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New facial recognition tool finds all your social media profiles

Researchers have created a new facial recognition tool that tracks targets across social media networks to create a comprehensive list of all available online profiles.

AI has the power to change the way our world operates: Q&A Special

Artificial intelligence has the potential power to change the way our world operates, but before this future state is reached, many organizations have to learn what AI is and how to use it. A leading expert provides an overview of where AI is heading.

Navigation startup for self-driving cars nabs $80 million

Chinese smart location and mapping service startup, that builds high-definition real-time maps for self-driving cars, has raised $80 million in a Series A funding round.

Businesses should 'follow the money' when adopting AI

A June report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) found that, overall, artificial intelligence adoption is still slow; only 20 per cent of "AI-aware" businesses say they are adopters.

'Anti-ai' chatbot nabs $2.2 million during seed funding round

Landbot, dubbed as the 'anti-ai' chatbot, has raised $2.2 million during their seed funding round. In a market filled with companies looking to make the most advanced ai-powered bots, is this a much needed reprieve?

What does Alibaba's new AI copywriter mean for advertising?

Earlier this week, Alibaba debuted their new artificial intelligence-backed copywriting tool that — with the literal click of a button — can produce thousands of ads every second. What does this mean for the advertising industry?

Artificial intelligence to understand volcanic eruptions

Tokyo - By using artificial intelligence to understand volcanic eruptions from tiny ash, researchers have shown how new insights can be gained about volcanoes and the likelihood of an eruption occurring.

'High-performing' cyberdoc puts British GPs on defensive

London - A medical chatbot said to perform as well as or even better than human doctors has sparked a war of words in Britain, in a clash over how much the cash-strapped public health service should rely on artificial intelligence.

Startup at odds with doctors over claim about AI diagnoses

Babylon Health announced Wednesday that the company's AI had undergone a series of tests and had "demonstrated its ability to provide health advice which is on-par with practicing clinicians." Doctors are disputing this claim.

Microsoft agrees to buy exited M12 AI startup Bonsai

Microsoft announced yesterday via a press release that they have signed an agreement to buy AI startup Bonsai in an effort to further artificial intelligence research.

Google's health AI model can predict when a patient will die

Artificial Intelligence can use data from health records to predict with considerable accuracy when a patient will die. Such information can have a positive use and end up saving lives.

Workforce skills need to advance with automation and AI

Thanks to advances in automation and AI, a significant number of workers could be out of a job in a few decades, - at least that's what a report from the McKinsey Global Institute forecasts in its latest report.

Startup offers an easy way to build deep learning algorithms

Using a visual interface, this AI startup is making it easier to build deep learning algorithms — as simple as dragging and dropping.

How brick and mortar grocers benefit from digital transformation

Brick and mortar grocery retailers have the potential to adopt artificial intelligence to help with stocking their stores, pricing their products and being competitive with online retailers like Amazon.

Mozilla announces grants for projects on how AI affects society

Mozilla recently announced the creation of seven new five-figure grants for "technologists and media makers who help the public understand how threats to a healthy internet affect their everyday lives."

Researchers create photo filter that disables facial recognition

AI researchers from University of Toronto Engineering have created a 'privacy filter' that "disrupts" facial recognition software.

Small military contract started an internal war at Google

A Google scientist warned in an internal email that the company's involvement in the US Department of Defense's Project Maven would be "red meat" for critics.

Nicaragua using mobs to suppress opposition protests: Amnesty

Managua - Nicaragua is using paramilitary groups dubbed "Sandinista mobs" to suppress demonstrations against the government of Daniel Ortega, the human rights group Amnesty International said in a report released Tuesday.

AI better at finding skin cancer than doctors: study

Paris - A computer was better than human dermatologists at detecting skin cancer in a study that pitted human against machine in the quest for better, faster diagnostics, researchers said Tuesday.

Using an AI named Polly to predict human behaviour

AI is a game changer during election time and it's made its way into the Ontario election with Polly — the AI from Advanced Symbolics Inc., a company that describes itself at the intersection of artificial intelligence and market research.

Samsung set to open AI research lab in Cambridge

Tech giant Samsung is opening an AI research lab in Cambridge. The move to do this has been welcomed by British Prime Minister Theresa May, but there's concern over a mass funnelling of graduates out of academic AI research.

New Google Duplex AI sounds exactly like a human voice

Mountain View - After widespread criticisms about the issues raised by Google's new Duplex system that uses AI to imitate the human voice to make appointments, the company notes that the system will have disclosure built into it.

Following backlash, Google Duplex will ID itself to responder

After a demo at this year's I/O conference, in which Google's AI voice calling system conversed with someone on the other end of the line, the tech giant has announced that the AI has been re-worked so it will identify itself as such.

New Google News app uses AI in real-time

The Google I/O conference this year had some pretty big announcements, one of the biggest having to do with Google News.

Self-navigating AI learns to take shortcuts: study

Paris - A computer programme modelled on the human brain learnt to navigate a virtual maze and take shortcuts, outperforming a flesh-and-blood expert, its developers said Wednesday.

Facebook continues to invest heavily in AI

With the announcement that they're opening two new AI labs, Facebook continues to cement themselves as a leader in AI research.

Facebook is training AI to answer questions like humans do

Facebook uses images, some of them may be yours, to train AI for a variety of applications. They’re expanding upon this to make the machines more human when they answer questions about those images, and even training machines to take action.

Artificial intelligence research is ramping up around the world

As AI becomes a more pervasive force within private and public life, key players around the globe are dedicating resources to the implementation of this disruptive technology.

The future of AI depends on who’s at the table

A new report from Canada’s Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship about AI’s implications for policy makers found that, to be successful in implementing AI in government, a diversity in conversation must happen.

Interview with a robot: AI revolution hits human resources

Paris - You have a telephone interview for your dream job, and you're feeling nervous. You make yourself a cup of tea as you wait for the phone to ring, and you count to three before picking up.Now imagine that your interviewer is a robot named Vera.
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Ai Image

Facebook s opening a new AI lab in Montreal
Facebook's opening a new AI lab in Montreal
Google is training AI to write jokes
Google is training AI to write jokes
Kaboompics // Karolina
Project Alexandria by AI2
Project Alexandria by AI2
Google s SyntaxNet can intelligently parse natural language
Google's SyntaxNet can intelligently parse natural language
Nvidia is gaining steam in the markets thanks to its investment in AI.
Nvidia is gaining steam in the markets thanks to its investment in AI.
Binary Koala
A Vincent van Gogh-inspired Google Deep Dream painting created by Google engineers.
A Vincent van Gogh-inspired Google Deep Dream painting created by Google engineers.
Sarah Cascone/Twitter
Google s AI can remove watermarks from images
Google's AI can remove watermarks from images
Microsoft s Seeing AI uses artificial intelligence to work out what s going in the world and provide...
Microsoft's Seeing AI uses artificial intelligence to work out what's going in the world and provide an audio description to the user
Facebook s open-source  Big Sur  artificial intelligence/machine learning server
Facebook's open-source 'Big Sur' artificial intelligence/machine learning server
Snips  an intelligent memory for your iPhone
Snips, an intelligent memory for your iPhone
I am calling this creation Bridge of Dreams.
I am calling this creation Bridge of Dreams.
Karen Graham
Arm Project Trillium
Users numbers updated for Facebook  Instagram  WhatsApp  Messenger  and Groups
Users numbers updated for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Groups
Maurizio Pesce from Milan, Italia
Samsung 8K upscaling
Samsung 8K upscaling
Trivago ads always ask   Where would you like to go?
Trivago ads always ask, "Where would you like to go?"
Prisma offers AI photo filtering tools
Prisma offers AI photo filtering tools
Dag Kittlaus demonstrating Viv at TechCrunch Disrupt NY
Dag Kittlaus demonstrating Viv at TechCrunch Disrupt NY
Gia by Emagia
Gia by Emagia