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Animal abuse News

Dog previously abused saves life of freezing three-year-old girl

Escanaba - A badly abused dog, adopted by a Michigan family from an animal shelter, led its owner to a ditch where a naked, three-year-old girl was curled up in a ball and shivering. The dog is credited as a hero for saving the little girl's life.

Deputies searching for drugs find cat with paws tied

Santa Clarita - While deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department were investigating a suspicious vehicle, they discovered a cat in distress with her paws taped up.

FBI will start tracking animal abuse cases in Ohio via database

The FBI has announced that it will create a national animal cruelty database similar to ones used for rape and violent crime cases.

Medical marijuana credited with recovery of shot canine

A canine shot several times and left for dead in rural Kansas is reportedly now on the mend thanks to daily doses of CBD Oil, extracted from the marijuana plant.

Op-Ed: When pigs fly — Chinese farmer accused of piglet abuse

Anyone familiar with the old adage “When pigs fly” knows that the phrase means something will happen unless pigs miraculously sprout wings and take flight, but a Chinese farmer's case is taking the phrase literally.

Bodies of two frozen, broken dogs found off Saskatchewan highway

Prince Albert - The frozen bodies of two bloodied and broken dogs were found in a bag off of the highway near Prince Albert, the local SPCA said Sunday. It's a case that has tugged at the heartstrings of workers at the organization.

Florida girls set turtle on fire then stomp it to death

In what appears to be a senseless act of cruelty two Florida girls are being investigated for lighting a turtle on fire then stomping it to death after throwing it several times into the street.

Horse rescue forced to euthanize horses due to lack of space Special

Marana - When Jessica Gray became involved with rescuing horses, the last thing she expected was to be forced to euthanize animals without good medical cause. The prevalence of abuse and a shortage of available space has placed her in that unenviable situation.

Calgary woman fined for neglecting puppies used in online scam

Calgary - A 36-year-old woman was fined $7,000, the highest such fine ever imposed according to the Calgary Humane Society. It is believed the judge took the commercial aspect of the neglect into account in sentencing.

Anti-Vick voices grow, as petition to ban Jets QB gains footing

The decision by the New York Jets to sign Michael Vick is being met with resistance, as Vick's animal cruelty past is coming back to the surface.

Badly burned puppy victim of cruel abuse, SPCA may investigate

There could be an investigation into a badly burned puppy, with severe burns on its face, that somehow turned up in a work camp in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The puppy is now in the care of the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS).

Video of jogger flinging puppies in Italy causes outrage (video)

Lecce - A video surfaced on YouTube showing a jogger, carelessly throwing three puppies over a wall into a neighboring property. The man was arrested soon after by police in Italy.

Op-Ed: Animal rights and awareness about worldwide cruelty

Animal cruelty happens every minute, all around the world. Animals do not have legal rights like humans do, so it is up to concerned individuals to raise awareness about it.

Shark dies after Kmart commercial shoot In Van Nuys pool

Van Nuys - Kmart and the American Humane Association (AHA) might have bit off more than it could chew, following allegations of animal mistreatment during a shoot.

Video: Dog victimized by drug gangs walks again with prosthetics

Mexico's drug cartels, for practice before mutilating human victims, practice on dogs and other animals. Honey Pie, a Belgian Shepherd missing two front legs, surviving an encounter is able to walk again with prosthetics.

Protesters storm Marineland and shut down dolphin show Special

Niagara Falls - A massive protest against Marineland in Niagara Falls yesterday attracted hundreds of protesters opposing recent claims of animal abuse. Some of them stormed the dolphin show, shutting it down.

Op-Ed: I am not 'illegitimate' — An open letter to Facebook Special

My first three years on this earth were filled with fear and violence, and I had scars to prove it. I cowered, I yelped, I had nightmares and I never thought it would get any better.

Two of three dogs tied to Ohio railroad tracks killed by train

Cleveland - In a horrific case of animal cruelty, someone tied three dogs to railroad tracks in an isolated area in the Tremont neighbourhood of Cleveland. Two of the three animals were killed but the third managed to survive.

Former TV writer arrested for fatal punch to pet poodle

New York - Ted Shuttleworth was arrested after it was alleged he killed his pet poodle, Lola, after he became angry at her. Shuttleworth's wife says it was just a "horrible accident."

Seven more dismembered cats found in Vancouver, B.C. suburb

Maple Ridge - The latest mutilated cat was found on Sunday, bringing the total number of dismembered cats to seven in the past two weeks and 22 since June 2011.

Tampa woman charged with 52 counts involving animal cruelty

Tampa - The woman faces more than 50 animal abuse charges as well as two counts of child neglect and one count of battery on a law enforcement officer.

Video of Blackie, the abused Easton horse, goes viral

Wilton - Video of a mistreated horse at Pee Wee Horse Farm in Easton, Conn., has gone viral. The horse, called Blackie, is one of five horses formerly owned by 75-year-old Appollonio Vittorio who was arrested last month for animal cruelty.

Ringling Bros. Circus fined $270,000 for animal cruelty

Feld Entertainment is the parent company of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and they've caught the brunt of the ire of the USDA.

Remember when Romney strapped his dog to the roof of the car? Special

In 2007, a Boston Globe article unintentionally revealed an act of animal cruelty by Mitt Romney against the family dog, that showed not only his cavalier attitude towards animals, but his cold as ice decision making in times of crisis.

Op-Ed: 20-year-old thug sentenced after microwaving his pet cat

Portsmouth - I can never comprehend why people abuse innocent animals, especially Stephen Stacey, a 20-year-old man who recently microwaved his pet cat after she scratched him.

Animal abuse at British abattoir caught on film

Brentwood - An animal welfare group has released footage of pigs being kicked, struck and having cigarettes stubbed out on their faces an abattoir in the UK, but the government agency refuses to prosecute because it says the cameras were secretly installed.

Long Island, NY's beautiful beach areas hit by animal abusers

Montauk - One or several animal abusers on Long Island, NY's beach areas killed a seagull by throwing a rock at it, injured a swan by shooting an arrow through it, and hammered a nail into a turtle's hard back.

Live animals sold in key rings in China, animal groups outraged

Drawing protests from numerous animal rights organizations, street merchants in China are selling live animals sealed in clear plastic bags as ornamental key rings.

Manitoba animal protection folks hampered by Provincial by-laws

Swan River - The case of neglected and abused animals at a Manitoba breeding facility has shocked many Canadians after animal welfare officials revealed they had known of the abuse for years, but were unable to act until recently.

The accomplishments of animal welfare activist Eric Mills Special

Oakland - He's 71 years old and when his detractors accuse him of being a racist, he jokes that he's an "equal opportunity racist when it comes to animal welfare." He's outspoken, and works tirelessly to promote animal welfare.
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El Refugio  Spanish animal protection agency  has made Spanish legal history by taking the abusive o...
El Refugio, Spanish animal protection agency, has made Spanish legal history by taking the abusive owner of a dog to court for killing his pet.
A photo collage of a donkey and horse found on Walter Goba s Manitoba farm recently.
A photo collage of a donkey and horse found on Walter Goba's Manitoba farm recently.
Papa's Ranch Equine Rescue
Pigs are flying after being pushed. That has some people s feathers ruffled
Pigs are flying after being pushed. That has some people's feathers ruffled
christina rutz
Badly burned puppy victim of cruel abuse was rescued by Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society
Badly burned puppy victim of cruel abuse was rescued by Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society
AARCS / Handout photo
An emaciated horse being cared for at the ranch.
An emaciated horse being cared for at the ranch.
Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch
Two-year-old Manchester/Terrier that survived
Two-year-old Manchester/Terrier that survived
Screen capture from WKYC video
This is a small example of the diseased and abused state of the cows involved.
This is a small example of the diseased and abused state of the cows involved.
Nisa Yeh
An injured horse and hungry horse at the Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch.
An injured horse and hungry horse at the Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch.
Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch
A horse affectionately known as  Large Marge  after making her recovery.
A horse affectionately known as "Large Marge" after making her recovery.
Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch
Protestors from all over Europe gather to deliver the message   Close Europe s Dolphinaria .
Protestors from all over Europe gather to deliver the message, 'Close Europe's Dolphinaria'.

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