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Mysterious FCC approval could reveal a new Google Glass

A mysterious FCC approval for a new Google device has surfaced. Details are scarce but it is believed that the product could be the next iteration of the wearable Google Glass headset, showing that the program is not cancelled as some have thought.

Mind-controlled robotic prosthetic arm gets FDA approval

A team led by the US Defence Department's advanced research agency has been granted permission by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to begin producing a robotic prosthetic limb.

Athabasca, PetroChina oil sands project approved

The Dover oil sands project backed by Athabasca Oil Corp <ATH.TO> and PetroChina <6018567.SS> has received Alberta government approval, the second-last step needed before Athabasca can sell its share of the proj...

Joint Review Panel urges approval of Northern Gateway pipeline

Calgary - Today, the long awaited Joint Review Panel released a lengthy report recommending approval of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline but with 209 conditions. Environmental groups vow to stop it for the sake of our climate, land and water.

NRC approves two new nuclear reactors in Georgia

Washington - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, in a 4-1 vote on Thursday, approved extension of licenses for two new nuclear reactors at the Vogtle nuclear site in Georgia, the first licenses granted in more than 30 years, an approval called “a moral hazard.”

Optimistic Poll Bad News for GOP?

Washington - A newly released NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll shows that more Americans are feeling optimistic about the economy and the direction of the country. Is this bad news for the Republican presidential candidates?

Op-Ed: Boehner tells Obama to move speech to another night

Washington - In his latest effort at acquiescing to the Republican party, President Barack Obama on Wednesday bowed to the demand of House Speaker John Boehner, who told the president to move his Joint Session of Congress speech to another night.

Gallup: Obama descends to new job approval low

A new poll released by Gallup reflects President Obama's approval ratings in a state of constant decline, enduring seven straight quarterly drops since he took office.

.xxx porn domain gets official approval Special

The official nod has been given for the creation of a Web domain dedicated to pornography. The domain name is to be known as .xxx.

Rasmussen: President Obama hits a low of 44 percent approval

A new daily tracking poll released by Rasmussen Reports shows President Obama at his lowest job approval percentage yet - just 44 percent of Americans approve of the work he is doing for the country.

Gibbs doesn't pay attention to the "meaninglessness" of Gallup

Responding to Gallup's 47 percent approval rating for President Obama - the lowest of any president at this point in his term - White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs sought to discredit the long-standing polling group's methodologies.

Poll: Obama's approval on Afghanistan plummets to 35 percent

With the war in Afghanistan increasingly unpopular among U.S. voters, and after long deliberation on a troop surge decision, President Obama's approval on the matter has crashed to a new low.

Two Polls Have Obama Below 50 Percent

Two major polls released this week indicate that President Obama's job approval and support has fallen below 50 percent for the first time since he took office.

GPS Tracking in domestic abuse cases gaining strength

Last month, the state of Texas joined a legislative vanguard that serves to help protect victims of Domestic Violence and Interpersonal Violence, turning the focus on the abuser. Seventeen states in America now have GPS tracking systems.

Get Your Gun, Annie, We're Teaching In Texas: Teachers Approved To Carry Guns

After extensive research and discussion with state officials, a small school district in Texas has approved a policy that allows certain faculty members to carry guns on school property at any time. It's the first time such a policy has been approved.

Ultrasounds Before Abortions Bill In South Carolina Gets Approval

In yet another white male's attempt to scare women into not having abortions, Rep. Greg Delleney's bill that requires a doctor to "verify the probable gestational age of the embryo or fetus by using an obstetric ultrasound" got second reading approval.

Approval of Biogenerics ?

Exploring new ways to improve access and affordability for biologic products.

Bush Suffers Record-Low Job Approval

When things cannot get any worse for Bush, they do. "A poll released by CBS News on Monday showed that Bush had his lowest approval rating ever on the war, with just 21 percent of those surveyed saying they approve of his handling of Iraq."

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