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Sparkling wine, giant party as Germany marks Wall fall

Berlin - Just as every year since November 9, 1989, Kaethe Struebing was waiting for her family at a former East Berlin checkpoint to pop open a bottle in celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

On Wall anniversary, Germany urges US to reject 'egoism'

Berlin - German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged the United States to be a "mutually respectful partner" and reject nationalism, in a clear salvo aimed at US leader Donald Trump as Germany on Saturday marked 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Pompeo retraces army service past at 'Little Berlin'

Apo - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo retraced his steps Thursday in the eastern German village of Moedlareuth, once a divided "Little Berlin" where he served as a young army officer.

Merkel dreamt of US road trip 'listening to Springsteen'

Berlin - If the Berlin Wall hadn't come down, German Chancellor Angela Merkel would have become a pensioner five years back and embarked on her dream US road trip listening to Bruce Springsteen. "In East Germany, women went into retirement at 60.

German puzzlers reconstruct Stasi files from millions of fragments

Berlin - Barbara Poenisch spends most of her days at work doing puzzles -- piecing together a mountain of documents torn up by the hated East German Stasi secret police.

Sauna and oysters: Merkel recalls Berlin Wall fall

Berlin - Like every Thursday night back then, Angela Merkel was relaxing in an East Berlin sauna on the night of November 9, 1989 as the Berlin Wall fell, dreaming of tasting oysters in the West.

'Everyone started running': Berliner remembers crossing the Wall

Berlin - "Suddenly they opened the gate!" recalled Berliner Andreas Falge, one of the first to cross the East German border into the West on November 9, 1989.Still in wonder 30 years after the epochal event, Falge told AFP: "Everyone started running!

November 9, 1989: A day that changed the world

Berlin - Guenter Schabowski scratches his head, puts on his glasses, hesitates, then fumbles with his handwritten notes.

Sombre mood as Germany marks 30 years of fall of Berlin Wall

Berlin - Germany opened Monday a week of festivities marking three decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall, but a hint of a return of the Cold War and the rise of nationalism is dampening the mood.

The Berlin Wall in five points

Berlin - For nearly three decades the forbidding Berlin Wall separated communist East Germany from the West, becoming the emblem of the post-World War II split of Europe into Soviet and Western spheres.Here is some background.

30 years on, Berlin Wall comes back to life with VR

Berlin - A packed bus approaches Checkpoint Charlie, the Cold War's most famous border crossing, as grim-faced East German guards whisper among themselves about whether to hold you for questioning.

Go East: Germans return home 30 years after Wall's fall

Glindenberg - For years after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the mantra for millions of former East Germans was to "Go West" for better jobs and opportunities.But three decades on, an increasing number are returning to their roots to seek a fresh start.

November 9, 1989: the day that changed the world

Berlin - Guenter Schabowski scratches his head, puts on his glasses, hesitates, then fumbles with his handwritten notes.

Baltic human chain still inspires activists 30 years on

Vilnius - From Catalan separatists to Hong Kong pro-democracy activists, the human chain that helped the Baltic states win independence from the Soviet Union three decades ago still inspires freedom-seekers the world over.

Merkel, Orban mark Iron Curtain anniversary amid new divides

Budapest - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the city of Sopron Monday to commemorate a pivotal moment in the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989.

'Nobody thought it would go so fast': Hungary ex-PM recalls fall of Iron Curtain

Budapest - When Hungary's former leader Miklos Nemeth first started poking a hole through the Iron Curtain in 1989, he had no idea how quickly his actions would contribute to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communism in central and eastern Europe.

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