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article imageApple Watch release met with excitement and challenges

By Jenna Cyprus     May 14, 2015 in Technology
The Apple Watch has now been on the market for a few weeks and those lucky enough to get their hands on the first batch are taking one for the team, so to speak.
While the potential is certainly there, many are having trouble figuring out this completely new device and, as expected, issues are surfacing all over the place.
Apple Watch Release
According to various sources, Apple had a very successful launch date. Projections indicate more Apple Watches were sold on day one – through pre-orders – than Android sold in all of 2014. In fact, new orders for the watch are now pushed back as far as July. If you want to try one on just for the sake of seeing what all the hype is about, you’ll have to schedule a 15-minute appointment at your local Apple Store.
But has the best come and gone for the Apple Watch? While excitement and anticipation preluded the release, the reactions from first adopters aren’t so satisfactory. Many customers are having issues with the new technology and can’t seem to figure out how, when, where, or why to use the built-in features.
Apple Watch Customers are Having Issues
Some situations are worse than others, but the truth of the matter still remains the same: As customers, we are often disappointed by the goods and services we buy. While it may not be a matter of life and death, or even serious injury or harm, some customers are still disappointed that after the long wait and hefty price tag, the following issues are present:
Sticky crown. Some customers are complaining that the digital crown – the rounded dial that sticks out from the side of the Apple Watch and is used for controlling multiple important functions – gets sticky and doesn’t always respond the way it should. The cause is unclear (it could be dust, sweat, or anything else) but the issue could prove significant if cases continue to pop up. The strangest part? Apple suggests placing the watch under running water for 10 or 15 seconds to alleviate the issue.
Difficult to read. A more common issue than the sticky crown problem are the difficulties related to reading the screen. Some say the information is too small, while others say the screen goes dark without notice. Either way, it’s enough of an inconvenience to frustrate a large number of customers.
Watch the ink. There have been isolated reports of customers saying the Apple watch doesn’t function properly when placed on a tattooed wrist. While the cause is anyone’s guess at this point, users are saying the watch will lock on its own, fails to read heart rates, and occasionally doesn’t deliver notifications.
Quite uncomfortable. Perhaps the most common complaint is that the watch really isn’t very comfortable. This is an issue that most will likely get used to, but it’s a question worth asking: How can a watch that’s so lightweight be so uncomfortable?
Battery problems. While the Apple Watch has a battery life that’s an impressive 18 hours long, the issue is with the iPhones powering the watches. Using the watch over and over again throughout the day has forced many users to charge their phones multiple times in that 18-hour window.
Consider Waiting it Out
Will the Apple Watch be the next great thing? It’s quite possible; however, you may want to wait until some of these quirks are sorted through before investing your money in this new technology. Apple is Apple and they’ll find a way to solve the issues, but it might not be until the second or third generation.
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