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Aeroplane News

Commercial airline industry’s safest year ever

The number of fatalities on commercial passenger jets in 2017 was zero making it the commercial airline industry’s safest year ever. As to the safest airlines in the world, the answer is to fly British.

New platform offers improved in-flight WiFi

WiFi services on aircraft are notoriously inefficient: often slow and prone to cutting out. Too overcome this, technologists have developed an extension called ScaleUp that significantly improves web browsing speeds at 30,000 feet.

Plane drops frozen excrement, smashes house roof

Nepean - One of the odder stories of the week: 'frozen excrement' is dropped from an airplane and it crashes through house roof at high speed.

British Airways plane grounded after bed bugs found

London - An aircraft, owned by the leading airline British Airways, has been withdrawn from service after a bed bug infestation was discovered on board.

Airline finds corpse in wheel well

Washington - On Saturday, a man's body was found in the wheel well of a South African Airways aeroplane after it landed at Dulles International Airport in Washington, United States.

World's biggest passenger aircraft in Durban

Durban - Last week saw the biggest passenger plane in the world landing at King Shaka International Airport in Durban, South Africa for the first time as part of a pilot training programme for British Airways.

Flight attendant started fire to put it back out and 'play hero'

Minneapolis - In most cases, anybody who fights fire is deemed a hero. Not Eder Rojas though – a flight attendant from Woodbury, Minnesota. He started a fire during a route from Minneapolis to Regina, Saskatchewan, just so he could put it out and 'play the hero'.

Op-Ed: Four transgender flight attendants hired by new Thai airline

Bangkok - If you're sick of traditional male and female cabin crew when flying to exotic locations around the world, then you should book a flight with PC Air, which recently hired a team of transgender flight attendants.

Man arrested for making a complaint on his flight to Dublin

Dublin - Following an Aer Arran flight from Bristol to Dublin, an investigation is under way after a man was arrested for complaining that he didn't received the correct change.

Qantas pilots put out cockpit fire in mid-flight emergency

Cairns - Qantas' safety woes continue with a Qantas Airbus flying from the Philippines to Sydney being forced to land at Cairns after two fires broke out in the plane's cockpit.

US Capitol evacuated after unauthorized aircraft enters airspace

Buildings on Capitol Hill were evacuated after an aeroplane flew in to the protected airspace above Washington DC without authorization.

The ILA, Berlin Air Show, celebrates its 100th birthday Special

Berlin - From June 8 to 13, the southern section of Berlin-Schönefeld Airport hosts the Internationale Luft-und Raumfahrtausstellung, the oldest aviation show in the world.

End of ordeal for three "troublemaking" French seniors in Brazil

After more than two-and-a-half months away from families and friends, three French tourists detained by Brazilian authorities for "endangering" a São Paulo-Paris flight in early December last year are free to return home.

Finally, Woolmers body is being flown home after being held in legal limbo

The casket bearing Bob Woolmer's embalmed body left Jamaica early on Thursday morning and is expected to arrive in South Africa by Sunday. The body will be flown via London before landing in Cape Town.

Nightmare experience - lady too large for aircraft seats

South Africa - Senior official phoned disabled ladies husband telling him she was too large to fit into the aircraft's seats.

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Aeroplane Image

Library of Congress
Rudolf Schider
The ILA Berlin Air Show 2010
The ILA Berlin Air Show 2010
An Aer Lingus aircraft
An Aer Lingus aircraft
James Wang
The ILA Berlin Air Show 2010
The ILA Berlin Air Show 2010
ATR 72 of Aer Arann (EI-REE) taking off from Bristol International Airport  Bristol  England.
ATR 72 of Aer Arann (EI-REE) taking off from Bristol International Airport, Bristol, England.
The first Airbus A380
The first Airbus A380