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300 News

'Need for Speed' looks to unseat '300: Rise of an Empire'

The release of "Need for Speed" will be a test for Aaron Paul. The test is to see if he can take his TV popularity to a higher level. That doesn't always happen.

Battle rages between 'Peabody' and '300'; MTV names nominees

It looks like blood and gore will rule out over the weekend if the early returns play out. "300: Rise of an Empire" has already banked $3.3 million. The is projected to take in around $40 million while "Mr. Peabody" will balance out at $25 million.

Tweets tip off former NFL player of teen partying at his house

Albany - Former New England Patriots' offensive lineman Brian Holloway thought it was a joke when he saw pictures of teenagers who had tweeted they were having a party at his family's second home in New York. The $20,000 in damage inside wasn't funny.

Gerard Butler takes no prisoners with 'Olympus Has Fallen' Special

Determined to make a film with more than just heart-pounding action, actor Gerard Butler and director Antoine Fuqua infused a little heart, soul and humor into the stunning, butt-kicking ‘Olympus Has Fallen.’ For Butler, is was mission accomplished.

300 People Possibly Infected with Hep C by Nurse

Around 300 people at a Virginia hospital have been contacted and received the recommendation to submit for testing after possible exposure to Hepatitis C. A former Army nurse has been suspected of exposing patients to the incurable virus.

Glavine's 300th Wraps Up Historic Weekend

In a weekend that saw Barry Bonds tie Hank Aaron and Alex Rodriquez reach the 500 home run mark quicker than any other player, it is only fitting that a pitcher of Tom Glavine's stature also reaches a key milestone.

Poachers Caught With Over 200 Endangered Turtles

A second Chinese trawler was seized this week by Malaysian authorites for allegedly poaching endangered turtles and other animals off it's costal waters.

Iran Lashes Out at '300' for Insulting Persian Civilization

An Iranian official on Sunday lashed out at the Hollywood movie "300" for insulting the Persian civilization, local Fars News Agency reported.

It's official - "300" First blockbuster of 2007

The ultra-violent movie about the battle of Thermopylae "300" grossed over $70 million its opening weekend. That works out to about $233,000 for every Spartan.

'300' is 'less than perfect'.

Tom Charity, writing for CNN, takes a critical look at Zack Snyder's epic.

Stellar opening for the movie "300"

The film adaptation of legendary comic book creator Frank Miller's "300", opened to sell-out crowds on friday. IMAX theaters had to offer 2:30 a.m. showings for those who could not get into the midnight screening.

The Movie 300 on The 8-bit Nintendo NES

It would have looked something like this.

The new 300 trailer

It looks even better than the other one.

Man confesses to stealing 300 cars

One man has confessed to stealing up to 300 cars in Western Washington.

Frank Miller's "Ronin" Gets Film Treatment

With the success of "Sin City" and much anticipation for "300", the work of graphic novelist Frank Miller has become a hot property.

Blue Mountain Lays Off 1,300 Workers due to Warm temperatures

Blue Mountain Lays Off 1,300 Workers As Warm Temperatures Continue To Melt Profits

Trailer for Frank Miller's 300

If you liked Sin City, then you like Frank Miller -- the genius graphic novelist behind the film/comic. Now his book 300 gets the Hollywood treatment with a CG-filled flick due out March 9

Wired Test: 300 Products Reviewed

"Wired magazine editors pick the best cameras, MP3 players, laptops, cell phones, cars and more. All products extensively hand tested -- no robots involved!"

300 Movie Trailer Based on Frank Miller's (Sin City) graphic novel

This is the trailer of 300, a movie based on Frank Miller's graphic novel about the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. It will be released in 2007. All of you who enjoyed sin city, will appreciate this one. (pay attention to the music theme).

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Director Zack Synder and Gerard Butler on the set on  300
Director Zack Synder and Gerard Butler on the set on '300'
Warner Bros.
 300  takes over.
"300" takes over.
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 300  should win.
"300" should win.
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