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Chimps enjoy movies starring people in ape suits

A new study revealed that chimps and bonobos become very engrossed in films that feature people who are dressed in ape suits.

Alkie Ape told to Cleanup its Act

A vodka drinking, cigarette smoking chimpanzee from Rostov has been sent to a rehab to rid him of his dirty habits. The 26 year-old chimpanzee is named Zhora.

Chimp Loses Stones Over Aggressive, Rock-throwing Behavior

A chimpanzee, who scientists say proves that some apes can think ahead, didn’t think far enough into the future. His aggressive, preplanned behavior of collecting and stockpiling rocks and throwing them at zoo visitors got him castrated.

Fossil Find Challenges Evolutionary Theory

Two fossils found in Kenya are presenting a direct challenge on the theory of evolution. According to a new study, scientists say evolution might not have been a linear progression from apes to humans.

Ape escapes in Taiwan, goes on 3-hour rampage

Orangutan escapes from its cage and goes on a three hour rampage at a Taiwan's entertainment park.

Foot found at Va. landfill is apelike

A foot fished from a landfill was not the human variety. Cleaned and X-rayed, the appendage was determined to be apelike, authorities said Monday.

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