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Airports News

New automated payment system for airport retail

Ho Chi Minh - The company VIMO is to provide WeChat payment systems at airport outlets in Vietnam, beginning with Ho Chi Minh City's international airport’s duty free shopping emporiums. The service is aimed at Chines tourists.

Bug in software used by 130 airlines creates check-in chaos

A "network issue" caused worldwide flight delays on Thursday as a passenger management system used by dozens of airlines went offline. A technical problem with the software forced crowded airports to issue manual boarding passes, creating long queues.

Iraq PM gives Kurdistan 72 hours to give up airports

Baghdad - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday gave authorities in Kurdistan 72 hours to give the central government control of airports, a day after the autonomous region voted on independence.

America's airports are revolting against the TSA

If you've been annoyed by long airport security lines, you aren't alone. Airports are apparently just as unhappy about it.

Brazil airports strike grounds Carnival travelers

S - A two-hour strike Wednesday by airline staff across Brazil grounded hundreds of flights, paralyzing travel in Latin America's biggest country ahead of Carnival season's biggest parties.

Record number of loaded firearms seized by TSA in 2015

Either travelers are fearing for their safety, or people have just become more reckless, but the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had a record year in 2015, confiscating 2,653 weapons, 82 percent of them loaded, in carry-on luggage.

Egypt boosts airport security after Russia plane crash

Cairo - Egypt said on Tuesday it is bolstering security at airports over the possibility that a Russian plane that took off from a Sinai resort was brought down by a bomb.

Op-Ed: New Yorkers told to stay off roads, transit as blizzard strikes

New York City - There was a time, not too long ago, when the U.S. Post Office took great pride in delivering the mail to every American, six days a week without fail.

New York's JFK airport launches Ebola screenings

New York - New York's JFK airport began strict new health screenings for travelers arriving from Ebola-hit West African nations, amid growing US fears about importing the deadly virus.John F.

Thieves steal from luggage in LAX theft ring

Los Angeles - It was reported Thursday that baggage handlers had stolen from bags, part of a months-long investigation into workers stealing items.

EU to rule on state aid for 28 airports, airlines by September

European Union regulators aim to rule by September whether state aid granted to 28 airports and budget airlines, such as Ryanair, is legal, the European Commission said on Thursday as ...

World Cup attendees might see drop in airfare Special

Rio De Janeiro - Soccer fans looking to save some money when heading to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup might see a drop in airfare next week.

Controversial 'naked' image scanners to be removed by TSA

The TSA has decided to remove naked-image scanners that are currently in several U.S. airports. According to the federal agency, it is severing ties with the manufacturer because it could not create software that made passenger images less revealing.

Risk of second-hand smoke at airports

A U.S. government report has indicated that second-hand smoke (passive smoking) inside airports puts air travelers and employees at risk.

Op-Ed: Airport security — How much is too much?

As acts of terrorism and other crimes have occurred over the past decade, government entities across the globe continue to tighten airport security.

In Olympic year, UK border queues could be national embarrassment

London - There are fears that the United Kingdom's outdated border controls could become a national disgrace in London's Olympic year.

'Relaxation rooms' debuting at U.S. airports, rent by the hour

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) is the latest to embrace "relaxation rooms." These so-called relaxation rooms are like mini-hotel rooms, rentable by the hour.

Hurricane Irene creates panic as airports shut down

New York - Thousands of flights have been cancelled at airports in the northeast as Hurricane Irene continues to roll up the east coast bringing with her torrential rains and 85 mph winds.

Texas battling TSA pat-downs

Texas politicians get a second chance at a bill meant to limit TSA pat-downs after federal officials previously threatened to cancel all flights into the state.

Holograms greet travellers at UK airports

Two airports in the UK have become the first in the world to use virtual assistants to greet and provide information to passengers going through security.

Thousands stranded in Spain as air traffic controllers walk out

Airport traffic controllers in Spain have staged a massive walk-out from their jobs over complains of low wages and working conditions as thousands of passengers were stranded in various airports throughout the country.

Manila's premier airport NAIA not accessible until Sunday morning

The Philippine's premier airport, Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), will not allow landing of incoming flights starting sunset Saturday.

UK airports could close on Sunday due to threat from ash cloud

Air passengers could be set to face yet more delays from Sunday as the Icelandic ash cloud continues to cause problems. The Department of Transport say some flights could be grounded for up to three days with the South East being worst affected.

Air passengers lost 25 million bags in 2009

With the high percentage of luggage mishandling by major airline companies, air passengers are advised to be extra careful with their checked-in luggage and to make sure that they are properly tagged for easy identification

Op-Ed: Should we be worried about airport security?

Several months after the now infamous “Christmas Day Bombing”, many people continue to feel unsafe during airport travel. Would "profilers", who spot anything suspicious in airports, determine legitimate threats?

TSA to start swabbing passengers' hands

TSA has announced that they are planning to swab the hands airline passengers' in order to search for explosives in light of the December attempted attack.

Blogger finds TSA screening procedures posted online

An Internet blog site found outdated, yet confidential information about the Transportation Safety Administration's (TSA) screening practices posted online.

Are airports ignoring Federal Regulations regarding bird strikes?

Despite Federal Regulations requiring airports to conduct wildlife studies following collisions or other potential problems involving animals, a review of an upcoming study by the FAA found that one-third of those airports have failed to comply.

Op-Ed: Airport Retail - Shopping on the go

Retail revolution on the airports has changed the face of air-terminals worldwide and shopping in between flights is more than just a casual pastime.

Airports Try Falcons to Keep Birds Away

One plane accident after another is blamed on birds who fly into the plane's engines, usually causing it to crash. But now, one man with a bird he loves may have come up with an environmentally friendly way to stop this from happening.
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Airports Image

Passengers at an airport terminal
Passengers at an airport terminal
BBC screen shot
Sao Paulo International airport.
Photo taken: June 15  2012.
Sao Paulo International airport. Photo taken: June 15, 2012.