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60 minutes to air program on possible Saudi involvement in 9/11

Washington - Twenty-eight pages of a congressional intelligence report that have yet to be declassified will be discussed on 60 Minutes this Sunday, April 10, at 7 p.m. in the Eastern and Pacific time zones.

Lumber Liquidators responds to '60 Minutes' report

Lumber Liquidators just released a statement responding to the "60 Minutes" report that aired Sunday night in a filing with the SEC.

Review: ‘Salmon in the Sea’ — Is farmed salmon a threat to wild salmon? Special

Campbell River - A recent segment of CBS’ “60 Minutes” focuses on the positive and adverse aspects of salmon farming, potential threats of this activity to wild salmon populations in the Pacific Northwest, and comparative facets of salmon products for the consumer.

Op-Ed: Amazon distracts from working conditions with 'drone' talk

Swansea - Is it a bird, a plane or an Amazon drone delivering a package faster than a speeding pizza? Will this be safe for those on the ground?

Why Square is the new Twitter

San Francisco - In a recent interview with CBS's 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan, Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey revealed his latest app Square which is a revolutionary device that allows mobile and smart phone owners to exchange credit card payments on their phones.

CBS reporter Lara Logan calls for escalation of terror war

Chicago - A CBS correspondent who was sexually assaulted while covering Egypt's 'Arab Spring' revolution last February has raised eyebrows in the journalism world by stepping outside her role as an objective reporter to call for an escalation of the War on Terror.

Op-Ed: CBS edits out Obama admission of lies in ads in interview

Politics is a dirty business, but do the major media outlets need to be part of that 'dirty business', and do the major media outlets need to be more honest in their own selective editing?

60 Minutes' Mike Wallace dead at 93, CBS to air special Sunday

New York - Mike Wallace, veteran CBS News journalist for "60 Minutes," has passed away at the age of 93. For years he suffered from a serious heart condition. Wallace will be remembered for his four decades of hard-hitting news reporting and intriguing interviews.

Op-Ed: A few minutes without Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney died over the weekend after signing off from 60 Minutes about a month ago. He was as cranky and quick-witted until the very end. The end came at the age of 92.

'60 Minutes' icon Andy Rooney dies at 92

New York - The lovable curmudgeon and CBS "60 Minutes" icon Andy Rooney died last night at the age of 92. Rooney has been featured on the weekly news magazine since 1978 and recently retired in October of this year.

Video: Watch 60 Minutes special on Steve Jobs' biographer

CBS's 60 Minutes aired a special episode on Steve Jobs' new biography written by Walter Isaacson Sunday night and now the entire program is available online free.

Andy Rooney to exit '60 Minutes'

New York - Andy Rooney, the well-known curmudgeon on CBS News' "60 Minutes," will end his regular role on the show and leave the network he has been a part of since the late 1940s. Rooney will make the official announcement Sunday.

In Aspen restaurant, cyclists Armstrong and Hamilton clash

Aspen - Weeks after publicly accusing cycling legend Lance Armstrong of being part of a doping scandal, Tyler Hamilton and his lawyer have now accused Armstrong of "aggressive contact" in a weekend encounter at an Aspen restaurant, prompting further FBI action.

Cycling group calls Hamilton’s doping allegation ‘indignation’

Aigle - The International Cycling Union (UCI) has called former gold medal cyclist Tyler Hamilton’s allegations of seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong’s deal with the union to make a positive drug test result disappear an “indignation.”

In latest cycling doping scandal, Hamilton gives up gold

Lausanne - Tyler Hamilton, the US cyclist who won a gold medal at the 2004 Olympics, has admitted to doping during his cycling career, voluntarily gave up his gold medal to the US Anti-Doping Agency and placed pressure on cycling legend Lance Armstrong.

Missed Obama's 60 Minutes Interview?

Missed Obama's 60 Minutes Interview? Don't worry, here's a brief summary of everything President Barack Obama covered during the interview.

CBS News’ Lara Logan discusses her brutal sexual assault in Egypt

On February 11, Lara Logan, CBS’ chief foreign affairs correspondent, was brutally and repeatedly sexually assaulted while reporting from Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt and decided to speak about the mob attack on 60 Minutes.

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