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Abandoned News

Boy finds mummified body in abandoned house

Dayton - A boy wandered into an abandoned home only to discover the remains of a mummified body. The coroner stated the body was in the home for five years.

Dogs' Christmas: 32 unwanted Chihuahuas taken into NY shelter

Calverton - A dog shelter in Long Island regularly takes in abandoned Chihuahuas, but over the festive season, 32 arrived on their doorstep in a single delivery. The cute "fashion accessories" were no longer wanted.

Assisted-living patients in California abandoned for two days

Sheriff's deputies went to an assisted living facility on Saturday in Northern California, and they had to remove more than a dozen senior patients.

Gay couple adopted baby found abandoned in subway

The story of a gay couple who adopted a baby they found abandoned in a Manhattan subway station 12 years ago has touched the hearts of thousands. Peter Mercurio tells the story in a New York Times Opinionator article "We Found Our Son in the Subway."

Chinese Internet users condemn mistreatment of Tibetan mastiffs

Huangshi - A video clip broadcast on Chinese Central Television, showing dead and starving Tibetan mastiffs abandoned in Hubei province, has drawn sympathy and condemnation from Internet users in China.

Schoolgirl abandoned by parents because she had werewolf syndrome

Liu Jiangli is known as Little Monkey to her friends and family. It is thought that she suffers from werewolf syndrome, a condition that covers the body in black fur.

Op-Ed: Exploring two abandoned buildings in Detroit Special

Recently, I've explored two abandoned buildings in Detroit—the Fisher Body 21 car assembly plant and the Boblo Dock Building. Within the buildings, I found awe-inspiring views and years of decay.

Lamb found abandoned in wheelie bin

Manchester - A woman in Manchester was surprised when, checking out an unusual sound, she discovered a month-old lamb inside of a wheelie bin.

Neglected purebred Cocker Spaniels dumped on roadside

Salem Township, Michigan - Seven thoroughbred Cocker Spaniels were found on the side of a rural road. They ranged in ages between six and twelve years old. Six of the dogs were females and one was a male.

About 250 abandoned horses run through Welsh town

Bridgend - There are reports that about 250 stray horses are running loose in an area of Wales, and that some of them are starving.

Grandmother of baby abandoned in parking lot speaks out

Sydney - The grandmother of a baby girl who was left in a Nova Scotia parking lot said that Community Services was aware that living conditions in the child’s home were not good.

More babies being abandoned in Malaysia

Babies are being abandoned on doorsteps and streets, and in rubbish bins, across Malaysia. Sixty-five have already been cast aside this year.

Infant found on pub porch in Derbyshire, police hunt missing Mum

Etwall - Police in Derbyshire, England are currently looking for the mother of a newborn left on the doorstep of a pub. The baby boy is said to be in good health.

Birthday boy, 3, left at Michigan restaurant

Warren - A birthday party was held at Caesarland pizzeria to celebrate a little boy's third birthday. There were about 20 people present to celebrate the big day. The problem is everyone left and no one took the boy with them.

Abandoned pony finds new home with loving girl for the holidays

An abandoned Shetland pony and a California teen got the best holiday presents ever, thanks to her father who couldn’t refuse his daughter's wish to have a pony.

Nebraska Safe-Haven Laws Leading to More Child Abandonment

The Nebraska state’s safe-haven law was designed to help infants, but instead it seems to be helping parents abandon older children. A 17-year-old boy was abandoned today by his step-father and mother.

Hide And Seek Leads To Abandoned Baby

A grandmother and her 6-year old granddaughter were innocently enough playing hide-and-go-seek when the little girl came across an infant in an empty lot near where they were playing. The child returned to her grandma telling her that she'd found a doll.

Dead whale could be abandoned calf's mother

A dead whale found off the south coast of Sydney may turn out to be the mother of the calf that was euthanased just a few hours ago. The adult whale was being eaten by sharks.

Update: baby whale in Sydney dead

Update: The baby whale was euthanased a few hours ago by a lethal injection. The body of the three week old 10,000 pound female (yes a girl, not a boy) is being transported to Sydney Taronga Zoo for an autopsy.

It's the eleventh hour for baby whale abandoned in Australia

The baby Humpback whale that has been abandoned by it's mother off the Northern Beaches of Sydney, faces three probabilities. Starving to death, killed by sharks or euthanasia.

9-Year-Old Boy Found Abandoned in London

Shockingly, Metropolitan police in London have found a nine year old boy who has apparently been abandoned by his family. Authorities now are hoping to trace the whereabouts of the child's family to find out why they would leave him alone in a big city

Justice Starting For Infant Tossed Out In The Trash

Kanata woman Angela Kuehl was arrested October 5 after a five month investigation. The woman has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly giving birth to a baby boy, killing him and then putting him in the trash.

Abandoned Child Case Solved With DNA

A Detroit child abandonment case from 2003 has finally been solved four years later with the help of a national DNA database. The mother was arrested in Alabama on drug charges and her DNA was put into the database by authorities there.

Only Two Out of 100 Rescued Cats Survive

Out of more than one hundred cats rescued from a Colorado garage after being abandoned, only two have survived. The culprit, Shirley Bowman was charged and has entered a not guilty plea to charges of animal cruelty.

18 month old boy abandoned in hospital parking lot

The note left with the abandoned boy left no question that the child was being abandoned, according to Joe Smack with Family Services. The note did not include any usable name for the child.

Over 5,000 Wild Animals Found Half Dead on Boat off China Coast

Approximately 5,000 wild animals have been found abandoned and very close to death on a broken-down fishing boat just off the coast of China.

"How Could She?"

Criticism of a mother who dumped her newborn baby at a Melbourne hospital could hamper efforts to encourage her to come forward.

Contractor abandoned pool construction in families backyard

A family wants justice after the contractor they hired didn't install their pool and left their backyard completely destroyed.

California Town Deals With Odd Case of Abandoned Babies

The farming town of Orosi, California is mourning the discovery of another abandoned baby, but this time there is no happy ending.

Women in the UK are being abandoned in maternity wards

Maternity wards in the UK are so under staffed that thousands of pregnaent women are having to cope by themselves.
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Abandoned Image

A former ward in the now closed Shenley Hospital  U.K.
A former ward in the now closed Shenley Hospital, U.K.
The abandoned Fisher Body 21 building in Detroit
The abandoned Fisher Body 21 building in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
The abandoned Mae C. Jemison Academy in Detroit  Michigan
The abandoned Mae C. Jemison Academy in Detroit, Michigan
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
The abandoned Boblo Dock Building in Detroit
The abandoned Boblo Dock Building in Detroit
There are one billion squatters globally  that is  about one in every six people on the planet. Yet ...
There are one billion squatters globally, that is, about one in every six people on the planet. Yet, squatting is largely absent from policy and academic debate and is rarely conceptualized, as a problem, as a symptom, or as a social or housing movement.
The Michigan Central Station
The Michigan Central Station
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
The abandoned Mae C. Jemison Academy in Detroit  Michigan
The abandoned Mae C. Jemison Academy in Detroit, Michigan
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
The abandoned Mae C. Jemison Academy in Detroit  Michigan
The abandoned Mae C. Jemison Academy in Detroit, Michigan
The abandoned Mae C. Jemison Academy in Detroit  Michigan
The abandoned Mae C. Jemison Academy in Detroit, Michigan
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit

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