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World War I: 52 months of hell

Paris - World War I's deadliest and most decisive battles were fought in Europe, on the Western Front slashing through the muddy fields of northern France and Belgium.

Users can now Skype without an account

Using Skype is going to be easier because you don't need a full account. Microsoft is now allowing people to use Skype's audio and video call features without an account.

Bodies 'tossed into the air' in 'horrific' Nice truck rampage

Nice - Bodies were tossed into the air in scenes of "absolute chaos" as a truck careered into crowds of people who had just enjoyed a Bastille Day fireworks display in Nice, witnesses have told AFP.

You can now use Facebook Messenger without Facebook

You can now use Facebook Messenger without having a Facebook account by using just your name and phone number. It represents another move by the social network to capitalise on the success of the app in its reinvented form as its own standalone platform.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel deletes all his tweets to advertise app

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has removed all of his public tweets from Twitter in an unusual marketing push for the popular instant messaging app. The aim is reportedly to highlight how Snapchat posts will be deleted after a few seconds.

70% of people 'have no confidence in passwords'

A study has found that over 70 percent of ordinary Internet users believe that passwords are an inadequate and ineffective method of protecting personal details online. It also found that many are suffering from a chronic case of "password fatigue."

Japan posts first current account surplus in five months

Tokyo - Japan posted its first current account surplus in five months in February, helped by a narrower trade deficit and higher returns on investment abroad, government data showed Tuesday.Japan logged a surplus of 612.7 billion yen ($5.

Eurozone current account surplus grows: ECB

Berlin - The eurozone's current account surplus grew to 25.3 billion euros ($35 billion) in January, European Central Bank data showed Friday, incorporating new eurozone member Latvia for the first time.The monthly figure compared to a surplus of 20 billion eur...

Canada fourth quarter current account gap widens, but less than forecast

Lower prices for crude oil helped to widen Canada's current account deficit to its fourth-largest level ever in the final months of last year, underlining economists' expectatio...

Fifty-two months of hell, from WWI outbreak to Armistice

Paris - World War I's deadliest and most decisive battles were fought in Europe, on the Western Front slashed through the muddy fields of northern France.It was there, on a more than 700-kilometre (435-mile) line linking the North Sea to the Vosges mountains, ...

Turkey reveals scale of deficit behind lira's plunge

Istanbul - Turkey ran up a huge deficit on its external accounts last year, official data showed on Thursday, highlighting a critical weak point for the damaged economy and devalued lira.But the central bank, which revealed the figures, said the account balance s...

Japan logs record-low current account surplus in 2013

Tokyo - Japan's current account surplus shrank by nearly a third to a record low in 2013 as a weak yen bloated the country's post-Fukushima energy bills, official data showed Monday.Japan logged a surplus of 3.

Brazil current account deficit record $81.4 bn in 2013

Bras - Brazil posted a record current account deficit of $81.4 billion in 2013 -- equivalent to 3.66 percent of GDP and almost 50 percent up on 2012, the country's central bank said Friday.The 2012 deficit was $54.249 billion or 2.

Woman wakes up, finds $4 trillion in her bank account

A woman in Fort Smith, Arkansas, woke up on Tuesday and discovered that she had $4 trillion in her bank account, due to a bank glitch.

Op-Ed: Liberty Reserve shut down in money laundering investigation

On May 24, 2013, U.S authorities seized control of the domain and redirected it into a sink hole along with arresting the owner Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk in relation to money laundering charges.

E! Online's Twitter account gets hacked

Erroneous news alerts about Angelina Jolie and Justin Bieber were recently Tweeted from E! Online's Twitter account, but E! says that hackers were responsible for the Tweets.

North Korea's Twitter account hijacked

The group Anonymous allegedly hacked into North Korea's Twitter account, amid tension between North Korea and The United States.

'Facebook dead prank,' the meanest online prank you can play

The meanest online prank you could possibly play on anyone is the "Facebook dead prank." Facebook has a form that almost anyone can gain access to and fill to declare another person dead. Easy online access to the form has caused some embarrassment.

Outraged over Instagram's privacy changes? Here's how to kill your account

On Monday the mobile photo-sharing service Instagram, now owned by Facebook, announced a major overhaul to its terms of service, stating it has the perpetual right to sell its users' photographs without payment or notification.

Reuters blog platform and Twitter account hacked

On Friday, Reuters blog platform was hacked with false posts and on Saturday, the @ReutersTech account on Twitter was taken over and renamed @TechMe. False tweets were sent before it was taken down.

Twitter suspends UK journalist critical of NBC Olympics coverage

Twitter suspended the account of a journalist from The Independent because he tweeted an email address of Gary Zenkel, the President of NBC Olympics. Guy Adams was outraged over NBC's broadcast delay of the Opening Ceremony.

Google+ deleting accounts en masse with no clear answers

Upstart social network Google+ has pulled countless user accounts seemingly out of nowhere, claiming they are doing so due to user name violations. As a result, the website has received waves of backlash at best.

Man suing Facebook for disabling his account

Staten Island - A New York man is suing Facebook for depriving him of contact with his friends and family after his account was disabled in September.

North Korea now on Twitter

With such high profile people such as Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez utilizing one of the most well known micro-blogging services Twitter, it only makes sense that North Korea would join as well.

American Express Will Pay You $300 to Close Account

If you have an American Express card then the company will give you a $300 prepaid card for free if you close your account and pay all the balances in full.

French President Sarkozy's bank account hacked

A group of cyber thieves broke into the personal bank account of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Small amounts of money are thought to have been taken from the account.

Google Shows Who Has Access to Your Gmail Account

Google has added a great security feature to Gmail: now you can observe in Gmail what places you are logged in, and whether anyone has access to your email illegally. Also, you can sign yourself off remotely.

Flickr Can And Will Delete Your Account For No reason

I have heard the stories about yahoo and Flickr acting like tyrants. I have even reported on it. Now it happened to me.

You Might Want To Close Your Pirate Bay Account

Prosecutor Hakan Roswall plans to press charges against those connected with this popular torrent site.

Anyone Can Sign up for a Gmail Account, Really This Time

Gmail is available for all Public for all users and countries.

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