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Antiaging News

New drug could combat the aging process

People get older, their bodies age and there’s not much that can be done to prevent this, right? Perhaps there is something. Researchers have been looking at Fisetin, which is a naturally-occurring chemical with potential anti-aging benefits.

Op-Ed: Fisetin — Finally, an idiot-proof general health compound?

Sydney - The anti-aging idea has been rattling along merrily, (and obscenely faddishly), for years. Research shows that Fisetin, which does critical work in counteracting aging, can also counter causes of serious medical conditions.

Big deal for AI-powered longevity biotechnology

New technologies, backed by investors seeing market growth, are paving the way for new biotechnology research into age related diseases. These diseases can be tackled by reducing the signs and symptoms of aging. One example is a new startup, called Napa.

Op-Ed: Cannabis ‘reverses brain aging, improves memory’: New study

Jerusalem - For decades, the War on Weed has emphasized health risks. For the last 20 years, nothing but health positives have been discovered. A new study throws a light on both fake news of the past and fabulous science of the future.

Are pomegranates the next super-food?

Pomegranates could be the next super-food, at least because of its anti-aging properties. New research has shown how a chemical in the fruit, when processed by gut bacteria, helps protect muscle cells.

Review: Have researchers discovered the gene for aging? Special

Cracking the Aging Code: The New Science of Growing Old—And What it Means for Staying Young, by Josh Mitteldorf and Dorion Sagan, will be released June 14th, showing us how to increase the quality and quantity of our later years.

Op-Ed: Strength training reduces risk of disease for elderly

Pittsburgh - Until now the values of strength training hadn’t been researched to the same extent as aerobics and basic physical activities. The new findings show significant values in overall health and protecting against the diseases of old age.

Anti-aging drug breakthrough

The timeless quest for the fountain of youth has taken an important step forward with the successful testing of a new anti-aging drug.

Peter Thiel, Jason Hope, and Google founders invest millions in breakthrough anti-aging research Commissioned

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are about to change the world once again, but this time they intend to cure aging.

Op-Ed: First ever aging reversal — But will the public ever have access?

Sydney - The only people who “like” aging are people who didn’t have lives to begin with. Age is the ultimate added insult. The first ever aging reversal proves that time isn’t unbeatable. The problem is that the public may never get access to it.

Anti-aging compound works in mice, researchers now look to humans

It appears that there is a type of fountain of youth on Earth but the catch is that, for now at least, only mice have benefited from it. It is a compound, referred to as an anti-aging compound, and researchers intend next to use it in human trials.

Op-Ed: Stem cell derived anti-aging cream is on its way, and it works

Sydney - Yes, things are getting interesting in stem cells. The Fountain of Youth in a jar is one new possibility. Stem cells are giving science and medicine new lessons. An injection of stem cells into someone’s knee, even resulted in improved facial skin.

Buyer Beware: U.S. to closely scrutinize cosmetic claims

Until now, marketers of cosmetics and skin-care products have been able to sit back with their feet up while drugs, food and nutritional supplements have faced heavy scrutiny from U.S. watchdogs. But not any more.

Op-Ed: It's real — Gene prevents cancer, aids slimming and fights aging

Sydney - There’s a gene called Pnet which has been proven to fight tumors and aid weight loss and fights aging. Apparently this gene is missing from human cancers. The good news is that finally, even if it seems too good to be true, this time it is.

Is it Real or is it Photoshop? — The Next Revolution In Beauty

"Maybe you're born with it, Nah! I'm pretty sure is Fotoshop." That's just one of the lines from the video parody that's gone viral practically overnight on how magazines deceive readers into striving to achieve an image that does not exist in reality.

Op-Ed: Would you start exercising and lose weight if you had some energy

This has stunned me for years: A lot of otherwise bright people avoid information about taking care of themselves. For the most part it's because even though they know they should, they don't.

Op-Ed: Natural herb proven to slow and reverse aging hits the marketscence

The key to long life may prove to be the length of our telomeres, which are caps on the ends of our DNA strands. TA-65 a research-validated oral supplement shown to be able to repair and protect telomeres is about to go mainstream.

Brand new anti-aging, fitness, and weight-loss research released

New research from Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in the United States (Utah) shows that periodic fasting affects your health, your heart, and your hormones, particularly hGH or human growth hormone.

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