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Search begins in NYC for buried treasure, video clue released

New York - The first video clue was released today to the waiting public who are anxious to begin the search for the treasure chest purportedly filled with $10,000 in US coins and buried somewhere in NYC. Who is behind this publicity stunt and is it real?

Can you find the $10,000 treasure chest buried in NYC? (video)

New York - Somewhere in New York City there is a buried treasure chest filled with coins worth $10,000, and if you find it, it's yours, according to a mysterious website.

Pizza shop employee accused of skimming $61,000

Oshawa - The owner of a local pizza chain in the Durham Region of Ontario found a major discrepancy last summer in the books-a missing $61,000.

$100,000 still missing after armored truck spills bag of cash

A bag of cash fell off an armored truck earlier this week, leading to what some called a "piranha frenzy," with Ohio motorists scrambling to grab as much of the more than $200,000 floating down the road.

Chaos at Cobo Center: 35,000 line up for housing help in Detroit

Thousands of Detroit residents lined-up to get an application for federal stimulus money designed to help them avoid home foreclosure, "rebound from homelessness," or pay utility bills. Some passed out from exhaustion, others gave up.

New Jersey Teacher Fined $22,000 For Making Telephone Call

A Monmouth County, New Jersey teacher was fined $22,000 for making a telephone call during class time. She has no plans to appeal the decision.

It Appears Spitzer Spent A Small Fortune On Call Girls

As pressure mounts for Governor Eliot Spitzer to vacate his post the actual amount he spent on call girls is coming out at upwards of $80,000. It appears he was a frequent customer of the prostitution ring being investigated.

Citigroup Planning Massive Layoffs In Wake Of Ongoing Credit Crunch In US Economy

Citigroup, the US 2nd largest banking group, announced in April of this year they would be cutting 17,000 jobs. Welcome to November, where that total is expected to reach 45,000. The CEO has resigned, citing forthcoming losses of 8 to 11 billion dollars.

Pants found on street with $41,000 check

It was embarrassing enough that Mark Stahnke woke up in a neighbor's yard without his pants. Then he remembered the cashier's check for $41,093, in them. The check was for his son.

Woman Charged $8,000 For Burger King Meal

A king size mistake was made by a Burger King employee in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. The woman had a royal headache after being charged $8,640.00 too much on her check card for her food.

Former Violin Prodigy Wins $75.000

Josuha Bell a native of Indiana and former violin prodigy has won the $75,000 Avery Fisher prize for outstanding achievment in classical music.

White House Opens Doors to Iraq Refugees

40,000 - 50,000 people flee Iraq each month, where will they go?

Truck spills 165,000 eggs on a northern Virginia highway

the cleaning crew used kitty litter — 250 pounds of it — to absorb the highway omelet then swept it up and took it away in three trash bins,

Washington cabbie returns $6,000 left in car

"My mother always said, 'If you're an honest person, you will always have money in your pocket,'"

Anna Nicole video sells for $500,000

If you can believe it, a paparazzi company sold video of paramedics working on Anna Nicole Smith for the outrageous price of $500,000.

160,000 Sound and Video Recordings of Animals now Available to Public Online

Macualay Library has a collection of 160,000 sounds and video recording of birds and animals available free for public.

Sony Vaio laptop sells for $17,000 at Ebay

Sony Vaio refurbished and used Laptop sells for $17,000 at Ebay.

The Cost of the Iraq War: Can You Say $1,000,000,000,000?

How a trillion dollars could have been spent. John Allen Paulos, a professor in Temple University, compares the costs of Iraqi war to the costs of Environmental Protection Agency, Education Department, National Science Foundation etc.,

Ex-citizen of year pleads guilty to stealing more than $250,000

A former Citizen of the Year in Derry pleaded guilty to stealing more than $250,000 from the nonprofit agency she led....Not a good example to set for how one should act in the Community.


100,000 bottle rockets in 15 seconds

AIDS treatment in Africa has gone from $10,000 to $70, Novartis wants to Stop it

Legal wrangle by Novartis puts India's generic drugs at risk and will affect millions of patients who seek cheap AIDS Treatment.

Man makes $25,000 after posting video of himself on

Wanna make millions of fans and tons of cash? Start posting your videos.

Skydiver charged with murder after love rival fell 13,000ft to her death

A married woman who was having an affair with another skydiver plunged 13,000 ft to her death over two months ago-- a plunge that police believe was caused by her best friend, and love rival, whom they suspect tampered with her parachute.

We will be able to live to 1,000 years

With Genetics engineering and Science, Life expectancy in mankind can be increased to 1000 years.

Toyota to recall 533,000 SUVs, trucks

Toyota Motor Corporation plans to recall about 533,000 Sequoia SUVs and Tundra pickup trucks in the United States to repair faulty components that could make the vehicles difficult to steer.

The Search is on for the Arrest of the Sexual Attacker of A Pit-Bull Puppy

$5,000 reward is being offered in the search for a suspect Tuesday in a sexual assault of a 10-month-old pit-bull puppy in New Jersey.

Portuguese man Awarded $400,000 In Racial Profiling Case

American Airlines has been ordered to pay a Florida man who had been, apparently, mistaken as of Arab or Middle Eastern descent, $400,000 for racial profiling.
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