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article imageMicrosoft's default Windows 10 background is a radical departure

By James Walker     Jun 27, 2015 in Technology
Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed the image that will be the default desktop background for new Windows 10 computers. Now referred to as "the hero image," the shot features the Windows logo made of light amid an aurora of smoke and haze.
Microsoft commissioned graphic designers to create what it hopes will be an iconic image. The background was created by photographer Bradley Munkowitz whose main claims to fame are his work on the films Oblivion and Tron.
An installation of four glass panels was used to create the Windows logo, suspended amongst smoke machines and crystal dust. Lasers created the pathways of light visible in the image and colour filters were applied to enhance the blueness of the logo, in keeping with the new Windows 10 aesthetic.
Microsoft has created an interesting video explaining exactly how Munkowitz went about creating the background. The logo actually looks even more impressive in the studio as the smoke swirls around it in an almost mystical fashion.
Sadly, the image won't be animated on the Windows 10 desktop to the disappointment of many. The static version is undoubtedly eye-catching on its own though and marks a radical departure from previous default Windows backgrounds.
The best known example would be the iconic image from Windows XP. Known as Bliss, the dynamic photo of rolling clouds over green hills and mountains was used on desktops across the world where previously a simple solid colour had been standard.
Windows Vista brought in a subtle aurora which complimented the glass "Aero" feel in an attempt to create a clean, premium-feeling interface whilst Windows 7 used the Windows logo of 2009 on a bright blue background, surrounded by subtle details like flowers and light trails.
More recent versions of Windows have generally had more muted backgrounds. Windows 8 went for the simplistic look with a crisp picture of daisies on a blue background while Windows 8.1 has a very plain yellow theme.
Next to all of these, Windows 10's is perhaps the most distinctive. Its unique use of the logo makes it instantly recognisable as Windows but conveys a certain element of intrigue and suspense, inviting people to explore the new operating system on July 29.
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