Asia, where several countries impose the death penalty for drugs offences, it is rare for authorities to execute them.

China, Japan leaders meet but wartime legacy casts shadow

Jakarta - The leaders of China and Japan met Wednesday for only the second time since taking office, but the effort to repair badly damaged ties was marred after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe earlier failed to apologise for Tokyo's wartime aggression.

Asia, Africa to mark summit that forged post-colonial path

Jakarta - Asian and African leaders gather in Indonesia this week to mark 60 years since a landmark conference that helped forge a common identity among emerging states, but analysts say big-power rivalries will overshadow proclamations of solidarity.

Rangers protecting last white rhinos buoyed by social media help

He is the last male of his kind, and as such, he is under armed guard 24/7. There are only five northern white rhinos left in the world, and Sudan is one of them. Fortunately, his future may be a little bit brighter due to a social media campaign.

Asia rings in Year of the Sheep with fireworks, festivities

Bejing - Fireworks illuminated the skies across China as millions around Asia ushered in the Year of the Sheep on Thursday, kicking off festivities with an annual televised gala that got a thumbs down on social media for heavy Communist Party propaganda.

U.S. Navy censures three admirals in bribery scandal

Washington - The U.S. Navy said it has censured three admirals for their roles in a widening bribery scandal, the highest-ranking officers to be punished in the case so far.

World's poor headed for better lives in 2030: Gates

New York - The lives of the poor will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any time in history, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates and his wife Melinda say.

'Fat Leonard' pleads guilty in U.S. Navy bribery scandal

Washington - A Malaysian contractor at the center of a corruption scandal rocking the U.S. Navy pleaded guilty to fraud charges, admitting to bribing officials with cash, prostitutes, Cuban cigars and Kobe beef.

Millions to welcome Pope on Asia trip

Manila - Pope Francis will immerse himself in some of Asia's most fervent Catholicism during a trip to the Philippines and Sri Lanka starting Tuesday, with millions of devotees set to turn out.

Asian stocks sink, euro near nine-year low

Hong Kong - Tokyo's Nikkei led an Asian share slump Tuesday following painful losses in New York and Europe, with fears sparked by the global slump in oil prices and the Greek political crisis.

Storms hamper recovery of bodies from AirAsia crash

Surabaya - Indonesian searchers recovered the bodies of seven of 162 victims believed to have perished in Sunday's crash of AirAsia Flight 8501 in the Java Sea off Borneo.

Prayers and tears as Asia mourns tsunami dead 10 years on

Ban Khao Lak - Tearful mourners lit candles on Friday to remember the 220,000 people who died a decade ago when tsunami waves devastated coastal areas along the Indian Ocean, in one of the worst natural disasters in human history.On December 26, 2004 a 9.

10 years on, lessons of Asian tsunami hit by 'disaster amnesia'

Phuket - Ten years after the deadliest tsunami on record wrought destruction across the Indian Ocean, creeping complacency is undermining a hi-tech warning system designed to prevent another disaster of such shocking magnitude.

Uber raises $1.2 billion for expansion in Asia

Yesterday Uber was able to close a $1.2 billion round of financing, and investors are valuing the company at $40 billion.

Obama warns Asian territorial rows could 'spiral into confrontation'

Brisbane - US President Barack Obama on Saturday warned of the dangers of outright conflict in Asia, as China squares off against rival claimants over disputed territories, but vowed that Washington would remain anchored in the region.

Thai junta leader Prayuth wants media blackout for ex PM Thaksin

Bangkok - Thailand’s military junta head Prayuth Chan-ocha has asked the national media to “stop reporting" about former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Why Asia's glaciers are expanding, and not melting

In many regions of the world, glaciers, great rivers of ice are melting. From the Himalayan Mountains to other areas of our globe, we have documented the loss of glaciers. But there are regions in our world where glaciers are actually growing.

Media empire Vivendi looks to expand into emerging markets

Flush with cash from its recent sales of subsidiary properties, French multinational Vivendi SA is setting its sights to the south and east in order to further globalize its remaining properties.

Backlash against Australia gagging order

Sydney - An Australian court's gagging order banning the reporting of allegations against several foreign political leaders in a major bribery scandal was Thursday slammed as unacceptable by activists and media groups.

1,400 held in Interpol sweep on illegal World Cup betting networks

Lyon - More than 1,400 people were arrested and nearly $12 million (8.8 million euros) seized in an Interpol-led clampdown on illegal betting networks in Asia during the World Cup, the organisation said Friday.

Reporter from Philippines wins AFP's Kate Webb Prize

Manila - Multimedia journalist Patricia Evangelista has won the Agence France-Presse Kate Webb Prize for her compelling reporting on conflict and disaster in her native Philippines, AFP announced Friday.

7 million tourists visited Malaysia during Q1 this year

The Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board announced yesterday that the Asian country has welcomed over 7 million tourists during the first quarter of the year.

U.S. rebukes Thai coup-makers, urges immediate elections

Singapore - Thailand's coup leaders faced fresh international condemnation Saturday when U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel demanded immediate elections and the release of detainees held by a junta which says there will be no polls for at least a year.

US accuses China of 'destabilising' acts in South China Sea

Singapore - US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warned China Saturday against "destabilising actions" in the South China Sea, and backed Japan's plans to take on a more muscular military role as a counterweight to Beijing.

Japan plans more proactive role in Asian security

Singapore - Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed Friday that his country would play a larger role in promoting peace in Asia, and called for the rule of law to be upheld in the region.

China leader Xi warns US, others over Asian security

Shanghai - Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a veiled warning to the United States on Wednesday, saying countries should not build up military alliances in Asia, even as Beijing feuds with several neighbours.
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Rice fields in Sapa  Viet Nam. Every year the world produces 356 kg of cereal per person  yet 40 mil...
Rice fields in Sapa, Viet Nam. Every year the world produces 356 kg of cereal per person, yet 40 million die of hunger. A more than 30% rise in food prices last year has taken a huge toll on the world’s poor. Photo taken June 23, 2011.
United Nations photo
Bering Sea
Bering Sea
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They also have normal flavors in some stores. The real draw will always of course be the strange var...
They also have normal flavors in some stores. The real draw will always of course be the strange varieties.
Photo taken from printed program of Asia on Stage show 2010 at Herbst Theater San Francisco
Photo taken from printed program of Asia on Stage show 2010 at Herbst Theater San Francisco
Program photo from Asia on Stage show 2010
Weather map showing current weather conditions in the Philippines
Weather map showing current weather conditions in the Philippines
The Weather Channel
Police in Ecuador have seized around 200 000 sharks fins which were about to be illegally exported t...
Police in Ecuador have seized around 200,000 sharks fins which were about to be illegally exported to Asia. The fins - often used to make soup - were discovered after raids on nine locations in the port city of Manta.
World Network TV
Hawaii: APEC 2011
Hawaii: APEC 2011
Picture of something Asian. Is this Chinese or Japanese? Neither  it s Korean.
Picture of something Asian. Is this Chinese or Japanese? Neither, it's Korean.
Trade routes between Asia and Alaska
Trade routes between Asia and Alaska
Mail Online
Traditional Chinese medicine shop in Tsim Sha Tsui  Kowloon  Hong Kong
Traditional Chinese medicine shop in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Ryukyu Islands in Japan
Ryukyu Islands in Japan
A view of Busan  the Republic of Korea’s second largest city after Seoul
A view of Busan, the Republic of Korea’s second largest city after Seoul
Kibae Park / UN
A Chinese woman with a face mask.
A Chinese woman with a face mask.
Nicolò Lazzati
A 3-day long media workshop  organized by global environment forum Third Pole in Kathmandu  Nepal fr...
A 3-day long media workshop, organized by global environment forum Third Pole in Kathmandu, Nepal from 13-16 October brought together, for the first time, journalists from China, India and Bangladesh to deliberate upon the effects of climate change in Brahmaputra/Yurlung Zangbo river basin
Skyang Kangri  North face.
Photo taken: Dec. 31  1985.
Skyang Kangri, North face. Photo taken: Dec. 31, 1985.
Kuno Lechner