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Anthony weiner News

Report: Anthony Weiner being investigated over sexting with minor

New York City - CNN is reporting former disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner is being investigated over allegations made earlier this week that he exchanged explicit text messages and photos with a 15-year-old girl even though she told him how old she was.

Review: ‘Weiner’ is an intimate portrait of a man who defies privacy Special

‘Weiner’ is the unbelievable true story of former congressman Anthony Weiner who appears to be a great politician but flawed man.

Eliot Spitzer's comeback bid rejected by New York City voters

New York - Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, who resigned five years ago amid a prostitution scandal, lost his bid for New York City comptroller on Tuesday, ending his run to reclaim his political career.

Flipped off: Anthony Weiner ends mayoral race with middle finger

New York - New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's finger was raised high even if his head and spirits were low as he exited Connolly's Pub in Midtown after suffering defeat in the Democratic primaries.

Video: Anthony Weiner gets into shouting match with voter

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner argued with a Jewish voter in Brooklyn’s Borough Park after exiting a bakery. The man told Weiner to drop out of the race, while the former congressman kept repeating, "Who are you to judge me?"

Weiner spokeswoman's profanity-laced tirade against ex-intern

New York - The communications director for Anthony Weiner's moribund mayoral bid lashed out at a former intern, calling her a "f---ing slutbag", among other insults, for dishing dirty details about the campaign.

Op-Ed: Weinergate is a blind eye to the real social problems

New York - New York is both a center of global finance and culture while plagued with a verity of social problems. With its ongoing mayoral election, the attention should be focused on candidates and what they propose as a solution to the cities problems.

Anthony Weiner being weened out of NY Mayor race: 'He can't win'

New York - Anthony Weiner, running to be the Democratic nominee for mayor of New York, is losing support and has slipped badly in a new Quinnipiac University poll. Further, the poll found 50 percent of Democrat voters believe he should quit the race.

Quinn: Anthony Weiner 'not qualified' to be New York's mayor

New York - Democratic mayoral primary candidate Christine Quinn insists that Anthony Weiner is not worthy of the mayoral position, citing his scandals and his record in congress.

TopFinds: Brits react to Royal Baby birth, Weiner's woes

We interview UK residents about the birth of the Royal Baby. What new trouble has Anthony Weiner found himself in this week? Researchers uncover the structure of a protein causing depression and anxiety. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Op-Ed: Doesn't Anthony Weiner have a lot of...well, balls?

Is it impolite to note that Anthony Weiner, a candidate for mayor of New York, has balls? Or better to say 'courage'? The thing is 'balls' fits a man named Weiner who sexted pictures of his penis to strange women, was exposed, yet didn't run and hide.

Op-Ed: But in Topeka the flies are a-buzzin’

Someone awaking from a really long coma and forced to watch morning network and cable news shows might think the biggest story facing the civilized world today involves a wandering Weiner.

Anthony Weiner will not quit NYC mayoral race over new sex texts

New York - At the press conference where he admitted his online sexual communications continued after he resigned from Congress, Anthony D. Weiner said on Tuesday he would continue his bid to become New York's next mayor.

Leno evokes White House troubles on Weiner's mayoral candidacy

Speaking to Anthony Weiner's bid for New York City mayor, 'Tonight Show' host Jay Leno attached the challenges of the Weiner candidacy to the issues facing the White House.

Former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner will re-enter politics, maybe

New York - Although Weiner will not confirm it, there are rumours the disgraced former congressman may run for public advocate or even take a stab at becoming New York City's next mayor in 2013.

GOP candidate wins Anthony Weiner's vacated seat in New York

New York - Republican congressional candidate Bob Turner has claimed victory in the New York 9th congressional district special election. Turner, a former cable TV executive, defeated his Democratic opponent, David Weprin.

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner's seat to be filled Sept. 13

New York - Reports are surfacing that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will call a special election for September 13, which means no primary elections will determine the candidate. Local party chairmen will decide the special election's candidates.

Olbermann hints at hiring Weiner for Current TV show

In an appearance on NBC's 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' Current TV's Keith Olbermann hinted at hiring former Congressman Anthony Weiner for a show of his own.

Larry Flynt offers Weiner a job

Larry Flynt, owner of Hustler, wants to employ former congressman Anthony Weiner. This is no joke either, and Flynt has offered Weiner a serious job offer with Hustler.

Op-Ed: Politicians — do they have to be morally perfect?

Washington - The resignation of US congressman Anthony Weiner is the latest example of a politician having to leave his post because of issues in his personal life.

Anthony Weiner resigning

Congressman Anthony Weiner has finally had enough, and he has decided that the best course of action would be to step down from his position, he reportedly told colleagues.

Weiner to take leave of absence

Anthony Weiner, U.S. Rep., has been taking a lot of heat for admitting to having inappropriate online conversations with women online, has finally decided to seek treatment.

Weiner’s dysfunction leads to consultations with Clintons

Washington - Washington’s latest sex scandal involving Rep Anthony Weiner, D-New York, has turned into an even greater sideshow distraction as he and his wife have reportedly sought advice from the Clintons, America’s highest profile sex-scandal couple.

Op-Ed: Anthony Weiner — Sex, Lies, and the Pakistan Connection

Washington - On Monday night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the host, a former roommate of the congressman, confessed that Weinergate and the entire episode involving pictures of his friend Rep. Anthony Weiner of NY, was “killing” him.

U.S. Congressman Weiner admits sending lewd photo on Twitter

New York - After days of denial and evading questions on whether Congressman Anthony Weiner did or did not send a close-up picture of his underpants to a young female college student, the New York Congressman has finally admitted to doing so.

Anthony Weiner blasts House Republicans

A bill that would have provided 9/11 responders with health care was defeated by House Republicans on Thursday. Anthony Weiner (D) New York, had much to add to the debate.

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Anthony Weiner signature
Anthony Weiner signature
Anthony Weiner and wife Huma Abedin
Anthony Weiner and wife Huma Abedin
Anthony Weiner giving the middle finger after conceding Democratic primary New York Mayoral race
Anthony Weiner giving the middle finger after conceding Democratic primary New York Mayoral race
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A scene from 'Weiner'
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Anthony Weiner.
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