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US justice failed Daniel Pearl, says damning report

US officials inadvertently stood in the way of the real murderer of Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reporter Daniel Pearl being brought to justice, an investigation has found.

Yemen jails journo who wrote of US missiles that killed civilians

The Yemeni journalist who had written about US involvement in missile attacks has been imprisoned for alleged links with al-Qaeda. Abdul Elah Hayder Shae has been sentenced to five years in prison followed by two years of house arrest.

Op-Ed: France and the West take their anti-terror war into Africa

The increase in incidents of hostage-taking of French nationals in African countries by alleged al-Qaida affiliates AQIM has led France to step up its use of force to get them back and eliminate those responsible if necessary. Will that policy work?

3 suicide bombers attack police headquarters in Iraq

Baghdad - The police headquarters in Mosul--the most violent city in Iraq--was destroyed as a result of an attack made by three suicide bombers Wednesday morning, leaving one police commander dead.

Yemen President against West counterterrorism operations in Sanaa

Sanaa - Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh delivered a press conference over the weekend where he announced that he was against foreign forces performing counterterrorism operations against al-Qaeda in his country.

New video by US-born al-Qaeda member who'd been assumed dead

Adam Pearlman a.k.a. Adam Gadahn, the American who joined al-Qaeda and rumored to have been either captured or killed, has appeared in a new video which, as he has previously done, asks young Muslims in Europe and the US to carry out attacks there.

Yemen convoy ambushed by armed rebel forces

As the battle for control over Yemen ensues between government, rebelling separatist and Al-Qaeda combat forces in the Southern provinces, the latest skirmish results in the deaths of 3 soldiers as their convoy was ambushed heading east from Zinjibar.

New Osama tape talks of climate change and Pakistan flood relief

Al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, has voiced his concern about climate change and the recent floods in Pakistan, in an audiotape posted on the Internet on Friday. Osama's new tack is being seen as an effort to bolster his flagging image.

Leaked army documents reveal that Bin Laden is alive

Among the 91,000 secret documents revealed by the WikiLeaks organisation last Sunday are reports that Osama bin Laden is alive - or at least that he still was alive in 2006.

Al-Qaeda claims it was behind twin Iraq bombings

The terrorist group Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for a pair of attacks against former Sunni allies in Iraq which killed over 40 people last Sunday.

Former Congressman says Obama is more dangerous than al-Qaeda

Denver - Is U.S. President Barack Obama more dangerous than al-Qaeda or the former Soviet Union? Is the President a threat to the country’s founding principles? Former Colorado Congressman and Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo seems to think so.

Al-Qaeda spokesperson calls Pres. Obama 'devious, evasive'

Cairo - A spokesperson for the terrorist group al-Qaeda has demanded that President Barack Obama end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, cut off support for Israel and stop interfering in the internal affairs of Muslim nations.

Obama secretly deploys special operations against al-Qaeda

Washington - The Washington Post reported that President Barack Obama secretly deployed special operation forces to 75 countries, including the Middle East and Africa. Obama's actions have been described as much more "aggressive" than his predecessor.

Al-Qaeda in Yemen urge kidnappings of Saudi royals, Christians

Sanaa - A senior member of al-Qaeda in Yemen has released an audio message to those in Saudi Arabia, urging his followers to kidnap members of the Saudi royal family and Christians.

Morocco breaks up terrorist cell that planned assassinations

Rabat - Security forces in Morocco have recently broken up a terrorist cell that had links to al-Qaeda. The militant cell was planning assassinations and acts of sabotage in other nations throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Al-Qaeda frees Italian couple detained in Mauritania

Bamako - Italian and Malian officials recently announced that two Italians, who were detained in Mauritania by al-Qaeda a few months ago, were released in Mali.

Chicago Cabbie Arrested for Alleged Ties to Al-Qaeda

Chicago - A Chicago cab driver was arrested Friday on charges of "attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization for allegedly trying to send money to Al-Qaida", according to

Eight militants killed in Pakistan drone attack

Eight militants have died after being hit in a drone attack in northwest Pakistan. A second attack just hours later killed five more.

Confusion surrounds arrest of U.S.-born al-Qaeda spokesman

Reports that Adam Gadahn, a 31-year-old convert to Islam and spokesman for al-Qaeda who was born Adam Pearlman in the U.S., has been arrested by Pakistani intelligence agents have yet to be verified.

English, Science lessons banned by Somali Islamist group

The main rebel group fighting the government in Somalia has forced three schools in the south of the country in the Horn of Africa to stop teaching English and Science.

Op-Ed: Hey bin Laden, I'm talking to you

The news today of the release of new pictures of lower Manhattan following the 9/11 attacks is very similar to opening an old wound.

Bin Laden: Christmas underwear bomber a hero

In a tape credited to the world's most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden seems to say that Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab is a hero who was sent by him to convey a message.

Turkish police arrest 120 al-Qaeda suspects during Friday raids

Pre-dawn raids on Friday by police in 16 provinces in Turkey resulted in the arrests of 120 people suspected of links to al-Qaeda

Op-Ed: Flight 253 and The Systematic Cover-Up of Fabricated Terrorism

The systematic cover-up of the failed Flight 253 'Underwear Bomber' plot has become glaringly obvious as mounting evidence makes it appear that the 'terrorist' attack was yet another false flag attack that failed

Senator Carl Levin wants clandestine action, drones in Yemen

Veteran United States Democratic Senator Carl Levin called on Wednesday for military operations in Yemen such as drones, clandestine missions and airstrikes.

Poll: 70 per cent of Americans support sending troops to Yemen

According to a Fox News online poll, 70 per cent of Americans support sending American troops to Yemen to fight against the al-Qaeda militants, while 23 per cent opposed such measures.

Former CIA Agent says al-Qaeda greater threat now than the past

On Sunday, former CIA agent who was in charge for the hunt for Usama Bin Laden, Michael Scheuer, said on CNN that al-Qaeda is more of a threat now than prior to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

U.S., U.K. Close Embassies in Yemen Due to Threat From al-Qaeda

The U.S and the U.K. closed their embassies in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Sunday as fears grew of an attack in the city by al-Qaeda.

Op-Ed: Catalytic Terrorism Reveals the Fallacy of Security Theater

After eight years of utilizing conveniently-timed catalytic terrorist attacks and dis-informative propaganda to destroy civil rights while warring in 5 different countries against an enemy we created, the U.S. government still can't get their act together

Yemen Being Used by al-Qaeda Militants as Springboard for Attacks

Saudi Arabia's neighbor Yemen is slowly becoming a popular staging arena for militant al-Qaeda terrorists before they are set off to western destinations to sow terror after months of indoctrination by the terrorist organization.
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