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Why the digitization of operational processes needs 5G Special

5G has become an integral part of digital transformation strategies for many companies. As some firms strive forwards, those without business tactics centered on 5G will see themselves lagging behind. An expert explains more.

Warning: Financial Services remain a target for cyberattacks

Accenture have issued a new report looking at the threats faced by financial services from various cyber-threats. Among the risks are deepfakes, cloud vulnerabilities, and a new threat aimed at emergent 5G technology.

Huawei 5G kit to be removed from the UK amid China concerns Special

The British government has banned the Chinese telecoms company Huawei from setting up 5G. The company will, however, remain involved in 3G and 4G communications.

Q&A: What consumers really want out of 5G Special

How will 5G influence the world of work and the lives of users? From the business perspective, 5G promises to make remote working easier and for the consumer higher-quality content will be delivered faster.

Huawei to open European 5G factory in France

Paris - Chinese telecom giant Huawei said Thursday that it would begin manufacturing radio equipment for next-generation 5G networks in France, its first such facility outside of China.

Superfast 5G on the slow road at gadget gala

Las Vegas - It will be revolutionary when superfast 5G mobile networks come to our gadgets, cars and digital lives.

2020 Predictions: Mobile app dev, 5G, No-code and DevSecOps Special

From 5G to bringing your own device to work; and from no-code solutions to increased privacy concerns, there are several key technology and security trends for businesses, according to experts at Blue Cedar.

Survey: Just how much do we actually know about the Internet?

How many of us know how the Internet works? Could we actually explain it? Do you know what an IP address is, or how a modem works? A new survey suggests that Internet ignorance runs fairly high.

China rolls out 5G services in race to narrow tech gap

Bejing - China's three major state telecom operators rolled out 5G wireless technology Thursday, as the country races to narrow its technology gap with the US amid a bruising trade war.

Dell Technologies and AT&T collaborate on edge computing

Dell Technologies and AT&T have announced a collaboration which explores the development of key open infrastructure technology areas for the next-generation network edge that will be required by service providers.

China grants 5G licences for commercial use

Shanghai - China on Thursday granted 5G commercial licences to four domestic companies, taking a big step in its bid to be a global leader in next generation wireless networks amid fierce rivalry from the United States.

5G technology could lead to failure to warn about hurricanes

The implementation of 5G technology, if not of the right specification for a given area, could lead to a reduction in weather forecasting accuracy and lead to reduced abilities for storm tracking, according to the U.S. NOAA.

Germany launches 5G auction amid row with US over Huawei

Berlin - Germany launches its auction Tuesday for the construction of an ultra-fast 5G mobile network as a transatlantic dispute rages over security concerns surrounding giant Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei.

Fast 5G and foldable mobiles feature at Mobile World Congress

Barcelona - New multimedia applications, 5G records broken, and foldable smartphones were among the highlights so far on display at the annual 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Behind the scenes, the battle between U.S. and Huawei continues.

SK Telecom first live TV broadcasting over commercial 5G network

SK Telecom have achieved the world’s first live television broadcasting over a commercial 5G network. This was a New Year’s countdown event held at Bosingak in real time via SK Telecom's commercial 5G live broadcasting solution ‘T Live Caster’.

Antenna assessment boosts 5G network capacity

The big word in communications technology for 2019 will be 5G. To help advance this, researchers have shown how a novel antenna evaluation method can boost 5G network capacity as well as cutting operation costs.

SK Telecom successfully completes first 5G call

South Korea's largest wireless carrier, SK Telecom, has successfully completed the first 5G Call using Samsung’s commercial 5G equipment. This was using equipment that can be readily applied to commercial 5G networks.

5G video tested for connected cars on German autobahn

A new project has tested out 5G video for connected cars. Autonomous vehicles require connecting with their surroundings via a mobile communications infrastructure. To test this out, the equipped cars have been driven on a German autobahn (freeway).

Why it matters who gets 5G first: Q&A Special

The first country to transition to 5G will determine who has the lead in development and IT. Deploying 5G technology will likely cost upward of $200 billion a year for the next five to 10 years.

Austria uses 5G technology to improve production

Vienna - The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in co-operation with Siemens Austria is developing 5G equipped wireless technologies and radio wave propagation to improve manufacturing processes.

5G wireless telecommunication corridor coming to Canada

Ontario and Quebec are partnering with major digital technology providers to develop the next generation of wireless technology in Canada. This will allow the provinces to use the latest telecommunication technologies.

Qualcomm's next 5G chipsets to use Samsung's 7nm process

Qualcomm and Samsung have announced their next 5G mobile chipsets will be built on Samsung's 7nm technology. The new process will improve performance and have a smaller chip footprint. This leaves more room to add new internal components.

Qualcomm's new mobile modem is the world's fastest ever

Qualcomm has unveiled the Snapdragon X24 LTE modem, capable of supporting 2Gbps 5G. It's likely to be a couple of years before mobile networks offer full 5G speeds. Phones that use the modem will be futureproof and ready for next-generation networks.

Samsung partners with Cisco and Orange to trial new 5G network

Samsung has announced a partnership with Cisco and French telecoms operator Orange to trial a fixed 5G millimetre wave network in Romania this year. The multi-vendor test aims to investigate how 5G will complement current fiber services.

Starry Internet to expand wireless broadband service this month

Starry Internet has announced it will launch a beta of its wireless broadband service in Los Angeles and Washington DC later this month. Starry Internet's also partnering with Marvell to improve wireless broadband technologies.

AT&T commits to launching 5G mobile network during 2018

AT&T has announced it will launch its first 5G mobile network in the U.S. before the end of the year. The company said it has set itself an "ambitious milestone" to offer standards-compliant 5G and will usher in a new era of mobile connectivity.

Verizon announces 5G connectivity is coming to California in 2018

Verizon has announced it will rollout 5G broadband to select areas in 2018. The company is determined to lead the charge towards 5G connectivity amid competition from industry rivals. Verizon's first service will be a 5G-powered home broadband connection.

Apple plans 60x wireless speed boost for iPhone 9

Apple's working on an upgraded antenna for next year's iPhones that will facilitate gigabit transmission speeds up to 60x faster than current LTE tech. If fully utilised, 1Gbps transfers that can download entire movies in under a minute.

Intel unveils new commercial 5G modems as it 'engages' with Apple

Intel's unveiled a new range of commercial 5G modems to encourage the adoption of next-gen wireless technologies. Intel's also said to be collaborating with Apple on chips that could be installed in the next iPhone as its 5G strategy gets underway.

10Gbps connections in homes and buildings from light

London - Researchers aim to demonstrate that 10Gbps connections in homes and buildings, with a delay of a millisecond, can be provided via light. This could revolutionize medical applications, such as remote surgery.
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Imagine the world with 5G networking.
Imagine the world with 5G networking.
AT&T will launch a 5G mobile network during 2018
AT&T will launch a 5G mobile network during 2018
Ericsson has invested heavily in developing 5G technology
Ericsson has invested heavily in developing 5G technology
Two girls try new devices at a smartphone store.
Two girls try new devices at a smartphone store.
 This morning down at @RogersCentre  we announced a partnership with Ericsson to bring 5G to Canadia...
"This morning down at @RogersCentre, we announced a partnership with Ericsson to bring 5G to Canadians!"
Rogers Communications Inc
Intel 5G modem
Intel 5G modem
Intel 5G modem
Intel 5G modem

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