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Amphibians News

Captive female snake without male companion gives birth – again

Cape Girardeau - For the second year in a row, a captive female snake in southern Missouri has given birth even though she hasn't been anywhere near a male snake for eight years. The yellow–bellied water snake gave birth in 2014, and then did it again this summer.

Skin of a frog determines its disease susceptibility

The relationships between microbial communities on skin and amphibian disease resistance have been explored. This is in relation to combating a frog-killing fungus called Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis.

For amphibians, size does matter in avoiding extinction

Toronto - It has been generally accepted that different-sized sexes of the same species takes up more resources, making them less able to adapt and divesify than those species where the sexes are the same size. A new study may have turned this idea up-side down.

Sixth great extinction imperils amphibians, birds, mammals and us

The earth is entering into a dark period of human-caused devastation that is threatening 41 percent of all amphibians, 26 percent of all mammals, and 13 percent of all birds. We have ourselves to blame for much of this, an acclaimed journal has found.

How amphibians crossed continents: A scientist tells the tale

The world's 7,000 species of amphibians can be found on six continents, but there has been few attempts at understanding how salamanders, frogs, toads, and caecilians had moved across time to these distant continents.

Alarming frog and toad decline across the U.S.

Denver - North American frogs, toads and other amphibious animals are disappearing so quickly that they could become extinct from their natural habitats by 2033.

Video of adorable real-life squeaky frog goes viral

Port Nolloth - Many of us have seen the plastic or plush squeaky frog toy for dogs, but we probably did not realize that there is actually a real squeaky frog, and his new video has gone viral.

Deadly fungus spreads through the world's frog population

Many of the planet's population of frogs are in danger from a fungal infection that is killing them off by the thousands. The fungus could lead to multiple extinctions of frog species.

Live animals sold in key rings in China, animal groups outraged

Drawing protests from numerous animal rights organizations, street merchants in China are selling live animals sealed in clear plastic bags as ornamental key rings.

Miniature new species of frog found in Malaysian Borneo

The pea-sized amphibian found living associated to little pitcher plants in the forests of Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, is the smallest frog in the Old World and one of the world’s tiniest.

Fire destroys world's largest collection of reptiles, amphibians

San Paulo - A fire destroyed the world's largest collection of spiders, snakes, scorpions and amphibians. Scientists around the world are saddened by the loss of the specimens some of which were collected up to a 100 years ago and irreplaceable.

Ontario's Eco Commissioner: Intimidation must stop

In Gord Miller's annual environmental report, which outlines the state of Ontario's environment, he said that developers in Ontario have too much leeway when they are allowed to file lawsuits against citizens that protest planned developments.

Global Warming Connection to Amphibian Declines in Doubt

Evidence that global warming is causing the worldwide declines of amphibians may not be as conclusive as previously thought, according to biologists.

Researcher Links Agricultural Chemicals to Amphibian Declines

USF biologist Jason Rohr and colleagues, revealed that chemical pollution can increase often deadly trematode (parasitic flatworm) infections in a declining amphibian species.

Study Says Yellowstone Amphibians Killed by Global Warming

Frogs and salamanders, those amphibious bellwethers of environmental danger, are being killed in Yellowstone National Park.

Global Campaign To Save Amphibians Launched

2008 is the Year of the Frog and an international campaign has been launched to will raise awareness of the crisis among media, educators, corporations, philanthropists and governments & generate the funding.

Fertilizer Pollution Deforming Frogs, Threatening Their Survival

If you've ever seen a frog with extra legs or other severe malformations, fertilizer runoff was probably not far behind. According to a recent study, farming nutrients are leaking into North American lakes and deforming frogs at an alarming rate.

And Soon They Too May Be Gone, Amphibians and Global Warming

The were around with the dinosaurs, adapting to change readily. The one enemy they can't adapt to though is man and global warming. Amphibians are rapidly losing the battle with surviving the environment.

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You can definitely see this little creature s organs.
You can definitely see this little creature's organs.
YouTube screen grab
Strawberry poison-dart frog contains numerous alkaloids which deter predators.
Strawberry poison-dart frog contains numerous alkaloids which deter predators.
A tadpole is the larval stage in the life cycle of an amphibian.
A tadpole is the larval stage in the life cycle of an amphibian.
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