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Japan boosts AI funding to match lonely hearts

Apo - Japan is seeking to boost its flagging birthrate by funding the use of artificial intelligence to help match lonely hearts, an official said Monday.

Accelerating AI deployments in the business setting

According to a new report, businesses need to give serious consideration to putting AI on a rapid path to production. Data and analytics leaders should use this research collection to remove the most common barriers to production.

End of the journalist? Microsoft moves to AI for online articles

The digital transformation of news content has taken a new leap. Microsoft has sacked all of its online content producing journalists and replaced them with an artificial intelligence system. Just how good is the quality?

Google cautions EU on AI rule-making

Apo - Google warned on Thursday that the EU's definition of artificial intelligence was too broad and that Brussels must refrain from over-regulating a crucial technology.

Artificial intelligence may be pandemic lifesaver... one day

Washington - On December 30, researchers using artificial intelligence systems to comb through media and social platforms detected the spread of an unusual flu-like illness in Wuhan, China.

EU seeks 'responsible' AI to dispel Big Brother fears

Apo - The EU unveiled its strategy for artificial intelligence on Wednesday as it seeks to catch up with China and the US and dispel fears of Big Brother-like control.

Q&A: Industry-first research on AI gender bias Special

Cogito has undertaken research on gender bias in artificial intelligence, specifically as it relates to speech emotion recognition. This shows how machine learning can unintentionally encode and amplify negative bias and stereotypes.

AI beats human breast cancer diagnosis

Paris - A computer programme can identify breast cancer from routine scans with greater accuracy than human experts, researchers said in what they hoped could prove a breakthrough in the fight against the global killer.

Financial markets embrace brave new world of AI

London - Artificial Intelligence has spread rapidly across markets in recent years as traders constantly strive to gain the upper hand, while regulators have given a guarded welcome to the cutting-edge technology.

Q&A: How to use AI to keep children safe online Special

What is it like to set-up and run an AI-powered startup? Digital Journal spoke with the founder of Jiminy - Tal Guttman. Guttman looks at advancements in AI, his AI focused on child safety, and the main challenges with a startup initiative.

How artificial intelligence will revolutionize work

AI is the technology that enables computers to think and act like human beings. However, knowledge of the technology and the benefits that it can deliver for the workplace are often under appreciated by society, according to a new report.

Robochef: Sony cooks up new AI unit for food revolution

Apo - Cooking robots and tastier recipes: Japanese electronics giant Sony on Wednesday launched a new artificial intelligence unit they hope will change the way we cook and eat.

Q&A: The techniques powering AI are a Monkey's Paw - be careful Special

AI is at maximum hype. But the techniques powering AI are like a Monkey's Paw: they do exactly what you ask of them plus many other unintended consequences. Keeping the "why" in mind is paramount to the success of a project, notes Daniel Blackburn.

Would you trust AI to mediate conflict?

How close is artificial intelligence developing to be able to be used for conflict resolution? And if so, who would be the first political leaders to trust it? A new study says we will soon listen to virtual agents for advice.

Op-Ed: 'Ethical AI' matters — the problem lies in defining it

News that Microsoft will invest around $1 billion to examine ethical artificial intelligence signals that the tech sector is thinking deeper about the ethics underlying transformative technologies. But what is ethical AI?

Q&A: AI has become the vital business solution needed for success Special

Businesses should be reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence as their foremost predictive technology, according to Justin Richie of Nerdery. All businesses need is a little creativity.

OECD issues report on AI in Society

The OECD has published a detailed report looking at how artificial intelligence is affecting global economies and societies. The report considers the acceleration in AI investment and the growth of startups.

Less than one-third of businesses plan to invest in AI: Survey

Despite the potential that artificial intelligence can deliver, a new survey of IT and business decision makers on automation of applications management and AI-driven technology shows very few business leaders are planning to invest in the technology.

Q&A: Thwarting data leaks with artificial intelligence Special

Many data breaches arise due to human error, such as poor systems security and with users not using passwords properly. Gaurav Banga, a cyber security expert and founder of Balbix, provides some AI-based tactics for businesses to consider.

Trumps orders government to prioritize artificial intelligence

Washington - President Donald Trump on Monday ordered the US administration to give greater priority to artificial intelligence, a move seen as firing up a battle for leadership with China.

EDM pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre talks new CD, virtual reality, AI Special

New York - On December 5, electronic superstar and pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre sat down and chatted with this journalist at his hotel in New York City.

Google to use AI to predict natural disasters

Google has announced plans to work with the Central Water Commission of India. For this Google will use artificial intelligence to alert people in India about impending floods.

Q&A: How will AI reshape society? Special

What is the future trajectory of artificial intelligence? Does AI need a moral and ethical framework? If so, should this be shaped by regulation? Expert Harry Glaser provides his thoughts.

Winning Customers with AI, Machine Learning and IoT

The following article is sponsored by Cognizant. Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) is dedicated to helping the world’s leading companies build stronger businesses — helping them go from doing digital to being digital.

New facial recognition tool finds all your social media profiles

Researchers have created a new facial recognition tool that tracks targets across social media networks to create a comprehensive list of all available online profiles.

AI has the power to change the way our world operates: Q&A Special

Artificial intelligence has the potential power to change the way our world operates, but before this future state is reached, many organizations have to learn what AI is and how to use it. A leading expert provides an overview of where AI is heading.

Navigation startup for self-driving cars nabs $80 million

Chinese smart location and mapping service startup, that builds high-definition real-time maps for self-driving cars, has raised $80 million in a Series A funding round.

Businesses should 'follow the money' when adopting AI

A June report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) found that, overall, artificial intelligence adoption is still slow; only 20 per cent of "AI-aware" businesses say they are adopters.

'Anti-ai' chatbot nabs $2.2 million during seed funding round

Landbot, dubbed as the 'anti-ai' chatbot, has raised $2.2 million during their seed funding round. In a market filled with companies looking to make the most advanced ai-powered bots, is this a much needed reprieve?

What does Alibaba's new AI copywriter mean for advertising?

Earlier this week, Alibaba debuted their new artificial intelligence-backed copywriting tool that — with the literal click of a button — can produce thousands of ads every second. What does this mean for the advertising industry?
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Intel Stratix 10 FGPA
Intel Stratix 10 FGPA
The AI is less successful when subtle random distortion is applied
The AI is less successful when subtle random distortion is applied
Moodstocks provides instant object recognition services
Moodstocks provides instant object recognition services
Microsoft s Seeing AI uses artificial intelligence to work out what s going in the world and provide...
Microsoft's Seeing AI uses artificial intelligence to work out what's going in the world and provide an audio description to the user
Louis Rosenberg  PhD (2017) - speaking at TED x KC  on  The Virtues of a Hive Mind .
Louis Rosenberg, PhD (2017) - speaking at TED x KC, on "The Virtues of a Hive Mind".
Outland Pix
IBM POWER9 processor
IBM POWER9 processor
I am calling this creation Bridge of Dreams.
I am calling this creation Bridge of Dreams.
Karen Graham
Arm Project Trillium
Dag Kittlaus demonstrating Viv at TechCrunch Disrupt NY
Dag Kittlaus demonstrating Viv at TechCrunch Disrupt NY
Google s to open a new machine learning research facility in China
Google's to open a new machine learning research facility in China
Project Alexandria by AI2
Project Alexandria by AI2
The Musio robot wants to be your  curious new friend  and is capable of advanced machine learning
The Musio robot wants to be your "curious new friend" and is capable of advanced machine learning
AI Fund: Eva Wang (COO and Partner)  Steven Syverud (Partner) and Andrew Ng.
AI Fund: Eva Wang (COO and Partner), Steven Syverud (Partner) and Andrew Ng.
Andrew Ng
Real-time detection using sensors and AI.
Real-time detection using sensors and AI.
Samsung is opening an AI lab in Montreal
Samsung is opening an AI lab in Montreal
Representing Imagia  Shelley Epstein  MSc  our VP of Corporate & Public Affairs  and our co-foun...
Representing Imagia, Shelley Epstein, MSc, our VP of Corporate & Public Affairs, and our co-founder Alexandre who is a keynote speaker at the annual New Brunswick Health Research Foundation meeting in Fredericton in November 2018.

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