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article imageReview: 'Stay in school' ad terrifies, but will the message stick? Special

By Michael Thomas     Jan 30, 2014 in Internet
A video posted Tuesday has been quickly making the Internet rounds, starting out as an innocent trip to the beach and quickly turning into an nightmare.
The beginning of the ad seems like it could be repping any number of things. A beer brand? A car? It follows four very good-looking young people as they ditch their teachers, head into a van, toss away a map and hit the beach. A soft, folk-leaning soundtrack leads the audience into a false sense of security, as one of the guys and girls share a kiss.
And then the girl runs off, and BOOM! She's blown to bloody bits. The rest of her companions quickly follow suit.
The camera then shows that they've just entered an explosives testing site. "This is what happens when you slack off," a text card reads, followed by "Stay in school."
This very memorable ad was done by a Perth-based production company called Henry and Aaron for the Learn for Life Foundation.
The non-profit organization looks to promote the importance of education for all ages, according to its website.
"It's playing on those idealised commercials of people breaking free from their confines," Henry Inglis, a co-creator of the ad told
It certainly is subversive, and no one could predict the carefree-looking ad would turn into a bloody horror film, but does it serve its purpose? The ending is a little unclear — in what way did slacking off contribute to the end of these people? Did they never at all learn how to read? Do you specifically learn in school how to identify explosive testing sites?
No doubt this video will stick in your mind, but I'm not sure how long the connection between avoiding explosives and staying in school will last.
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